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The Episode starts with Mihika coming to Ranbir’s room and taking his jacket and wears it….Huyi main tumhari plays…….She thinks of her moments with him. Ranbir comes to Aryan and asks him to wake up, and says Prachi is not responding. He tells that Akshay and Prachi are in the room and there is no response when I knocked on the door. He says you can open that room, and reminds him that they had stolen papers from Principal’s office once and you had opened the door with pin. Aryan says I didn’t open Principal’s clothes. Ranbir says you had opened the door. He sprinkles water on his face. Aryan says you are jealous of me, but why? He says you want me to come out of inebriated state and that’s why you are jealous. Ranbir thinks why did I come here, I have wasted so much time on him. Aryan says I know you are jealous of me, I can see fire, smoke and smell also. Ranbir thinks smoke detector, and appreciates Aryan for giving such a good idea in such state. He looks for match stick and goes out.

Akshay tells Prachi that she is very beautiful, don’t know how did he stop himself till now. He says there is some attraction in you, and says I wish I was your first love. He says atleast you are my husband. Prachi says you are not my husband, but he is my husband. Ranbir brings match stick and lights the candle. He then burns the tissue paper near the smoke detector. Akshay says I am your husband and not him. He gets angry. He touches her saree and says you have pinned it. He says I will show Ranbir that we don’t need you, as I am your husband and is with you. Prachi sleeps. Akshay says you can’t sleep, you shall look at me, I am trying to love you. He asks her to get up and says don’t sleep, I love you.

The fire/ smoke detector don’t ring the alarm. Ranbir burns more tissue papers and the alarm starts ringing. Manager asks the receptionist to call everyone out, as the fire broke out in the hotel. Akshay comes out of the hotel room hearing the alarm, and asks what happened. Ranbir gets inside Akshay and Prachi’s room. He tells Prachi that he knew that Akshay will do something, seeing her state. He takes her to his room. Manager asks Akshay to come with them. Ranbir comes out seeing Akshay, and hits him twice, and then goes inside his room. Akshay asks who has beaten me. He then asks Manager where to go and tells him that his wife is in the room.

Ranbir comes to Prachi and says he will bring water for her. Prachi says her pallu is stuck. Ranbir frees it

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