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Rishab places the file on the table asking if he can ask a question from karan, he says that Karan talks a lot of good things about Preeta ji today which seems very nice to see.

Preeta brings out the tea calling Rajveer, Shristhi coming says that Preeta di is very good when she says that she has made it for Rajveer, Shristhi says it has been a long time since she drank the ginger tea for her but Preeta says that Shristhi must first come with her to the Mandir as she said that they would go at 10 am. Shristhi says she would only leave after having tea so goes to prepare it in the kitchen, Preeta also goes to pack the lunch box of Rajveer meanwhile he comes to sit on the table and thanks mom, both Preeta and Shristhi say welcome after which they all start smiling.

Karan tells Rishab that he was very angry with Preeta that she left him but there is nothing of the sort so now it feels good to talk about her, Rishab says they feel nice when he smiles. He asks if Karan talked to Rajveer when karan says Rishab made him remind so he had to call him, Rajveer leaves saying he is going to take a shower.

Preeta picks the phone from the table while Shristhi who is calling, Preeta replies it is the call from Kavya. Rishab notices the pink phone cover, he smiles asking Karan what is up with this so karan is also shocked to see it, Preeta then answers the call meanwhile Karan ends the call, Karan says he picked the phone of Kavya and is calling Rajveer with her number, he says he is her father so can call anyone but exclaims she is very irresponsible as there is no password in the phone. Rishab says he should tell Kavya this, Karan once again calls Rajveer, Shristhi picks the phone thinking she will also greet him, Karan is shocked hearing her voice, Shristhi realizes it seems the voice of Karan so quickly hands the phone to Rajveer. Preeta explains that she also wanted to talk to Kavya, Shristhi says it is the boss of Rajveer who wanted to talk with him. Karan asks Rajveer who was the one before him who said hello on the phone, Rajveer says Mr Luthra is mistaken and so karan asks him to come to the house.

Shaurya enters the room of Kavya asking if she revealed the entire truth about him to everyone, Kavya says she has not done anything of the sort but can do it anytime, Shaurya questions why is he so furious and must calm down. Shaurya questions if she is threatening him when Kavya says she just wants to explain that he should be grateful that she did not reveal the truth, including Palki who knows it all but kept quiet on her request and even Rajveer who ended the investigation. Shaurya angrily leaves asking why is Kavya taking the side of everyone else.

Shaurya enters the room of Nidhi asking how long is this going to go on since she said she would do something bi but has not done anything till now and when Nidhi says she is not like the rest of the family member and will surely take action if she said she would do it, she assures she will do it right now.

Palki is forcing Shanaya to come with her to the Mandir but Shanaya says she cannot do anything by force and said to her that she really believes in Bhagwan but would not do this pooja, Palki threatens to slap her if she does anything of the sort, Shanaya says she is scared of the love even if it is from someone or Bhagwan. Palki says she only agreed to have this makeover if Shanaya comes with her to the mandir, Shanaya says she said it causally but did not mean it, Palki pulls Shanaya saying she will have to fulfill her promise. Preeta and Shristhi are coming from the Mandir when they are shocked to see Palki, Preeta says she is looking very beautiful, Shanaya says the credit of this goes to her as she is the sister, Shristhi also praises Palki for looking so beautiful, Preeta asks why does Palki seem so angry with Shanaya so is forcing her, Palki says that she is forcing Shanaya to come with her to the mandir, Shanaya however replies that Palki is forcing her to perform the pooja, Shanaya keeps complaining. Palki says Shanaya promised her but she says she lied, Shristhi tells Preeta that Shanaya is very mischievous when Preeta says she is just like her. Shristhi leaves with Preeta explaining there is no need to compare her with anyone since she is just a single person. Nidhi is sitting in the car when Shristhi goes to stop the auto, Nidhi gets a call from Arohi who asks if she knows what she must do, Nidhi replies that she has come to end the chapter of Preeta from her life, Nidhi starts driving the car towards Preeta who is not paying attention, Shristhi notices the car coming so pulls Preeta before she can be hit by the car, Shristhi keeps yelling at the driver asking how can they drive like it, Shristhi goes to Preeta asking if she is fine when Preeta says her hand was just scratched, she stops an auto asking Preeta to come with her.

Shristhi demands Preeta should show her the injury, she is shocked seeing that it has gotten red when Preeta says they tend to get such small injuries, Shristhi wonders why is she feeling someone did it purposefully, Preeta says who would do it purposefully as she does not know anyone, Shristhi says there are surely some people, Shristhi thinks if it is the work of Nidhi who is doing this. Preeta says that she does not know anyone, it is Mumbai the city of accidents and so there is nothing to be worried about, Shristhi says she has decided something that she will accompany Preeta wherever she goes, Preeta asks if she has gotten mad saying she is not a child and knows how to protect herself from a car. Shristhi explains she feels likes slapping people who try to harm her, saying that she has suffered problems ever since she came to Mumbai as even Rajveer is busy at his work. Preeta asks Shristhi to not be worried since she does not have any enemies in Mumbai and she does not remember anything from the last time when she used to live here, Shristhi says she is very worried thinking someone wants to harm her, Preeta agrees asking her to not be worried as she is not even injured. Shristhi recalls when she vowed to stand everyone who is against her sister, and she broke all of her relations from the Luthra family. Shristhi recalls when Nidhi said she not only raised Kavya but also Shaurya, Shristhi gets worried.

Garesh goes to open the door when Palki and Shanaya both enter the house greeting him, Palki asks about Bani Dadi who says she is in her room, Shanaya asks about the coffee when Garesh says that it is for Kavya, Shanaya says she will herself take the coffee to the room of Kavya. Palki gets worried when Shanaya leaves, she goes to check on Bani dadi.

Sandy is requesting Shaurya to give him his car when Shaurya asks why does Sandy not take his own car, Sandy replies he did not bring his own car and so Shaurya is forced to give his car, he demands that there should not be even a single scratch on his car.

Sandy while walks sees Shanaya so greets her, she angrily replies she does not talk with anyone since her time is also precious, she walks away when Sandy says she did not even give a proper reply. Shanaya hears the voice of girls, she sees Shaurya standing with two girls, who are very beautiful, Shanaya says their dresses are very expensive which she cannot even wear, she wonders if they are his girlfriends so thinks she would have very tough competition. Shaurya notices her so asks what does she want, she says there is no reason when he asks her to send Garesh, Shanaya angrily thinks that Shaurya is very rude and thinks of her like a normal maid so would not send him she thinks she would have to find a way to reach the heart of Shaurya.

Palki greets Bani Dadi asking how is she feeling, Bani Dadi says it is better but not healed, Palki removes the bandage thinking that she feels it is fine, Palki places the pillow under the feet of Bani Dadi before leaving to bring some warm water for her feet.

The detective is standing at the entrance of the Luthra Mansion, Nidhi walks past him when he greets her saying he can do what she desires to accomplish, Nidhi asks what is he talking about when he says he meant what she was trying to do in front of the Mandir, Nidhi denies anything however he says he can prove that she is trying to kill the women whom Mr Luthra wants him to find, meaning Preeta hearing which Nidhi gets shocked.

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