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Karan tells Nidhi that something went in his eyes, he once again starts looking around which worries Nidhi meanwhile Preeta and Shristhi run from the back door, Karan leaves and Nidhi follows him asking what has happened.

Rajveer asks Shanaya to go outside for the moment, she asks the reason when he says he would tell the reason later but for now she must leave the kitchen, Shaurya questions what is the problem with Rajveer when he says he does not want to say anything to him, Shanaya thinks two handsome boys are fighting over her, Rajveer is really handsome and would take care of any girl who marries him while Shaurya on the other side will be able to provide the best lifestyle to any girl, Rajveer once again asks Shanaya who leaves, Shaurya asks if Rajveer is in love when he warns Shaurya to not touch him as they can never be friends, Shaurya mentions he feels excited irritating him, he leaves when Rajveer also gets worried.

Nidhi asks Karan what is the matter with him, he asks who came into his room when Nidhi says that she is the one who came and even called him, Karan asks then who came after she had left because when he came out the person had left, Nidhi once again asks who is Karan searching for and why is he wearing this dress, Karan asks what does she mean when she says she had selected the other dress, karan says he knew this cannot be her choice and so is one hundred percent sure, Karan leaves in excitement when Nidhi bumps into Rishab who asks what is the matter with her, she says she cannot understand what is going with Karan because he came here and then ran away, Rishab asks what has happened with Karan. Nidhi explains she selected the dress for him but he is wearing some other dress, Rishab replies that he would have decided to wear something else, Rishab explains that there cannot be anyone in his room, Nidhi explains he is searching for the person who selected the dress, when Rishab asks where did he go, Nidhi mentions he went to the back side door. Rishab also follows him.

Shristhi is pulling Preeta who questions why did she bring her back here, Shristhi asks why does Preeta want to meet Nidhi because she does not want her, Preeta says she knew that Shristhi does not want her to meet Nidhi and what is the reason, Shristhi asks Preeta to calm down as this is the Luthra house, Preeta says that this is the back side of the Luthra house and no one can hear them here. Preeta explains Shristhi used a very weird excuse of her slipper and this is why she found the reason, Shristhi requests her to calm down when Preeta says that she did not believe Shristhi when she refused to come with her in the morning but she came with the auto. Shristhi says that they can talk after going back to the house and asks how did Preeta enter the Luthra house from the back door. Karan thinks Preeta was in the room so would be near the back door. Preeta asks why did Shristhi also bring her from the back door, Shristhi explains Preeta di wants to know the truth, Preeta says that Shristhi does not want her to know the truth if he is related to her, Shristhi tries to calm her down when Preeta asks why does her heart also worry when she wants to know the truth of her relation to them. Rishab asks Karan what is he matter, he leaves saying that Preeta came to this house and would be near, Rishab follows him.

Shristhi says she does not want Preeta di to come in front of the Luthra family and Nidhi, Preeta asks why does Shristhi not want her to come near them, Preeta is worried.

Rishab stops Karan asking how does he know that Preeta je was here, Karan asks if Rishab likes this dress and Rishab says that he is looking very handsome, karan leaves informing that this is how he knows Preeta is near their house. Karan runs outside when he is shocked to see, Rishab is also stunned with karan and stops.

Palki is massaging the feet of Bani Dadi who asks her to stop since it would increase, Palki says she would have to do it for some more time, Karina mentions Palki should not listen to anything that her mother tells her, Bani Dadi says what kind of a daughter is she, Rakhi says she is the best daughter who is the only who can handle her when she does not agree, Karina also says that she has the best daughter in law, Bani Dadi asks Palki if she knows some place from where she can change both her daughter and daughter in law. Karina explains that her mother has been demanding this from Bhagwan for so many years but he never listens to her, Kavya explains that Palki should not be worried about their conversation since this is how they talk but they enjoy the company of each other .

Shanaya comes when Rakhi asks if she did not bring the coffee which she went to prepare for Bani Dadi, Kavya says that she should tell the truth how she was not able to make it properly. Shaurya suggests that everyone should come with him for having coffee, Rajveer informs how no one is going for coffee as they must prepare for JanMashtri, Rajveer asks Shanaya to come with him as he has to talk of something important, Palki gets worried when she also leaves.

Karan seeing the auto says that Preeta is in this and so starts running after the auto, Shristhi hearing his sound questions why is the auto driver so slow and must increase the speed, Preeta asks them sot stop the auto as he will be trying to talk with them but Shristhi says that there is no need to talk,e auto driver asks if they should take them to the police station since the person might be trying to harm them, Preeta explains he is a very nice person and the father of Shaurya, Shristhi asks if Preeta knows why they are running after them, Shristhi once again refuses to let the auto stop but Preeta does not believe her saying that Shristhi is surely hiding something, Shristhi explains that Preeta di must talk with her in the house.

Rishab tries to stop karan but the auto leaves, karan wonders why did Preeta do this when he was screaming her name, Rishab asks if he has lost his mind since he is not even sure if she was in the auto, Rishab takes off his jacket when he asks what is the mark on the jacket of Karan, he remember when he hugged Preeta and explains it is the sign of her lipstick, Rishab says that he might be mistaken when Karan explains that she hugged him when he was about to fall so he is sure that this mark is of her lipstick.

Palki is walking in the Luthra mansion, she starts crying as she is not able to believe how close Rajveer and Shanaya have come to each other, she entering the room closes the door behind her. Palki is not able to control her emotions so keeps crying, and how they both became friends after which she promised to always help him, she is not able to control her emotions while thinking how Rajveer always helped her whenever she was in any sort of trouble, he stood by her as a protector. Palki turns to see her standing in front of her asking why is she crying, who exclaims she is the sound of her heart, Palki says she is crying because of Rajveer and Shanaya, Palki asks why is she feeling weird after seeing them together when Palki is about to say she loves him but then refutes it but the voice of her heart says she even knows what is in her heart but Palki says she is not lying and is not in love with him, then why is she feeling so bad after seeing Shanaya and Rajveer together. The voice of Palki says because she is lying to herself and not able to speak the truth, this is why she has come here to make her believe that she has fallen in love with Rajveer and must tell herself that she loves him, Palki keeps insisting she does not love Rajveer and is crying, she turns but is not able to find anyone there so gets really worried. Palki walks to the window and corrects her hair.

Shanaya asks Rajveer to leave his hand, he asks why is she going close to Shaurya and allowing him to come near her, she says he is a very nice person but Rajveer replies that he knows that Shaurya is not a nice person. Shaurya walks to the balcony from where he sees Shanaya and Rajveer talking, he hears how Rajveer is saying he cares for her since she is the sister of Palki, Shanaya holds his hand more close explaining she knows he cares for her, Rajveer removes his hand when Shanaya promises that from today Shaurya would not even come close to her. Palki is not able to control herself so turns away, Shanaya notices how Shaurya is looking at her from the balcony, Rajveer is also following Shanaya seeing which Palki gets really worried but she hides from them both Shaurya stops Shanaya asking what was Rajveer saying, Shanaya thinks her plan worked as Shaurya finally came after her. Shanaya says there was nothing when Shaurya explains that something would have surely happened. Shanaya explains Rajveer got really emotional and was saying how she must not befriend him and look at him, she tries to leave but he stops her holding her hand asking if she thinks he is a bad boy. Shanaya coming mentions she does not know, Shaurya agrees he is bad for whom he considers bad but she seems good to him so he would only stay good with her, Shanaya says she likes it when he says he likes her, Shanaya says she does not care what problem Rajveer has with him but she might like him or maybe not, Shanaya exclaims they both must try to know each other better and leaves. Shaurya once again goes to the balcony thinking he can waste a lot of time to take his revenge from Rajveer otherwise they both are not his type, he is furious.

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