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Preeta tells they felt very nice after going to the mandir, Preeta says she even felt even more by going with Shristhi so they both would go tomorrow, Shristhi asks if ten in the morning would be good, Shristhi explains the only worst thing that happened was they met that Nidhi, Preeta asks why is she focusing on the bad things as they must be worried about the good things, Nidhi standing on the door thinks they both are calling her evil which is not right, she thinks they should keep talking but wonders why are they not talking about the private matters. Nidhi accidentally drops her phone which shocks both Preeta and Shristhi, Nidhi quietly picks her mobile when she is shocked to realize both Preeta and Shristhi are string at her, Shristhi starts calling her evil and bad things, Nidhi keeps arguing with her when Preeta questions hy is Nidhi standing in their house ruining their time, Nidhi says she was just walking by and saw this cheap house, Preeta replies every house is auspicious Shristhi threatens to go to the Luthra Mansion and make sure Nidhi exists from that Mansion, Preeta also agrees to go right now and explain to them how Nidhi is actually like since her behavior is not good at all. Nidhi leaves saying why did she even come to talk with them, Preeta agrees with Shristhi saying that they are very bad people, Shristhi thinks she knows the reason Nidhi came here, she vows to teach her a lesson tomorrow.

Mahesh is on the call explaining he will not be able to have the meeting tomorrow since he has an appointment with his mother, Rajveer keeps staring at him when Mahesh asks the reason, Rajveer says he cannot understand if Mahesh has given an appointment with his mother, Mahesh smiles saying he cannot say it to everyone, but explains tomorrow he is going to be scolded so his mood would be ruined so he will not come to the office, Rajveer is not able to understand when he accidently drops the files which Rajveer picks up, Mahesh says that he should keep them with him and bring back tomorrow, Mahesh says he is talking personal things, so explains tomorrow his reports would come and he has diabetes so is sure that he will be scolded after which would not be able to come to the office. Mahesh once again gets the call from Juneja, who asks for the contract when Mahesh agrees so he starts checking the files but is not able to find them, he then tries to call Rajveer but he is not answering his c all. Mahesh sees Shaurya so asks him to go and bring the file from Rajveer, Shaurya says he can make a call but hearing this Mahesh says that he is not answering the call so asks Shaurya to follow Rajveer if he has to and bring the file.

Palki and Shanaya get out of the auto when Rajveer also comes with the bike, Palki asks if he is coming from the office and then Rajveer is talking when Shaurya also comes demanding that Rajveer should give the file that he brought, Rajveer says that Mahesh sir gave him those files which he would not give to Shaurya. Palki asks Rajveer to come aside, meanwhile Shanaya greets Shaurya informing him that she is the sister of Palki. Palki asks Rajveer why does he keep arguing with Shaurya when he knows how he is like, Rajveer is texting and explains he will now give the file since he is sure that Mahesh sir sent him, Rajveer gives Shaurya the files of Juneja advising he should give it to Mahesh sir.

Palki asks Rajveer to go and rest when Shanaya asks Palki if Rajveer works for Shaurya, Palki says that they both work for the Luthra industries when Shanaya asks if Palki loves Rajveer, she says that she does not love him. Shanaya thinks that she cannot understand the relations between their house and the Luthra’s, she thinks she desires to get marred to Shaurya and become the daughter in law of the Luthra mansion.

Palki enters the house greeting Daljeet when she offers to help her but Daljeet demands that she should make tea for her, Shanaya entering the house asks why idd Palki not tell her that Shaurya and Rajveer work together, Palki says that Shanaya has just come today and not even talked about them both, she leaves informing she does not want to tak of Shaurya.

Shanaya asks Daljeet why did Palki get furious hearing the name of Shaurya, Daljeet says that Shaurya trapped palki in the stealing case, Shanaya is not able to understand it and demands that Daljeet should reveal the entire situation about whatever happened but Daljeet is very busy so says she would tell her about it later, Shanaya insists so Daljeet is forced to tell everything and even asks Shanaya to be aware.

Arohi explains Nidhi does not have any chance even when she knows that Nidhi is not scared of anyone normal but Preeta is not a normal girl and the one who can ruin Nidhi, and has defeated her a lot o times. Nidhi warns Arohi to not twist these things, Arohi explains Nidhi would only be relived when Preeta dies as only then she would get back her life, Arohi asks Nidhi to think that with the death of Preeta all of her problems would be solved. Nidhi completely agrees with Arohi, saying she heard them both saying that they are going to go to Mandir tomorrow, Arohi explains that Nidhi should send her back to the house of Bhagwan when she comes out of it after performing the pooja, saying this time she must do it completely without any mistake

Daljeet is socked to see Shanaya so scolds her questioning why is she awake, Shanaya asks why is she talking because she is not able to sleep, Daljeet asks if Shanaya is getting married and ahs the photo of the boy, Shanaya explains she was not able to think of anything every since she came from the Luthra house, Daljeet says then Shanaya should keep thinking and not fly with her dreams, Shanaya informs even a Pandit jee said that she will get married to a very rich person, Daljeet asks her to also take her when she gets married, Shanaya mentions this is why she is asking Daljeet to help her get married to Shaurya, Daljeet scolds her questioning why did she take her name, Shanaya explains they must forgive the wealthy boys since they tend to make such mistakes, so she should only help her. Daljeet says no once can help her better then her because he was also beautiful and would trap everyone easily, Daljeet advises Shanaya to wear clothes that show her figure hearing which Shanaya starts laughing.

Rishab opens the door greeting Bani Dadi along with karan, he says he came to meet her when Bani Dadi explains she has two Grandsons but they never take care of her, she asks why are they staring at her like she is an old patient, karan teases her so Bani Dadi says wants them to take her outside as she needs to enjoy herself and even sing, Rishab says that she is hurt and if they take her outside then the doctor would scold him. Bani Dadi says she would go to the world tour by herself, Bani Dadi says that Palki cares for her a lot better then them both, Rishab says that she forgot her own Grandson after the new doctor, Bani Dadi says she considers Palki as her daughter, she asks Rishab if he remembers when he was taking her to the hospital all those years ago but she was not interested and then he suggested to bring a doctor for her in the house but she still refused however he hired Preeta, she would first get very angry with her but then after a while realized that Preeta is capable of taking care of not only her but this entire house, she has finally found someone who will once again take care of her. Karan says Preeta cured the illness of Bani Dadi but ruined everything for him, he is very sad.

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