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The Episode starts with Prachi thinking about Pallavi’s threat and Ranbir and her love confession in inebriated state. Ranbir comes there and apologizes to Prachi. He says I was drunk and shouldn’t have done that. Prachi asks why all men are same, and asks why do they cross their limits and do whatever they want and they feel that they will be forgiven and asks why girls are mistaken. She says I didn’t do any mistake and tells that I don’t need anything, I don’t want love, I just care about love. Manpreet hears them and tells Ranbir that Prachi will talk to her. She says Prachi is venting out her anger for Akshay on you, and asks him not to feel bad. Ranbir says no and goes. Manpreet asks Prachi to sit. She holds her hand and says women have always given agni pariksha, and tells that sadly the right woman has to bear all this and go through this. She says I don’t want you to bear anything, as I am with you. She asks her to forgive Akshay this time, and says next time if he does something then I will be shield infront of you. Prachi says my mother is not with me since many years, now you are my mother. Manpreet hugs her and says I can understand your pain, and asks her to go from here for some time. She asks her to watch movie or go for outing, or spend time with someone who gives you peace and happiness, may be you can forget this incident. She says she wants to see her happy and smiling. Prachi hugs her. Manpreet says I will make you have something. Vishaka hears them and recalls Manpreet’s promise to Prachi and suggesting her to go out with friends, and spend time with someone who gives her happiness.

Vishaka comes to Akshay and snatches phone from his hand, and tells the person to call that the call will be ended. She asks him to take Prachi out and tells something. Manpreet tells Prachi that Mihika used to hide sweets in almira. Mihika says expose me fully. Prachi says you told me this. Mihika praises her and says you are the best, there can be nobody like me, not even me. Ranbir looks at Prachi. Pallavi asks Ranbir, not to look at Prachi this way. Ranbir says I did a mistake and now repenting a lot. She asks what did you do? Ranbir says I can’t tell you and goes.

Vishaka asks Akshay to say. Akshay tells Prachi that he is going for business trip and asks her to come with him to Manali. Prachi refuses and tells that she has to do all the arrangements as marriage is in the house. Manpreet asks Prachi to go there, and says we will handle here. Pallavi says ofcourse and asks Prachi to go. Prachi recalls Pallavi’s threat. Akshay takes Prachi to side and says if you refuse then I will think that you have not forgiven me. He says you have said that I have done favor on you, by bringing Khushi in your life, and asks her to return his favor else his family will get doubtful. Manpreet asks Prachi what they are talking. Prachi says Akshay is asking her to cancel the meeting in office, as tomorrow they are going to Manali. Manpreet smiles. Akshay gets the honeymoon suite booked in Manali hotel. Vishaka comes to him. Akshay tells her that Prachi agreed to go with Manali and that’s why he booked hotel room. He says this time we will go on real honeymoon, unlike last time when we were just talking. Vishaka says she is very happy and says this time their real Kumkum Bhagya will be set, as he will make Prachi his, and it will not be fake like this. Ranbir hears and smiles knowing there is nothing between them.

Manpreet tells that nobody is here to do the work. Pallavi says she will do the work and asks her to say. Akshay comes there. Manpreet asks Akshay to get the flowers and asks Vishaka to keep it. She asks Ranbir to bring the stuff from storeroom according to the puja. Mihika says I will show you. Pracho goes to give the keys to them. Pallavi goes behind Prachi. She says I am searching chance to talk to you, but was not getting it. She says it was an excuse to come here, and tells that she will not care for her, and tells that she don’t want to be seen with her son or around him. Prachi says why do you think that I want to be with him, and says I have moved on and Ranbir is also moving on. Pallavi says you didn’t move on, as I saw you in drunkard state, you both were getting mad for each other. Prachi says you might have known that the person couldn’t control their feelings in drunkard state, and then also you are saying this, and says I am not interested in your son. She says this is my house and family, and husband who loves me a lot. She says I used to understand why Ranbir doesn’t understand at once, and now you are doing the same thing. She says I will not argue with you, and says I am going for the business trip with my husband, but actually we want to spend time with each other. She says Akshay loves me and can’t bear to see me with Ranbir or anyone else, says there is jealousy where there is true love. Pallavi says I have seen more world than you, and my son is elder than you so don’t tell that I don’t understand. She says I don’t trust you, and your sayings. Prachi says your wish, I can’t do this. Mihika comes there and asks for key. Pallavi asks where is the washroom and goes. Mihika asks Prachi about Pallavi, as a mother in law. Prachi says she is very good, she loves Ranbir a lot and tells that she doesn’t like me, that’s what I feel, but she likes you. Mihika asks her to tell who is in the house. Pallavi thinks she might be talking bad about her, and thinks she shall be good with Mihika, and that Mihika and Ranbir will stay with them after marriage and not here.

Mihika and Prachi come to the storeroom. Prachi sees Ranbir. Ranbir says I came to get the stuff. Mihika climbs on the table. Ranbir says he will take it and gives the puja stuff to Mihika. Mihika goes to keep it. Ranbir holds Prachi’s hand and apologizes to her. Prachi asks him to leave her hand. Mihika comes there and sees him holding her hand. She takes another stuff and goes to keep it. Ranbir says I want to talk to Prachi. Prachi refuses to talk to him and goes. Mihika comes there and asks what happened? Ranbir says thank god you are not like Prachi. Mihika smiles.

The detective informs Akshay about Ranbir and Prachi studied in the same college, and he used to call her chikchiki, and once he even fought with Minister’s son for her, and that it was said that they were close to each other. Akshay asks him to enquire more and the detective goes. Akshay asks Ranbir who is chikchiki. Ranbir tells him that he don’t want to answer him. Akshay says you used to call Prachi as Chikchiki. Ranbir says yes, I used to call her chikchiki from my heart, as she used to do chik chik a lot, I used to get very angry on her, as I used to love her a lot as she used to do chik chik all the time.

Precap: Akshay sees Prachi and Ranbir’s marriage photos and says Ranbir had married Prachi first. Ranbir tells Mihika that he don’t want to hurt her and says he loves Prachi. Mihika is shocked.

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