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Bani Dadi says she has felt she finally met someone who will end the pain from her feet and by this she does not mean not only her but this entire family, Karan says that she has given him immense pain, he explains she used to tease him lot and now that she has left he feels there is a very strange void in his life, he desires that Preeta should return to this house and his life. Bani Dadi says she has not gone anywhere but still in their hearts and memories, explaining they all start smiling after hearing her name. Rishab says the basic law of Newton is that the thing which goes up surely comes down, Rishab says he used to tell Karan and Preeta to not fight but now that she is not here the fighting has also ended, Rishab explains they all can see the feeling Karan has for Preeta and when he smiles they all feel nice, Rishab says Preeta je is still in their memory and so explains that Bani Dadi is also start smiling. She asks if Karan remembers how much they both would hate Preeta and would think of ways to send her out of this house, Bani Dadi says that she would accept being on a wheelchair but just that Preeta should be sent back to this house, Rishab ask Bani Dadi if Bhagwan would accept if she prays like this. Karan promises to bring back Preeta to this house, he asks if Bani Dadi desires it when she says she does want her to come back to this house.

Preeta is thinking of something when Shristhi comes to the room so she asks why is Preeta so tensed, she does not say anything. Shristhi sits down so Preeta asks what relation does she have with Karan Luthra, she informs that she usually thinks about Karan Luthra and so tries to divert her attention because of which she took out this entire wardrobe but is still thinking of him. Shristhi thinks because he is her husband so they both have a connection. Preeta explains she has a severe headache while constantly thinking about Karan Luthra, Preeta says that she feels something strange as she keeps hearing certain voices, Shristhi asks the reason when Preeta says she feels Karan Luthra is calling her, by her name. Preeta covers her ears, Shristhi thinks this is the voice of her past which keeps forcing her to remember it, Shristhi asks why is Preeta thinking about it, informing when they keep thinking of someone so they even come in their dreams, Shristhi suggests Preeta should not think of him as then she would not even get the dreams. Preeta says that she would have one it if it was so easy, Shristhi says she can give her some new worries, Preeta gets angry saying Shristhi just needs the time to make fun of her, Shristhi explains Preeta must think of her since if she keeps thinking about her then would not be worried of anything else, Preeta says Shristhi just wants everyone t think about her so this is what would happen.

Palki is quickly making the dinner when Mr Khurana enters the house so Daljeet asks if he dropped her off, he says he even helped her sit on the train and she said she would call after reaching the hostel. Shanaya cmes sitting with Daljeet, saying why is Palki like this as she was boasting so much about herself but her sister Palki was dressed in such simple clothes when they met to the Luthra house, Palki says that the patient of which the doctor was talking about is the Dadi of Shaurya and Kavya, Shanaya explains Palki has forgot to tell her that she is the designer of the dresses of Kavya, Shanaya explains she even feels like completely changing the look of Palki, she gets furious hearing it and asks why is Kavya talking to her in this manner since she is her elder sister, Shanaya however is not moved but Daljeet says that Shanaya is a fashion designer and will change her look from the Retro style, Palki turns to her father who refuses to come between them, Palki says she has a condition if Shanaya wants to do her makeover, Shanaya asks it when Palki says She would have to come with her to the Mandir, Shanaya agrees to d ti so Palki is shocked, Shanaya pulls her to the dinner table.

In the morning Rishab is wiping his eyes from the saree of Rakhi saying they would see what happens, Mahesh and Kavya comes asking where are they going, Rishab says they will nto tell anything, Mahesh mentions Rakhi jee is eager to tell them so should speak the truth, Rishab warns him to not play such games with his mother. Karan comes asking what is going on, Kavya says that Dadu is not telling them where they are going, karan says he knows where they are going revealing they are going to bring a gift for Kavya, because she has risked her own respect to reveal the truth. Rakhi says she knows the truth, Karan ask if there is anything which he does not know. Rishab questions why is he talking like a women and must leave it, karan asks Rishab to even bring a gift from his side. Kavay says it is wrong and he should bring a gift by himself. Karan sees Shaurya so asks why is he standing in the balcony when he says he was not with Nidhi mom but just standing here. Mahesh goes to hug Shaurya saying he has never said it to him and does not know even if anyone has said it but he is very proud of Shaurya, seeing which he gets excited and feels glad, Mahesh says he is glad with the way Shaurya is working in the company, Shaurya says he has called some of his friends in the house as he cannot go outside, Mahesh goes to karan questioning why does he always keep scolding Shaurya.

Nidhi thinks of what has happened and how Rakhi scolded her for wrongly raising Shaurya while she even was threatened by Preeta and Nidhi, she thinks that she cannot be scared of anyone and would remain like she was in the past.

Mr Khurana akss Daljeet to quickly bring the breakfast, she says she is not resting but cooking the food, Daljeet says that Palki used to help her but is now busy with Shanaya who is doing her makeover. Daljeet keeps arguing wit Mr Khurana who explains she must not talk about her daughters with him, Shanaya comes out in excitement and then says they must just wait for Palki. Daljeet asks if Shanaya has made Palki wear the small skirts when Shanaya explains they know that Palki is not like that but she has just given her some of the dressing sense Shanaya asks Palki to come out and she comes out so Daljeet is not able to take her eyes of her, Daljeet explains that Shanaya has really changed the look of Palki who is now looking like the daughter of Daljeet, she says that she would get her married in a very big family. Mr Khurana and Palki both look at Daljeet when she asks the reason but they refuse, Daljeet says that Palki seems like a piece of moon who would stay in the big houses, Shanaya says that she is the one who has done it so Daljeet is forgetting something, Palki hugs Shanaya saying she has done the best for her but forgot about her promise so she will come with her to the Mandir, Shanaya says she has to do some work in her room but Palki forcefully takes her to the Mandir.

Karan is working in the house when Rishab comes asking what is he doing here, Rishab says Karan even goes to the office on Sundays and has made the days his siblings, Karan asks Rishab to not talk like babies, Karan says that when they were children they would not like to go to school, and would wait for Sunday, Karan then throws a file to Rishab who catches it, he explains he is the brother of a cricket so would know how to catch. Karan says they both have the same fate when it comes to their love since Rishab did not get his true love while he is still searching for his love and does not know where it is, Karan gets emotional while Rishab is also tensed.

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