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Kavya shows Palki the kitchen informing her where all the things are kept, Kavya explains everything about the necessities, Palki asks about the milk when Kavya says that everything would be in the fridge, Kavya is explaining it all to Palki when Rakhi stops so coming asks Kavya what is she doing in the kitchen, Kavya says now that Palki is going to take care of Dadi so she thought of showing her the kitchen so she can make anything, Rakhi says it would have been a problem had Palki declined as who accepts a full day job at some place, Palki says Dr Avinash only told her that one of his close friends need a full time doctor so she only found out that she was coming to the house of the Luthra family, Rakhi says she would tell something about Maa je as she gets mood swings so would sometimes scold her, she says Palki must not take it to her heart so Palki replies she will only consider her as her own Dadi, Shanaya thinks she will herself take care of Bani Dadi when she comes to the house once after becoming the daughter in law of this family.

Preeta ask Shristhi to at least stop as someone is calling her from behind, Shristhi says she scratched the car of a wealthy person so he would be coming to take her to jail, Shristhi asks Preeta to come and thye get in an auto after which they leave while Karan keeps calling them, he thinks how can Preeta get away when she was right in front of him, he is frustrated since his car is parked on the other side.

The fashion designers is praising their collection mentioning this is the best wedding collection from Ayesha Mehra, Varun entering greets Ayesha saying she came when Ayesha replies who else would have designed his wedding dress, Shanaya thinks she has very good luck as her mother would get two wealthy son in laws, she notices Varun looking at her so thinks he cannot take his eyes of her for which she praises herself, Varun asks Shanaya about herself, Rakhi coming from behind greets Varun who takes her blessings and then mentions his parents are fine, Varun even meets Kavya who says that the clothes have come, he asks her to select any dress she likes when Kavya says she has already selected her, Shanaya thinks she has understood he is the son in law of the Luthra family. Rakhi says she heard that they say the groom wants to make sure that his bride looks very beautiful, when Varun replies that his fiance Kavya is already very beautiful so the clothes look good when Kavya wears them, they all start praising Varun for his remarks.

Shanaya asks when is the wedding, Rakhi informs the Pandit jee is going to come tomorrow to finalize the date, Shanaya asks why did Palki not tell them about her studies, she informs she has done a course in fashion designing so immediately goes to the rack, saying all these dresses are good but donot have a very good combination, she then presents her own selection explaining Kavya would look very beautiful and everyone will be praising her, she requests if she can design the wedding clothes, Rakhi asks Ayesha if she does not feel bad that they take the help of Shanaya in selecting the dress combination, so Ayesha agrees for it. Shanaya questions Kavya why is she not in the family photo and so Kavya says she was in the hostel at that time and even her brother was not present here, she says she also considers someone else as her sister, Shanaya thinks that she would surely rule this entire house.

Shaurya angrily enters the cabin of Mahesh questioning what is Rajveer doing here, he explains he was scolding the lift operator and when he did not stop the lift, he called the supervisor however Rajveer stopped him and started arguing with him. Mahesh stands up saying that he has realized that Rajveer did not do anything wrong because he stopped Shaurya from doing something wrong, Rajveer also comes to the cabin when Mahesh appreciates him for not letting Shaurya make any mistake just like an elder brother, Shaurya angrily laves when mahesh apologizes to Rajveer for what happened, then Rajveer leaves after giving the file to Mahesh.

Arohi is sitting when Nidhi comes to sit beside her demanding water, she says that she met Preeta and Shristhi who both were threatening her for raising her hand on kavya and what if they come back after so many years, Arohi says that Nidhi was never like this and a strong women, Nidhi says she does not know when she will get rid of Preeta, Arohi says that she feels Nidhi would never be able to win from Preeta so must get rid of her.

Palki asks Bani dadi to have the soup quickly, Rakhi also comes into the room when Bani Dadi complains about Palki, then she drinks the soup when Rakhi asks if it is not nice, bani Dadi says that she said it before tasting the soup but it is very nice, Shanaya says that she is the one who taught Palki how to make this soup. Palki says she will come tomorrow but warns Bani Dadi to not have anything sweet once she leaves, Palki threatens to give her the bitter juice if she has anything sweet, Rakhi says she told Palki how does Bani Dadi behave when she gets irritated, Shanaya says there is nothing to be worried about. Palki leaves warning Bani Dadi to not have anything sweet, Bani Dadi thinks she is a very nice girl who is also good at her job but she thinks that she always remembers Preeta whenever she meets Palki.

Arohi stops the car saying she just advised Nidhi but it never meant she should accept her advice, how is she so sure that Preeta lives here, Nidhi says Rajveer mentioned this address and this is where Karan came. Arohi says what if both karan and Preeta are already meeting and waiting for a special day when she returns to the Luthra Mansion, Arohi explains the most important day of their life is about to come meaning the wedding of Kavya, she says Karan is either very smart of really dumb who would do anything for the sake of love which Nidhi already knows, Arohi says there are two type of people first who give up anything for he sake of love while the other are very smart like Nidhi, and she says that Nidhi should take care of everything. Nidhi explains she will go and first find out what is the game plan of them.

Kavya is on the call when Palki says she is leaving, Shanaya mentions they have just planned but would stay back if she need anything, kavya says Shanaya is a very sweet heart, Shanaya explains she will stay with her for the entire day, Kavya explains tomorrow she has to select her wedding dress, Shanaya gets very amazed so hugs her seeing which palki starts smiling, Shanaya vows she would make sure Kavya looks very beautiful, Palki mentions Shanaya befriends everyone easily when
Palki asks if they should leave since they have gotten very late and need to come back tomorrow.

Nidhi slowly walks to the door of the house which she opens, she hears Preeta asking Shristhi to come quickly to the dinner table as she has made everything, Shristhi asks why did Preeta di not let her help, Preeta sits at the table mentioning she made everything with a smile and there is nothing to be worried about, Nidhi is shocked thinking she was right to suspect that Rajveer also lives with Preeta and Shristhi in the same house so they have some connection.

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