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The Episode starts with Akshay asking Ranbir if he likes his wife. Ranbir says yes, I like Prachi very much. He says do whatever you want. Akshay gets angry. Mihika asks Divya what she is doing and says don’t tell me that you will stay here. Divya says yes, I am your sister and says you finally got engaged after so much dramas, and says Mayank and Rhea had done a lot of drama, but this engagement had happened even after that, that’s why you both are made for each other. Mihika gets happy. Vishaka and Divya come there. Vishaka asks Mihika to get up. Mihika asks why? Vishaka asks her to get up. Manpreet asks her not to express her happiness infront of anyone. Divya says she can express her happiness infront of me. Vishaka asks her to visit the temple tomorrow. Manpreet is also happy that Mihika is engaged to Ranbir now, and tells that Akshay shall be good. She takes out bad sight from Mihika and goes. Mihika thanks God for bringing Ranbir in her life.

Prachi is about to go out to kitchen, when Ranbir comes there. He tells that he is feeling suffocated and breathless, and she has done this with him. He says what shall I do, shall I get married to Mihika, just to prove that I don’t care for you. Prachi says you care for her, and saves her everytime, and you saved her from Mayank. She says Mihika and you are made for each other. Ranbir says you and me are made for each other and asks her to talk to him. Prachi says I don’t want to talk to you. Ranbir says I have to talk to you, as you are mine, you are my love. Akshay looks at them. Ranbir was about to kiss her. Prachi pushes Ranbir and slaps him hard. Ranbir realizes and says I am so sorry Prachi. Prachi goes. Akshay comes there and is about to hit Ranbir, but he faints and sits down.

Akshay gets furious and goes from there. He tells Vishaka that Ranbir’s bad sight is on Prachi. Vishaka asks him to calm down. Akshay says after whatever happened in the kitchen, you want me to calm down. She says Ranbir tried to kiss Prachi in kitchen. Vishaka asks if Prachi let him do it. Akshay says Prachi slapped him. Vishaka asks then why you are going to Prachi, and says you had said that she stopped and slapped Ranbir. She says we know one thing, Prachi is not just beautiful from face, but with behavior, she is intelligent and wise and has a place for a man in her heart even now, as you are not her husband in real means, and you don’t handle her like a husband. Akshay says I tried to come closer to her, but she doesn’t let me. Vishaka asks him to make friendship relation first and take her to dinner first. She says Prachi is staying here as our bahu, and is doing all the duties. She says if you tell her about Ranbir’s mistake then she will go far from you, and says she might be in tension, calm her down and make place for yourself in her heart. She asks him to spend some time with Prachi.

Prachi goes to her room and cries, thinking about Ranbir. She says why God, why Ranbir is doing this, we all want love in our lives, but why it is difficult to get love, why there is pain and hurdles in our way. She says I love Ranbir very much and even he loves me very much, but then also I can’t get him, though I want to hug him and feel peaceful with him, but can’t get him. She says when I want him, but can’t get him, why there is so much pain in this love, and there is fear also, if I get what I wanted then what will happen, there is strange fear along with it, and asks God, why you are doing this? She reminisces their love and cries. Dil toota ve plays………

Akshay meets the guy (detective) in his house and tells that he wants to know everything about Ranbir Kohli, who is the owner of Kohli Industries. He says I want to know everything about him, Rhea etc. The guy says I will get all info about him, give me two days. Akshay says I give you 2 days. The guy goes. Akshay says he will ruin Ranbir for trying to kiss Prachi, and says you have shown your value, now I will show what I am.

Next morning, Mihika pulls the curtain and says good morning to Ranbir. She gives him lemon water and says you had drank too much last night. She says I had come to meet you, but your room was stinking and that’s why I went and brought this lemon water. Ranbir asks if I was drunk. Mihika says you was drunk and angry too. She says you was found sitting outside the kitchen and was saying that I want to talk to you, stay back to talk. Ranbir says I didn’t remember. Mihika asks him to freshen up and come out. Ranbir asks if it is needed. Mihika says so much happened in night, and if you don’t come out then everyone will think that you are angry. Ranbir gets up from the bed and realizes what had happened in the night. He says oh God, what I have done.

Prachi finds bouquet and Sorry note. Akshay says I am sorry for last night. Prachi says I will not be impressed with flowers. Akshay says yesterday someone told that I don’t understand you well. Prachi asks who told you? Akshay recalls Vishaka telling him, and says leave it whoever said, but whatever said was truth. He says I understand that it is difficult for you to forget all that, and says give me a chance to rectify my mistake. Prachi says you can’t force me to forget whatever happened. Akshay says I will not force you, as I will not get neither love nor forgiveness. He asks her to just think about forgiving him. Prachi looks on. Akshay thanks her and goes.

Prachi takes the bouquet and thinks she likes flowers with Ranbir’s hand, but now she don’t like it at all. Ranbir comes to the hall and sees Pallavi there. Mihika hugs him and asks why you didn’t take the shower. Ranbir says I will take it now. He sees Prachi. Prachi also looks at him. Akshay asks Vishaka why Prachi is not telling him anything. Manpreet asks Vishaka if she will take poha or sandwich. Vishaka says sandwich. Pallavi says she wants tea. Prachi goes to bring it. Pallavi says I will help her. She goes behind her, and says I came to meet you, there is a request, leave my son and says I know what you feel for him, I saw when you was drunk and says if you don’t want me to tell everyone about you, then move on in your life, stopping thinking about my son and stop wooing him. She asks her to bring tea and goes.

Precap: Vishaka tells Akshay that she is happy that he will make Prachi his in real means. Ranbir hears her. Vishaka says now true Kumkum Bhagya will be made and not fake.

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