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The Episode starts with Akshay coming to the resort with Prachi and Ranbir. He says finally the torture is over and we are here. Ranbir gets up and asks if we have reached so soon. Akshay says we would have reached long back if the car was not bad. Ranbir says car is not bad, and it is like me and sees the person’s heart who is driving, and if his heart is bad, then it works badly. Prachi asks Ranbir how is he? Ranbir says he is feeling good, as he has rested on her lap. Prachi says you were unwell, that’s why I let you sleep on my lap. Ranbir and Prachi get down too. Ranbir thanks Akshay and says you was driving so that I rested my head on the good place. He then pretends to vomit. Prachi asks if you are fine. Ranbir says I am fine and thanks her for asking. He asks the valet to park the car. Akshay asks where is he coming? Ranbir asks if you have bought this resort and says we can stay here by paying money. He says I am unwell, if something happens to me while going, accident or something then what will happen to Prachi and then says you both. He says I am going inside. Akshay and Prachi come to the hotel. The staff welcomes them with the garland. They thank the staff. Akshay asks them not to give drink to him, as he is unwell. Ranbir takes it and says it is lemon water. He says he will book room now. Akshay thinks he will let Prachi know later after going to room, that he has booked honeymoon suite for them.

Prachi asks Ranbir why is he doing this? Ranbir says if you think this is drama then why did you let me sleep on your lap. Ranbir says I vomited infront of you. Prachi says now you are saying that you will book room here. Ranbir says you don’t know, I shall book here. Akshay asks Prachi to come, and asks Ranbir to see if he will get the book. Ranbir says I can go to any extent for Prachi. He goes to the receptionist and asks him to book a room for him, and says he is with them. The receptionist tells that honeymoon suite room (vacant) is near their honeymoon suite. Ranbir says ok. Aryan comes there. Ranbir hugs him. He takes the keys and tells Aryan that they will stay in honeymoon suite.

Akshay and Prachi come in the room. Prachi says this room seeing it decorated. Akshay cooks up a story that no room was vacant, so that’s why he took this room, and the hotel staff said that if there is any room vacant then we will shift there. He thinks he will collide with her again and again, and she will think it is accidental romance, but it will be planned.

Ranbir and Aryan go to the room. Ranbir says what people will think that two guys are in the honeymoon suite. Aryan says we are brothers and can stay in the same room. Ranbir says but honeymoon suite. He says there must be same set up in their room, lets tease Akshay. Aryan says lets do it.

Akshay walks towards Prachi to fall on her, but she moves and he falls on the trolley instead. Prachi asks what happened, how did you fall down. He says man doesn’t feel pain and says he is fine. Aryan and Ranbir knock on the door. Prachi checks and says nobody is there. Akshay goes to make a call. Ranbir and Aryan laugh. Waiter brings Aryan and Ranbir’s stuff, and waits for the tip. Aryan gives him tip. Ranbir asks how to go to the honeymoon suite beside this room. Waiter says no. He tells them that the time is changing and people are open now a days. Aryan and Ranbir get up from the bed, and tell that they are brothers. Waiter misunderstands and goes. Ranbir asks Aryan to take any solo room and says you can’t stay here. Aryan asks I have come to support you and will not go. Ranbir says please go. Aryan says ok. He asks him to chill and asks what is the plan to keep Prachi away from Akshay. Ranbir says no, and says I have planned to reach here, and now I have to think what to do. He asks Aryan if he thought? Aryan says they shall think. Ranbir says they shall keep them far. Aryan says you didn’t come with planning, but Akshay came with planning. Akshay tells that he is feeling pain, but what he said Prachi that man doesn’t feel pain. Vishaka calls him. Akshay tells her everything that his car petrol finished, and they were waiting for lift when Ranbir came in his car, and says it was my badluck and Ranbir’s goodluck. Vishaka says it is Ranbir’s conspiracy. Akshay says Ranbir is not clever and I am not foolish. Vishaka says surely he has come to trouble you. Akshay says for a minute, I thought that he wants to do this, but everything is fine. He asks where is she going? Vishaka says she is going somewhere for Mihika and your betterment. She says she will tell him later and ends the call. Manager informs Akshay that buffet is at 8 pm.

Akshay comes to the room. Prachi asks where did he go? Akshay says he had gone to complain to Manager, that someone knocked on the door. Prachi says who knows us here, may be some kids, or someone knocked on the door mistakenly. Akshay thinks of Vishaka’s words and realizes Ranbir has knocked on the door.

Later Akshay and Prachi come to have food in the resort restaurant. Prachi says our day is wasted and the client cancelled the meeting. Akshay apologizes to Prachi on behalf of client and says it happens in business. Prachi worries for Ranbir and hopes he is fine. Akshay mixes a powder in the drink and smiles. Ranbir and Aryan see Prachi and come to her. Prachi asks how is he?

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