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Bani Dadi tells Palki that another girl came a long time ago who used to take very good care of her but she went away and they do not know where she went, Karina says she never thought she was meeting Palki for the first time but felt she had a very strange connection, Palki explains the feeling is mutual so asks Bani Dadi what is she doing explaining she has to keep her feet raised up, Bani Dadi blesses her saying that she has started just now but must not touch her feet since in their house daughters do not touch the feet, Palki accepts her order but says that she would not touch her feet when she is a daughter but would be her doctor for some time, Kavya asks where is Shanaya, Karina asks who is she, Palki informs she is her younger sister who had to go somewhere but came here with them.

Shanaya is mesmerized looking at the walls and exclaims that they are very wealthy, she knocks on the door of a room but when no one answers she enters it, Shanaya is amazed seeing the jewelry and wonders why have the kept everything open along with such expensive perfumes, she is amazed seeing the diamond ear ring thinking in their house their mother keeps even the slightest jewelry in the locker while they seem like billionaires, she hears the phone ringing so thinks someone is coming however realizes it is her own phone, she gets shocked by it, Shanaya answering it questions why did her mother call her, Daljeet asks when is she coming back, Shanaya says that she might not even come back, Daljeet says she is not asking her but instructing her with full honor, Shanaya asks Daljeet if she knows the Luthra’s, Daljeet says that for people like them the Luthra’s are very wealthy and not like them, Shanaya replies they are a lot more wealthy, Shanaya mentions their entire house would be built in the money in which they have only a room built, Daljeet asks what is Shanaya thinking so should they rob anything, Shanaya asks what is the legal age to get married. Daljeet says that it is eighteen years but some say that twenty one is the best age, Shanaya says Daljeet should start making all the preparations as she will marry in this house, as she is really glad to see everything in this house and wants to get married. Daljeet asks who is the groom, Shanaya explains it will take some time as she wants to see who are the boys in the Luthra house, Mahi is shocked hearing the plans of Shanaya. Garesh comes to the room.

Daljeet slaps Mahi saying she was not able to do anything worth her name which Shanaya will do by trapping a wealthy boy.

Shanaya says that she dialed the wrong number and so came into the wrong room she leaves but seeing this Garesh gets a bit worried.

Nidhi is constantly honking the horn thinking why have so many people come to perform the pooja, Arohi asks her to calm down when Nidhi explains that today is the worst day, Nidhi explains Bani Dadi twisted her ankle so karan got furious with her and now Karan has hired Palki who will take care of bani Dadi and stay in their room, Arohi asks what relation does Preeta and Rajveer have with palki, Nidhi says that Rajveer likes Palki so when she will stay in their house he will also come following her, and they know that Shaurya gets furious with Rajveer so when they will fight, Preeta will also come to their house. Nidhi gets furious seeing a scooty have scratched her car so she gets out to scold them, Preeta sees Nidhi, she remembers when she told Rajveer how she felt that Kavya has not stolen anything.

Preeta angrily starts walking to Nidhi when she is shocked seeing her and even Shristhi follows her, Nidhi remembers when Preeta threatened her in the jail cell that she would not let her harm Rajveer at all, Nidhi thinks she is also thinking about Preeta but is shocked when Preeta says that Nidhi slapped Kavya and she wants to know the reason she slapped her, as what mistake did Kavya do because she supported the truth and did not do anything wrong, Nidhi asks what concern does she have, Preeta says she is a mother hearing this Nidhi is shocked, Preeta mentions Nidhi raised her hand without any reason so this proves she is not a good mother, and why did she not try to find out the truth, Preeta says she feels that Nidhi is the one behind trapping her son and when kavya ruined her plan she raised her hand on her, Preeta warns to not stay quiet if Nidhi does anything to Kavya because she the right to do it, after what she has done to Rajveer and the relation she has with him, Preeta says Kavya is the sister of Rajveer and warns that if Nidhi ever raises her hand on Kavya then she will raise her hand on her. Nidhi warns if Preeta is forgetting as she is the one who raised Kavya and even Shaurya so she is talking to her in this manner, Shristhi gets worried if Nidhi in this fight says that two children of Preeta are in the Luthra Mansion. Shristhi agrees with Nidhi saying that parents do a lot for their children but she does not like such mothers who boast about what she has done for them as the entire world would think that they are doing this because of some reason. Nidhi asks where is Shristhi taking it, Shristhi stops her saying she did not interfere when Nidhi was talking so she must also not interfere.

Shanaya enters the room of Shaurya wondering why is he coming in front of her, she thinks if he is married. Shanaya opens the wardrobe of Shaarya thinking he is single and not married, she turns back with a smile. Shanaya gets shocked seeing Rakhi who asks what is she doing here, Shanaya explains their house is very big so she forgot the way and such small things happen in these big houses, Rakhi explains this is the room of Shaurya who left when she was entering in the house. Shanaya asks if he is married when Rakhi says she would surely get him married very soon, Shanaya also asks if he has any girlfriend or fiance, Rakhi says she is very sweet so asks her to come as she lost her way. Shanya says that it would be very hard to trap him but he does not have any girlfriend and so she would have to do a lot of efforts, Shanaya smiles thinking she would do everything.

Shaurya is angrily yelling if the employees want to work in their office and he could not find the lift attendants, Rajveer asks him to calm down when Shaurya says that Rajveer should not talk with him and must not forget that he has just been released, Rajveer says Shaurya must not lie to him, Shaurya gets worried thinking that if Kavya has told him the truth, but then thinks she would never do it with him. He says he would surely get Rajveer fired and will tell his Grandfather that Rajveer should be ousted.

Shristhi says that they should not keep talking here, she mentions Preeta di was right as Nidhi slapped Kavya really hard but Shristhi would have done it to Nidhi, Shristhi explains that kavya has done so much for her so called brother Rajveer which even a step mother was not able to do for her own children, Shristhi threatens to slap Nidhi if she thinks of doing such a thing ever again, Nidhi warns Shristhi to shut up asking how did she dare talk with her, Shristhi replies she knows that nidhi is the spoiled women of a rich family. Shristhi explains that the nice people have returned to Mumbai who would take care of everything, Nidhi leaves angrily wondering why does she even talk with them. Shristhi is very glad when she is shocked seeing Karan so asks Preeta to come with her who is very worried, karan notices Shristhi from behind and so is shocked.

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