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The detective warns he can prove Nidhi was trying to kill the women in the morning who Mr Karan wants to be found, Nidhi gets worried when he assures there is no reason to be worried since he has just come here for the sake of money as everyone needs to fulfill their desires, he says he has realized one thing that Mr karan wants to get Preeta found so Nidhi asks if Karan is trying to find her, the detective says that he would not tell Karan however is going to take five time more then her, Nidhi asks how much is Karan paying him, the detective says he is getting one million when Nidhi assures she will give him five million but after hearing it the detective leaves.

Preeta is sitting in the room when Gurpreet comes asking what has happened on her arm, Preeta says that she just got hurt near the Mandir when a car drove past them but she says this is not that big of a deal however her sister Shristhi said that she would apply the bandage just like a doctor, Gurpreet mentions ever since Preeta came here something bad is happening with her so should they arrange a pooja in the house to end all the problems, Preeta gets worried when Gurpreet asks the reason, Preeta says she is feeling very tensed and not able to understand her own feelings as Shristhi also said this and now Gurpreet is saying it, hearing this Gurpreet asks Preeta to calm down and explain what she is feeling, Preeta says she does not know about herself but Shristhi is saying that someone might be trying to harm her, Gurpreet says Shristhi might be telling the truth, Preeta says she always talks about her feelings with Gurpreet so explains she feels she has a very close relation with someone in this city, there might also be an enemy of her but she thinks that she has not done anything wrong however Shristhi also does not say anything when she knows Shristhi knows the entire truth however she does not reveal the secret and keeps it hidden, Gurpreet thinks Shristhi is hiding the truth about Luthra family but her should and mind keeps thinking of it, Gurpreet asks her to calm down while she will make something for her, Preeta says she has already eaten something but if Gurpreet di wants to make something then should prepare a tea for her so Gurpreet leaves.

Karan exclaims his work has ended when Rishab says he should do it as he has even brought his coffee, Rishab says that karan has even called Rajveer so Karan says there are some pending work left, Rishab asks what sort of work is pending because of which he has even called Rajveer. Nilesh comes with Garesh when Rishab asks if he should leave but Karan says that he has called the detective here to find Preeta and so Nilesh sits down mentioning he can surely find something about her very soon but Karan says he needs the information right now as his daughters is getting married and he wants Preeta to perform the ritual. Nidhi gets shocked hearing it, Rishab does not understand what she is doing when Nidhi replies she also came to tell that Rajveer has arrived like Garesh hearing this Rishab replies two people came to say the same thing, Karan and Rishab leave when Nilesh tells Nidhi how he told the truth. Nidhi exclaims they should try and find her but would only keep searching for Preeta.

Palki is walking down the stairs when she sees Rajveer so calls to greet him, Rajveer turning back is left amazed and lost in her thoughts, because of which he cannot utter even a single word. Palki walks close to him when he also starts walking towards her, she keeps noticing how he is staring at her, she does not say anything and keeps standing in front of him, Palki then looks at Rajveer once again who is lost in her feelings, she keeps noticing so signals him but then drops her bottle, they both kneel down to pick it when they accidentally touch each other, Rajveer then picks the bottle for her so they both stand up, he hands Palki the bottle when she thanks him. Rajveer says these clothes do not belong to her hearing which she starts smiling, he is about to explain but then apologizes, she asks what is the need to say sorry, Palki says he was asking that these clothes do not belong to her but her stupid sister feels that she is a miser and saves her entire salary so this is why she did this makeover however and brought such weird clothes, Rajveer says that her sister is not stupid, Palki says Rajveer does not have to say everything as she can understand what is in his heart, he asks then she should tell him, Palki says he would be thinking she is looking very weird and tries to walk away but Rajveer stops her from behind saying she is looking very beautiful, so Palki turns to walk towards him. Rajveer says she would look beautiful even before but is looking more pretty and it is all because of her smile and simplicity, Palki leaves smiling while Rajveer is tensed.

Kavya is not able to select the dresses in her room when Shanaya greets her so Kavya says she is not able to select any dress, Shanaya asks her to drn the coffee and then starts selecting on the dress so Kavya leaves with one of the dress, Shanaya thinks that all the dresses are beautiful and if she wears it then would be even beautiful, Shanaya also tries it but then gets startled when Kavya comes out so makes an excuse saying that she was just checking the fabric, Kavya says she can borrow it but Shanaya replies she is a fashion designer, Karina comes mentioning that the choreographer has come, Kavya says even Shanaya will dance with her so they both leave.

Preeta is sleeping while sitting on her bed, she is constantly thinking about her time spent with Karan Luthra and so wakes up from it, she is shocked to see him entering the room and is not eve able to move a bit when he comes to sit in front of her on the bed, Karan only keeps staring at her eyes while she is startled, so asks what is he doing here. Karan replies asking what is she doing here, Preeta says that she loves here when Karan touches her hand but just keeps smiling looking at Preeta seeing which she is confused, Preeta asks who is he, karan questions if she does not recognize him when Preeta says she knows him but has no relation, Karan once again smiles and holding the hand of Preeta he places it on his chest when she does not know the meaning of it all, he asks if she can feel his heartbeat. Preeta replies she can indeed feel them and so remembers a moment from her past when she was with Karan, Preeta cannot end the memories when the wind starts blowing causing the photo frame to fall down because of which Preeta hugs Karan, she is not able to leave him and even he starts smiling.

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