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Karan also rings the bell of the mandir, not knowing that Preeta and Shristhi are also performing the pooja in the Mandir, Shristhi thinks she has said the truth but she prays that the Pandit jee should not ask the name of the father, karan thinks he has come here because Dadi said that today there is a pooja so he has also come to hold a pooja for Shaurya however he does not know anything about it so he must be forgiven if he makes any mistake, another person comes to stand beside Preeta. Karan however slowly walks to the other side of Preeta, he bows down while closing his eyes. Shristhi is the first one to complete her pooja, she gets shocked seeing Karan standing beside Preeta who is still performing her pooja, Shristhi asks Preeta to come with her, they both leave quickly but then Karan feels the presence of Preeta, he gets a bit tensed so once again turns to perform his pooja.

Mr Khurana enters the house with his friend Avnish, Palki also greets her calling him as Avinsah uncle, he sits down asking how is Shanaya when she says that she feels like doing something that would set her life, Avinash says he met Mr khurana along the way and then talked with him about the work however felt he should also ask the person, Shanaya asks if he meant her and has an offer, Avinash says he wants to talk with Palki, he explains he knows she is a very good doctor and even cares for her patients so he has an elder patient who needs round the clock care, Palki also asks Mr Khurana who says she must do it, Avinash says that the person is very old and she would have to perform twelve hour duty so she can be like her Grandmother, Palki agrees saying that she would do anything now that he has called her as Grandmother, Avinash is very glad so says that she should come with her as the person lives in Bandra, Palki once again looks to her father who agrees with her, Shanaya requests if she can also come with her since she also needs to go to Bandra. Avinash agrees when Mr Khurana exclaims that he should first have some tea so Avinash agrees only if Palki makes it, she leaves to prepare the tea.

Preeta asks why did Shristhi bring her here, Shristhi says she wants to ask how much should she give to the pandit jee, Preeta asks if she has come here to ask such a small thing when Shristhi explains she could not ask it in front of the Pandit jee, Preeta once again turns to leave but Shristhi says that she is really dizzy, Preeta asks her to come and sit down while she will complete the pooja, Shristhi says that Preeta used to care a lot for her but now is more interested in the pooja, Preeta replies she knows when Shristhi is telling a lie and so knows she does not have any pain, Shristhi accepts that she was lying but explains she got very thirsty because of the rituals and does not want to walk away to bring the water bottle, Preeta says she should have said it first as so much time would not have been wasted, Preeta leaves to bring the water.

Shristhi slowly goes to sit beside Karan in the pooja, the pandit jee asks the name of her sons father when she replies they donot take the name of their husband when Pandit jee says that they can say it for the pooja, Shristhi slowly whispers his name is Karan Luthra, she pleads with the pandit to not say anything else and start the pooja. Shristhi turns to see Preeta coming with the bottle, she gets worried so runs to take Preeta to the corner where she drinks the water, Shristhi explains the pandit jee has said they should not only cover their head but also their face, Preeta says she never heard anything of the sort however Shristhi convinces her saying this is what the pandit jee said so Preeta is forced to agree. Pandit jee says the name of the parents is Preeta and Karan Luthra, hearing this Preeta gets shocked but then Shristhi says Preeta is not paying attention when should not have made any mistake. Preeta finally agrees and the pandit jee asks them all to place the petals in front of them after which he explains the pooja has ended so they should perform the last ritual, Karan and Preeta start doing it together when after some time, Karan touches Preeta accidentally so he gets a very strange feeling, he realizes the touch of Preeta. Karan calls Preeta hearing which Shristhi gets shocked. y Preeta turns to Karan but they both are not able to look at each other due to the smoke, meanwhile Shristhi quickly runs with Preeta out of the Mandir, Karan also follows calling Preeta but is not able to find her, he wonders where could have she gone so quickly so keeps searching for them. Karan is not able to find her, he is sure that she was Preeta since he cannot deny the feeling and so is sure that she was Preeta.

Dr Avinash stops the car when Palki is about to ask him but not able to say anything, she asks Avinash if this is the house, Shanaya gets excited if this is the house where Palki is about to work as it is a Mansion, Avinash says that this is where she would work, Shanaya asks if they need a fashion desinger since she has also done a diploma, Shanaya even asks Palki if she has ever seen such a big house when Avinash asks them to come inside since he has to even leave for his office.

Garesh leaves to open the door when Shaurya asks who is the person who does nt have any manners, Garesh greets doctor Avinash when Shaurya leaves walking beside Palki, Shanaya turns to see him.

Rakhi greets Dr Avinash when Palki also greets her, Avinash says he said there need sot be a doctor who can take care of Dadi so he has brought the junior doctor Palki, Rakhi says she knows her very well. Kavya also comes explaining that they all know them very well, Shanaya says she is also here, she explains she has not been introduced but is close to them all as she is the sister of Palki. When Palki explains she did not get the time to tell them as Shanaya just came back after completing her studies, Avinash says then they should hire Palki right now since she is very good at her job and even close to them, he request they should give all of the files relating to Dadi to Doctor Palki. Doctor Avinash asks Shanaya if they should leave but she says she wants to stay here for some time, so Dr Avinash leaves. Nidhi asks Garesh to bring all the files relating to Bani Dadi to Palki. Kavya asks Palki to come as she will take her to Bani Dadi.

Palki knocks on the door and Karina is excited to see her, Bani Dadi also asks what is Palki doing here as she is very glad that Palki came here, Palki says that she works with Dr Avinash, Kavya reveals that Dr Avinash has the responsibility of an entire hospital so is very busy which is why he sent Dr Palki who is going to stay with bani Dadi for the entire day, Karina says she saw how Palki was taking care of everyone during the fire in the out house so is glad as they say everything happens for the best, Bani Dadi informs that there was once another girl who used to take care of her but she left them all, Palki realizes that Bani Dadi is very sad.

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