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Karan getting shocked asks about Shristhi, Rakhi replies she heard it from her own ears that Garesh said he has brought water for her when Karan asks Garesh what is mom saying that Shristhi came to this house, Rakhi asks him to sneeze once again when he replies that he cannot sneeze all the time and it does not happen again, he asks Rajveer to sneeze so he mimics it, Karan says that it is very strange telling Garesh has been working here for so many years and he never sneezed with a name, Rajveer says it will never happen again since this is the first and last time, Rakhi asks Garesh what is he talking about since she cannot understand it, Shristhi manages to run out of the Luthra Mansion when Rajveer says that he has just gotten flu and should take the medicine Rakhi says he has not sneezed so Garesh leaves after sneezing, karan tells Rakhi he did not take the name of Shristhi.

Shanaya walking thinks who said that the way to the heart of boys is from their stomach as there is one other way which is jealousy, Shaurya comes asking Shanaya why did Rajveer get so upset when he was showing her the dupatta, Shanaya says he is a very nice boy who is interested in her or rather obsessed with her, Shaurya asks what are her feelings for him when she leaves saying he should find them out by himself before walking away, Shaurya gets a bit tensed.

Preeta is sitting on her bed when Shristhi comes, she tries to leave saying she will drink water but Preeta stops her asking if the doubt was cleared since she said she will tell her once it clears, Shristhi thinks how can she tell her sister since her doubt is not proven even when she is almost sure Nidhi was behind everything but she cannot tell anything to her sister, Preeta ask Shristhi to tell the truth when Shristhi replies how can she tell the truth and Preeta di must give her some time to find the truth as she is a detective, Shristhi leaves when Preeta thinks Shristhi s is surely hiding the truth from her because she is sure Shristhi knows the person but is not telling her, she thinks Shristhi might be feeling she will get stressed or some other reason, she knows Shristhi is hiding a lot of things from her which she does not know about and wonders why did Shristhi change so much.

Shanaya is walking in the balcony when she notices Shaurya following her so starts staring at Rajveer, Sandy comes to stand beside Shaurya when Shanaya leaves after a while, Sandy tells that Shaurya had a standard but has changed as Shanaya is not of his caliber, Shaurya replies he knows it but Rajveer is mad for Shanaya and so he knows it will be very painful for Rajveer if he interferes in the maters relating to Shanaya, Sandy asks if Shaurya would date her when Shaurya says they sometimes have to dirty their own hands.

Shanaya walking waves at Rajveer who also waves back, Karan notices them waving and then explains something is going on, Rajveer looking at Palki suddenly replies there is nothing going on, Palki angrily walks away when Rajveer is not able to take his eyes off her, Karan starts smiling witnessing it. Palki is furious when Karan also notices Shaurya staring Shanaya, he wonders what is going on as they all are looking at each other. Shanaya goes to Rajveer asking if he would drop her back home, he agrees but hearing this Palki leaves furiously when Rajveer vows to drop them both, Shaurya says that he will drop them both since they both are also going to the same location as they have a match. Rajveer follows Shanaya when karan thinks that there was time when they would play the game of love but now is going to sit down and is smiling.

Nidhi angrily enters her room when Arohi gets worried, Nidhi explains there is just one problem in her life which is Preeta but Shristhi came to fight with her but was hiding from everyone in the house and if she had met anyone else from the Luthra family then she would be thrown out from this house. Arohi is glad they both are not coming back to this house, Nidhi thinks that they will surely come back because she has done a lot to get rid of Preeta, she first hired to cause the accident and then even the detective ran away after which she herself tried to give her the injection, but everything failed as she does not die. Nidhi is not able to understand how she must get rid of Preeta because if she comes here then her entire life would end. Arohi thinks mentioning she knows someone who can get rid of Preeta once and for all, she explains Nidhi should find some other way. Arohi says she knows a snake controller who can handle this situation, Nidhi realizes it and then calms down.

Shanaya calls Garesh in the kitchen but no one is here, she wonders where did Garesh went to and wonders why is she calling him Garesh uncle as he is a servant, she thinks she will teach him how he should come at the same time when he is called, Shanaya thinks her mother in law has given all the servants very free hand but realizes Nidhi is herself very strict while this is all happening because of Rakhi Luthra however she explains she will correct everything when she gets married. Palki comes with the dishes when Shanaya asks if she lied to them in the house that she s a doctor, Shanaya says she has never seen a doctor doing such things when Palki explains she does it because she loves them a lot. Palki asks what did Shanaya want when she demands some water, Palki asks if she cannot take it by herself so Shanaya once again demands it when Palki asks if something is going on between her and Rajveer, Shanaya first refuses but then seeing Shaurya explains that she really likes him since he is a very nice person who takes care of her and remains around her, Palki says this is the nature of Rajveer when Shanaya replies he does not care for her since he got ready when she asked him to drop her at the Luthra Mansion, she asks Palki to not ask her any further question and leaves when she asks Shaurya what is he doing outside the kitchen, Shaurya keeps staring at Palki who also leaves.

Karan tells Rajveer that he is a very clever person but Rajveer is not able to understand it when Karan says that the younger generation has done a lot in such less time. Karan keeps irritating Rajveer when Rakhi comes questioning why is he irritating Rajveer. Karan says that he is really missing Rishab who is not present here because he would tease Rishab a lot and even enjoy it but now has found Rajveer. Rakhi says it is very bad when Rajveer says he feels that even Karan Luthra is not so innocent, karan asks who has he irritated when Rakhi says he must ask her since Karan irritates everyone and causes a lot of problem. Karan replies this is very wrong behavior on part of Rakhi mom since she immediately switch her sides, Rakhi replies she also stands by those whom she loves and cares about, Rajveer thinks he has understood one thing that Badi Mom would have surely loved his mother a lot.

Kavya comes telling karan that she wants to go out for shopping, Karan immediately stops her saying that the weather is not good so she is going to stay in the house while he will instruct the driver, Kavya replies tomorrow is Raksha Bandhan and she needs to purchase Rakhi, Kavya and Karan both are arguing when Kavya says that she will bring just one Rakhi. Shaurya comes asking if they are ready, Sandy comes telling he is leaving with Rocky but Shaurya says that he just told Sandy they have to go together. Shanaya says she wants to go with Rajveer as she likes bike rides, Rajveer suggests that Shaurya should take Kavya for shopping while he will drop Palki and Shanaya.

Karan agrees with Rajveer but gets a call from Kritika, who tells karan that she wants a very expensive gift from him when karan says she can go and purchase anything that she likes, Kritika replies it is Raksha Bandhan and she wants him to fulfill some responsibilities, Karan says is it Rakhi or some loot, hearing this Rakhi gets furious and takes the phone from karan, she greets Kritika who explains her exhibition is going very well and she is coming back tomorrow, she tells that Rakhi aunt should also tell Rishab bhai how she wants an expensive gift from him as well, Rakhi assures her Karan and Arjun would bring special gifts for her, she ends the call. Karan agrees with the plan of Rajveer so instructs Shaurya to take Kavya while Rajveer will drop both Palki and Shanaya, he is not bothered with where Sandy plans to go, he sends everyone away when karan tells Rajveer that tomorrow the office is going to be closed so Rajveer should come to the Luthra Mansion on time.

Mohit is coming out of the kitchen when he is shocked seeing Rajveer so questions why is he awake, but Rajveer walks away when Mohit asks if there is something wrong, Rajveer replies he will tell if there is anything wrong when Mohit is sure that there is something wrong. Rajveer asks Mohit what is tomorrow when Mohit gets excited saying they will celebrate the birthday of Preeta je tomorrow but Rajveer replies it is not her birthday, Mohit then says that he is very glad about the birthday of Rajveer tomorrow, he says he is not in the mood of making fun. Rajveer says that Mohit should at least listen to him if he wants to know about the problem. Rajveer says he has never allowed anyone to tie Rakhi on his hand even when the sisters of his friends but he believed he will only celebrate this event when he has a sister, but now he knows Kavya is his sister but he cannot tell her the truth even when she is his biological sister so he would get upset after seeing her fulfil this ritual with Shaurya. Mohit asks if Rajveer about Kavya last year so should not be worried as he will celebrate the event with her next year and once she finds out he si her brother then everything would be fine, Mohit hugs Rajveer who starts smiling.

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