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Preeta is still holding the and of Karan when the photo frame so she starts panicking and in that moment hugs Karan but then Gurpreet comes waking Preeta who is asleep, she gets shocked so Gurpreet asks if she is fine, Preeta is panicking and questions why does he come in her dreams, Gurpreet asks who is she taking about, Preeta replies she is talking of Karan Luthra hearing which Gurpreet is tensed, Preeta wonders why does he come in her dreams, Gurpreet says she had brought tea but first Preeta must drink water, Preeta thinks there is surely some connection as he comes in her dreams even when she does not know him,, Gurpreet says it happens as when they are the fans of someone they come in their dreams, Gurpreet says that she is a very big fan of Karan Luthra so dreams about him with open eyes, Preeta says it is not like that as she is not the fan of any cricketer and she did not know him even before coming to Mumbai and only met him once but how can it happen that he comes in her dreams, she gets tensed. Gurpreet asks her to calm down and forget everything while only focusing on the tea which she desired.

Rajveer is sitting when Rishab comes greeting Neo, Karan also asks him when Neo says that he has also brought his assistant Ayesha, Karan advises Garesh to make sure that he doesnot have any problems.

Rajveer tries to stand up but is stopped by karan when he asks if Rajveer knows about the Juneja file regarding the project in Lonavla, Rishab replies that Rajveer would not have even joined the business since he was a teenager at that time, Rajveer replies the same project in which they had acquired a four story building and the close properties but someone built a local restaurant around it. Karan smiles turning to Rishab and says this is why he hired Rajveer because he has the ability to run a business and he is sure that Rajveer would reach new heights.

Kaya comes with Shanaya to greet Reo, Shanaya gets excited to see him and asks if he is the same person who teaches dance to the super stars, she praises him for being the star choreographer and so request if she can have a selfie with him. Kavya goes to sit with Rajveer mentioning he would have to give a dance performance, Kavya does not let him refuse, Shanaya says that she is calling him bhai but he is still refusing, Karina also explains Rajveer would have to perform at the function of Kavya. Garesh coming explains he also wants to learn dance from Reo, kavya agrees mentioning everyone would have to give a performance, Karan asks Rajveer to come with him to the study, Rishab also leaves with them saying Kavya should learn the dance.

Nilesh is sitting in his car thinking he has a very bad habit of reaching every place at the right time and so is waiting for Shambu, he knocks on the door of the car when Nilesh says if he has called him then it would mean someone is going to lose their life, Nilesh shows the photo of Preeta informing she has to die by tomorrow morning

Reo is teaching dance in the hall of the Luthra Mansion when Palki also comes and so Kavya pulls her to dance with them, Shaurya comes with his friend Sandy and asks if he feels that Palki is looking a bit weird when Sandy says he feels she is looking a bit more beautiful, then the girls ask if he noticed her but Shaurya says he just saw her, he says that the girl who became miss Mumbai got the title because of her wealth. Shaurya asks Reo if he has brought the song for him but Reo apologizes when Sandy says he has the song in his house and would go to bring it, he asks Shaurya for his car leaving at the exact moment when Shaurya also tries to leave but Karina stops her when he seeing Rajveer questions why is everyone present in their house, Karina requests him to not be worried and calm down since the environment is very lively, Shaurya agrees to sit down when he also starts looking at Palki, Shanaya is just looking at him and then realizes that both Rajveer and Shaurya are looking at the same girl, then Shaurya leaves saying he would come after a while as he has some important work.

Nidhi is anxiously waiting for them when Nilesh comes with Shambu and she asks if he can do the work, Shambu mentions that he knows she would be present in the market behind the Mandir and so he would ask her to also come in the morning if she has the time, Nidhi agrees saying they should go to complete their work.

Sandy is in his room when Shaurya calls him demanding the keys to his car, Sandy gets worried thinking how would he tell that he has scratched his car, he sees the Oreo in the room and then scans a QR code so finding a way in which he can tell he has scratched the car, Shaurya enters the room asking the keys to his car when Sandy hands him the phone so he listens to the audio and then clams down saying that Sandy should get it fixed otherwise he will tell it to his father, Sandy agrees when Shaurya leaves saying Sandy must call and arranges for a car

Reo is still teaching dance to everyone when Palki comes with Bani Dadi who says that he should also teach her how to dance, Reo asks if Dadi can dance since she does not healthy. Palki says that Reo must not worry as she would make sure Dadi gets healthy till the wedding and then she would also dance, Bani Dadi says that she has made a deal with Palki that she would do the exercise and even drink the soup, the girls asks Rajveer if he would like to dance with them, Kavya also goes to Rajveer saying that Reo should search a song that fits the personality of Rajveer after which he would dance on it. Karina calls Garesh when Shanaya asks what has happened, she says she forgot her phone in the room so Shanaya says she would bring it for her, Karina praises Shanaya.

Shanaya is walking with the phone when Nidhi stops her questioning what is she doing here, Shanaya relies she came to bring the mobile of Karina, Nidhi gets furious but Shanaya replies she is not interested in talking to Nidhi, hearing this she asks if the parents of Shanaya did not teach her anything, Shanaya replies had they taught anything she would be a doctor but she has learned everything by her own self, she leaves saying she would come back after giving the phone to Karina, Nidhi thinks she can use her against Palki so would have to befriend her.

The entire Luthra family is busy selecting a song, the girls go to Rajveer to try and befirend him but he gets startled saying he has to go and select a song however they donot let him, Palki notices that he is getting uncomfortable so goes to mention she has to talk with him, she says he can thank her for protecting him from all the girls but he says he is never scared but just reserved, Palki smiles back at Rajveer.

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