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The Episode starts with Prachi coming to Rhea and hugging her. Rhea pushes her and breaks the hug. Prachi asks what you are doing, if you are angry and want to fight, and says we have entire life to fight. She says we are sisters and met after a long time, and says do you know how much I missed you. Rhea asks her to stay away from her, and not to do this typical behavior. She says let me clear it, and tells that she has not come for her, and is very clear what she wants. Pallavi says even I am clear, what you want, you want our house’s pain and sorrows and says you have come here to bring troubles and problems for us. Rhea says you are very very wrong, I have come here for my rights and I wanted it for forever, my rights. She says if Ranbir is not with me, then will you take advantage of the situation, and asks if you are serious, Ranbir and Mihika? She says Ranbir can’t become of someone else, until I am here and says Ranbir doesn’t know what he wants, but I know what is right for Ranbir. Prachi hears her. Mihika hears her from far and comes near her, and asks who are you, to know so much about Ranbir, what is right or wrong for him. She asks who are you? Rhea says hi…Mihika, nice to meet you. Mihika says I thought you are with dance troupe and didn’t know that you know Ranbir. Pallavi says she is Vikram’s friend’s daughter. Prachi says she is Ranbir’s good friend. Mihika says Ranbir is really lucky. She excuses herself and goes. Rhea claps and says wow Prachi…friend. She asks what happened to that honesty idol and says why didn’t you tell Mihika that I am love of Ranbir’s life, his wife and he is the love of my life whom you have snatched from me. Prachi asks her to stop her nonsense. Rhea says I am saying truth and you have said nonsense and many lies. She says you should have asked Mihika not to do this marriage and says you knows well what happens to me, when someone tries to take my place. She says I lose my senses and gets mad, and the person who tries to take my place, I wipe that person. She says I don’t understand why you are letting this marriage happen, and then says I remember now that you have married Akshay and don’t love Ranbir. She says for you, money was big, and says you married Ranbir when he was rich, and after you left him, he has ruined. She says I am disgusted with you and can’t bear you even for a second. Pallavi smiles hearing her. Prachi tries to go behind Rhea, but stops. Pallavi comes to Prachi and asks what happened, what was it, she said so much to you, and you didn’t tell her anything.

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