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The Episode starts with Abhay telling Akshay that the way he is handling things, he will soon leave Prachi. Akshay slaps him and then says sorry. He says Prachi will stay with me and Ranbir will leave from here. he says I will think something, a big plan so that everyone hates Ranbir and the latter goes from here. He says I will need your help for this. Abhay says you are my brother, and I will always help you. Akshay hugs him and says sorry. He says I will not leave Ranbir. Prachi switches off the hall lights and is about to go, when Ranbir comes there and asks Prachi why she is with Akshay, even after knowing that he is a bad guy. Prachi asks him to move to side. Ranbir asks why you asked me to move to side, and says even if it life, this house or road, why don’t you walk with me. Prachi asks do you know what you are saying? Ranbir says he can see everything clearly and asks why you are not seeing it. He says I am not holding my hand intentionally, if I hold it then I will not leave your hand and you can’t free your hand from my hands. He recalls her words that she is still married to him, and her marriage with Akshay is fake. Prachi says whatever you want to tell me, tell it fast as I have so much work. Ranbir says you are doing important work by talking to me. He asks why you are with Akshay? Prachi says I am married to him.

Ranbir recalls her words that she didn’t marry Akshay and asks what you are hiding from me. Prachi says people think others as themselves. Ranbir asks for the answer. Prachi says she doesn’t want to say anything. He says Prachi…I love you. Prachi looks at him and gets emotional. Vishaka switches on the lights and sees them standing holding hands. Prachi frees her hand. Vishaka asks them what is happening here. Ranbir says he saw Prachi slipping, and that’s why he held her. Prachi says I would have fallen down if he had not held me. She asks if you need anything? Vishaka says no. Prachi goes. Ranbir is about to go, when Vishaka calls him and asks how he wants to do the marriage, if he wants to get the marriage done from home or wants to have destination wedding. She says she feels that the marriage shall happen from home and it is good and auspicious and asks what do you want? Ranbir says whatever I want, doesn’t happen. Vishaka asks him to ask his family and says wedding planner will come here, and asks him to decide what he wants. Ranbir says tomorrow we will decide. Vishaka says we shall talk now itself, and takes him with her intentionally. Ranbir thinks now he can’t talk to Prachi.

Divya is surprised and tells Prachi that Mihika is doing Puja today, though she doesn’t know P of Puja and says she is doing it for the first time. Mihika prays to the God and Goddess that she don’t know how to do puja, and asks him to let Ranbir be hers, and says you have sent him in my life, and I love him very much. She says I don’t want to lose him, let him be in my life. Prachi gets emotional. Mihika asks what you are seeing. Divya says you are doing puja. Mihika says she wanted to thank god, for sending Ranbir in her life. Divya says lets go fast, everyone must be waiting for breakfast.

Ashok comes to the dining table and asks Vishaka if she didn’t have food till now. Vishaka says she is waiting for the food. Manpreet brings Poha and says sorry to Vishaka. She asks Ranbir if he wants to aloo parathas, or poha. Ranbir says he will take whatever he wants and asks her not to do formality. Manpreet says this is our love. Akshay asks her not to be formal and normal with him. Vishaka says Ranbir is lovely that everyone feels love for him. Ranbir says I am not habitual of so much love in the morning. Akshay asks Vishaka to get Ranbir’s idol kept in the temple. Mihika comes there with Divya and says I have done puja, but you all will get prasad later. Akshay asks if she has done puja for Ranbir. Manpreet asks him to talk normally. Akshay says he is asking normally. Ashok asks him not to do anything which makes him scolded by them. Akshay asks him to adopt Ranbir. Vishaka asks Akshay what is his problem? Akshay says you used to love me more as you have brought me up. He says problem is that you can’t see the truth, but will see it in few days. Ranbir asks why Akshay is not understanding and why I am sitting and having food. He says I can’t bear all this during breakfast time. Abhay asks Akshay to come with him.

Manpreet asks Akshay to spit poison from his mouth now itself. Akshay says you understand me. He says Bua ji will tell what she feels for Ranbir, what is going on between Prachi and him etc. Vishaka says today designer is coming with the clothes. Akshay asks what are you saying? Vishaka says everyone understands everything here, and asks him to be quiet. Akshay tells Mihika that her marriage will not happen with Ranbir. Ranbir tells Akshay that the family members are trying to make you understand that there is nothing between Prachi and me. He says there is so much between Prachi and me, I have much place in my heart for Prachi, I respect her, value her and not just today, but I will always do it. He says do whatever you want? Akshay gets angry. Mihika asks him not to dare touch him. She says what you said that you will not let this marriage happen, and says I will leave house and everyone, but I will marry Ranbir. She says she wants Ranbir. Just then door bell rings.

Vikram asks Pallavi where is she going? Pallavi says we have to go to Tandon house to give shagun to Mihika. Vikram says Mummy ji and I feel that Mihika and Rhea are like carbon copy. He says Rhea used to love Ranbir so much that she can die for him, and even Mihika is same like her, and says this is their obsession and not love, such love is very bad and destructive. Pallavi says Mihika is not like Rhea, but infact she is better than Rhea. She says she has taken stand for Ranbir and got him out from the jail. Vikram says Ranbir got arrested due to Mihika’s action and her brother’s reaction. Pallavi says this is Mihika’s real love and not obsession, I have seen love in her eyes. She says I didn’t think that you will talk like this, so disappointing.

Manpreet opens the door and sees the designer. Mihika says I forgot to tell everyone. The designer says she needs help to get the clothes from the car. Prachi looks at the clothes. Akshay chooses a dress for Prachi. Ranbir says all colors suit Prachi. Mihika says yes. Vishaka asks designer about gents clothing. The designer says her assistant will bring gents collection. Ranbir chooses lehenga for Prachi. Prachi says it will look best on Mihika and tells that she will wear clothes chosen by Akshay. Ranbir goes to side. Akshay tells him that Prachi has chosen to wear the clothes, chosen by him as she is his wife. He says if she had chosen him, then they wouldn’t have been separated today.

Ranbir comes to the kitchen and tells Prachi that he wants to talk to her. Prachi asks what you was doing outside, and says you shall not say this, and says everyone knows about us, and asks him to think about Mihika’s feelings and how she will feel. Ranbir keeps his hand on her hand and says if you don’t let me talk then how I will say. He says I know that you don’t want to fight with me, I know. He asks her to listen to him carefully. He says I am not proving anything infront of anyone, I am not pretending and is showing who I am. He says I don’t want to marry Mihika and I told her this. Prachi asks him to become of one girl. He says I am already of a girl and that one girl knows that I am hers. Prachi says don’t do this. Ranbir says I don’t want to stay here, but what to do, I have to stay here, I don’t want to marry Mihika, but I am helpless. Prachi says you are not helpless, you do what you want. Ranbir says I came here as Mihika’s boyfriend to save someone’s life. He says just as I came here, I saw you and then you know everything. Prachi asks him to move back. Ranbir says when I know that you love me and you know it yourself, then why you are stopping me. Prachi says who told you this, and says I don’t love you. Ranbir says you have told me this inebriated state that your marriage with Akshay is fake, and says I want to know what is the reason that you are with the guy like Akshay and what is stopping you to return to me? Prachi looks at him.

Episode ends.

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