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The Episode starts with Ranbir telling Akshay that he used to get angry on Prachi and also fight with her. He says there was her chikchik in his mind all the time, that time he used to get so much love on her too. He asks what you want to know more about chikchiki. Akshay asks him to say, and says I am listening. Vishaka comes there. Akshay says yesterday when I told that this guy loves Prachi, nobody believed me. He says today he has confessed infront of me that he used to love her, she was always in his mind, he used to get angry and also love on her. He says point is proved, now what to prove. Ranbir says yes, I am accepting it. Vishaka says your Dad and Maasi’s relation are same, and says he also says the same to her, calls her Bala etc. She says jija and saali’s relation is such. She says he loves her more than his wife. Ranbir says he has no Sali jija relation with her, and says she is gharwali. Vishaka says Sali is half gharwali. Ranbir says no gharwali. Vishaka asks him to meet Pallavi as she is worried for him. Ranbir goes. Akshay asks Vishaka what did she do? Vishaka says you don’t understand, when to tell what? She asks him to calm down.

Prachi asks the Servant to bring some stuff. Pallavi comes there and asks Prachi to do her work, which is more important to her than her life. Prachi asks what? Pallavi says Ranbir is more dear to me than my life. She asks her to promise that she will go away from his life, and will never come back. Manpreet comes there and goes. Prachi says no, and tells Pallavi that Ranbir is more dear to you than your life, so take promise from him, I told you what I feel and think. Shahana comes there. Prachi asks her to go. She tells Pallavi not to worry and says she doesn’t want to return to the house, from where she had left. Manpreet hears this and asks if all good. Pallavi says yes. Manpreet says there seems to be tension between you both and asks if something happened? Ranbir says everything is fine, and says let past be in the past. Pallavi asks him to return home and says we will do the rituals from our house.

Akshay says what did you do bua ji? I was provoking him to say more, and says he used to call her chikchiki etc.Vishaka asks if Ranbir have confessed to love Prachi, then you would have done drama. She says yesterday you have to apologized and not Ranbir. She says a small flame can burn everything. She says even I am seeing what you are seeing, but if we question Ranbir then Prachi will be involved too, and then what will happen, Prachi will refuse to go with you. She says you got a chance with difficulty, don’t lose it. She asks him not to lose. Akshay says water is filled up till here, and says I don’t know why Ranbir is staying here, and says he wants him to marry Mihika and leave from here. Vishaka says he will leave after marriage. Akshay says let us fix their marriage today, and get them married, as he can’t bear him in his house anymore. Shahana hears Akshay and Vishaka. Vishaka tells Shahana that it doesn’t look nice if Ranbir stays as ghar jamai.

Pallavi asks Ranbir if you want to stay as ghar jamai, if you like this house so much. Manpreet asks if there is something which you are hiding from me. Ranbir says nothing. Mihika asks why you are serious? Prachi says Pallavi aunty wanted him to go home. Ranbir says I thought Prachi wants me to go and asks her to answer. Prachi asks him to go. Manpreet asks why you want him to go. She says may be Pallavi is angry about something and asks if you are angry with him. Ranbir says Prachi has many problems with me, and that’s why she wants me to go. Prachi says you shall listen to your Mummy. Ranbir asks do you think that I will listen to you? Prachi says I don’t think so. Shahana comes there and asks if she can take Prachi for sometime. Manpreet says yes. Prachi goes with her. Manpreet asks Pallavi to come and have tea with her. Ranbir gets a call and goes. Mihika thinks now Ranbir will go, how to stop him, I have to stop him as I want to propose him. She says I have to propose him today, what to do to stop him, and thinks to ask Prachi to stop him.

Shahana tells Prachi that they want to get Ranbir and Mihika married so that he goes from here. She says this is not normal. Prachi says Ranbir has to take Mihika to his house. Shahana tells Prachi about Vishaka and Akshay’s conspiracy. Mihika comes there and takes Prachi with her. She says I have important work which I can give to you and nobody else. She says don’t judge me, but please talk to Pallavi Mom and asks her not to take Ranbir with her and let him stay here so that we can know each other better. She says I want him to be here for tonight, as I want to talk to him about something. Prachi says first tell me what you want to tell me. Mihika says actually I want to tell him that….Shahana comes there to talk to Prachi. Servant comes there and says Pandit ji has come. Prachi goes leaving Shahana and Mihika there.

Manpreet asks Pandit ji to take out the solution for her daughter’s life problems. Prachi comes there and asks Manpreet to have medicine, says she will bring the puja ingredients. Ranbir comes there and stops her way. Pandit ji looks at them. Prachi goes. Pandit ji says it seems something is going on between your daughter and her would be husband. Manpreet says she doesn’t know. Mihika comes and stands with Ranbir. They all come and sit for puja. Ranbir, Prachi and Mihika are sitting next to each other. Pandit ji thinks Prachi and Ranbir as couple, and asks Prachi to forward her hand. Prachi forwards her hand. Pandit ji ties mauli to Prachi’s hand and then he asks Ranbir to forward his hand and ties mauli to his hand too. He chants the mantras and says your Jodi shall remain forever. Akshay gets shocked.

Prachi and Ranbir look at each other. Pallavi asks what you are saying Pandit ji, Jodi is of my son Ranbir and Mihika. Pandit ji thinks my God is saying that he has made Jodi of them both. He apologizes to Pallavi. Prachi gets up from her place. Mihika sits on her place. Pandit ji asks her to forward her hand and ties her mauli. Akshay sees the detective coming there, gets inside the room and asks him to come to his room. Detective tells him that he got all info of Ranbir and asks him to check in the envelope. Akshay sees Prachi and Ranbir’s marriage photos and gets shocked. He recalls Ranbir asking Prachi not to go for shopping with him. He says 6th sense can’t be wrong as he got his answers, that Ranbir’s bad sight is on my wife, he can’t bear that Prachi has moved on. He says Rhea might be his second wife, but it is sure that Ranbir had married Prachi first. He says now I understand that Ranbir is not interested in Mihika, but wants to marry her, as he wants to stay closer to prachi, wants to see her and keep her near him. He says now I will play with you, first you was playing with me as you know everything and now I will play as I know everything now.

He recalls confronting Prachi and asking her to choose whom she will choose, her ex or him. He comes out and thinks Prachi should have told him that Ranbir is her ex. He recalls Ranbir saving Prachi, and Prachi asking Akshay not to get this marriage done. He thinks Prachi wants to move on, but Ranbir is not letting her to move on. Pandit ji says puja is completed. Akshay says when everyone is here, we shall get the marriage mahurat done. Manpreet and Vishaka ask Pandit ji to take out the mahurat. Pandit ji says there is a good mahurat after 5 days and then another mahurat after….Akshay stops him and says mahurat after 5 days is fixed, and says Ranbir and Mihika’s happiness matters to him. Pallavi asks Ranbir to come with her. Prachi tells Pallavi that let Ranbir stay here for today. Pallavi says no. Ranbir says I will come tomorrow, let me stay here today. Pallavi says ok and says I will leave. Manpreet asks Pallavi to stay back. Pallavi says no, I will leave. She blesses Mihika and hugs Ranbir before going. Ranbir sees Mihika happy, and smiles. He goes with Aryan.

Abhay asks Akshay if he is fine, and asks it seems you are angry, but hiding something. Akshay says nothing has happened. Abhay says ok and goes.

Precap: Ranbir tells Akshay that he knows that there is no relation between Prachi and him. Akshay says he has booked honeymoon suite and asks him to think what can happen. Ranbir is shocked. Later drunk Ranbir tells Mihika that he don’t want to hurt her, but he loves Prachi.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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