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Reo asks if the songs are final, Kavya comes forcing Rajveer to dance but he tries to refuse however Bani Dadi and Karina ask him to be more cheerful, Kavya also asks Palki to come as they all have to dance, the dance begins when Karina and Bani Dadi start enjoying it along with Rakhi, while they all are dancing and really impressed with the dance moves, Palki notices how the girls are only making the video of Rajveer so she comes between to prevent them from getting to close to him, the dance ends when Rakhi says she knew he would be very good dancer, Karina bua and Bani Dadi also praise him when he says he would leave to get some water, Rakhi instructs Garesh to bring some water when Rajveer says he can go by himself.

Rajveer rushes to the kitchen and picks out cold water from the fridge, Palki questions what is he dong when his aunt says that he does not drink cold water, Rajveer replies he has no idea where cold water is in this house, Palki pours normal water for him saying he should never drink cold water as he is not habitual of it and they say when those who do not prefer drinking cold water have it then they might get a cold, he must knew it is viral at this time so he would have to be admitted to the hospital, Palki keeps speaking when Rajveer just stares at her, she asks if he would accept her instructions, Rajveer questions what did she mean, she says she was asking if he will take her, Rajveer agrees when she says he has to take her tonight, Rajveer agrees when she asks him to go and sit with everyone else meanwhile she will make tea for them, Rajveer leaves smiling when Palki gets tensed wondering how did he accept her suggestion when he should be the first one to ask why she believes in ghost, she smiles thinking he would be really scared tonight.

Shaurya is walking with Sandy saying he has to even drop them both, Sandy replies the car has not come back till now , Shaurya says there is nothing to be worried about as they would take the car of his mom. Shanaya bumps into Shaurya who manages to catch her as she falls down, Shanaya is left amazed and notices how Shaurya is just smiling, she says he saved her but she must not hit him because he will let her fall and not protect her, Shaurya says it is a lesson for the next time and leaves, Shanaya thinks Shaurya is just full of attitude and she prefers his wealth, she thinks she will hit him again and he would save her, so after a while they will get in love and he will marry her no matter the consequence.

Rakhi asks Kavya when will Varun come, she replies he will not come and has said he will not even dance so there is no point for him to come. Bani Dadi also asks Palki where did she go, palki replies she went to make tea for everyone and has even made sugar free tea for her.

Shaurya walks down the stairs with Sandy when Reo asks if he is practicing, Shaurya hands Reo the songs, Shanaya comes asking why is no one dancing and says she will dance for them all, Kavya says she is sure Shanaya would be a very good dancer but she wants to see someone else dance and it is Palki, hearing this Palki refuses saying that she has come here to take care of Bani Dadi and would not dance, Kavya tries to say she is the bride so Palki must listen, she then goes to Rajveer requesting him to ask Palki to dance, Rajveer also says that Kavya is the bride so he feels Palki should listen, the girls say that Palki agreed just as Rajveer asked her, Palki tries to clarify saying she only listened to Kavya since she is the bride but they both do not believe her, Shanaya notices that Shaurya is still sharing at Palki so thinks she was right to suspect him.

Shaurya comes asking why is she so stubborn when Palki replies that she said yes so should she write it down, Shaurya pulls the hand of Palki so they both start dancing, Rajveer does not feel good seeing them both, Palki gets a bit irritated with the behavior of Shaurya, but is stunned when he pulls her in front of her, Rajveer is furious seeing them both but everyone else starts clapping for them.

Rakhi sees Karan so asks Reo to even make him dance but Karan says he has a very important meeting, he does not even listen to Karina bua. Reo says that he can dance just a few steps but he does not listen to Rep, Kavya says that it is wrong she is forcing everyone to dance for her to function, she finally convinces Karan who says how can he lie to her. Karan then starts the performance thinking of the girl as Preeta, he is completely focused on his dance performance as he keeps thinking that he is dancing with Preeta so even has a smile on his face during the dance, the entire Luthra family claps for Karan while the girl is amazed. Karina says that Karan is one of those people who try to show attitude whenever asked for dance but is amazing, Karina hugs Karan when Rakhi says that he is indeed a very good danger, Palki mentions she does not like to praise but he is indeed a very good dancer. Palki asks Bani Dadi if she can leave since she would come tomorrow morning for the morning walk, she asks Garesh to bring her bag, Shanaya says she does not want to leave right now but thinks Palki would surely take her. Karan immediately offers to drop them both at home, Palki tries to refuse but is forced to accept when Karan insists and he even asks Rajveer to come, Karan says he knows that Preeta leaves near Rajveer so he has to find her and feels he might see her.

Shristhi is cutting vegetables in the kitchen when Gurpreet asks what is she doing, Shristhi says that she was cutting vegetables but will now make vegetables for them all, Gurpreet asks if she can say something big relating to Preeta and informs that Preeta is suspicious of Shristhi that she is hiding something big relating to karan Luthra and she even gets dreams of Karan Luthra so she said that it happens if they follow someone, Shristhi feels a bit weird when Preeta comes asking what is going on, Gurpreet says that she is going to get some spice from Palki when Preeta says that she can go and get it for them.

Karan drops Palki, Shanaya and Rajveer outside the house when Palki offers him to have something to drink and even come inside, he refuses but then Palki insists, karan thinks that he wants to come inside but in the house of Rajveer, he says he will leave right now and says that Rajveer can also ask him, Rajveer says that he refused Palki so how could he ask him when Palki once again asks Karan who laughs saying he was just joking. Karan sits down in the car to leave when Preeta comes out asking how was their day, Palki asks where is she going, Preeta replies she is going to her house to get some spice, Palki is shocked when Preeta says that she often comes to take some sugar so can they not take the spice, Preeta laughs with them, Karan realizes that this smile is off Preeta so sees them going to the house of Palki, he thinks he cannot park the car here and would only inside after parking it properly.

Daljeet is cutting the vegetables when she asks if Mr Khurana would only read the newspaper, she says he can at least help her when Mr Khurana says she could have said it politely, he starts cutting the vegetables when Shanaya enters the house followed by Palki and Preeta, Mr Khurana asks how was her day, Shanaya and Palki both say it was very good. Shanaya says she feels like as if she should become a wedding planner, Mr Khurana asks the reason she feels like so, Shanaya leaves saying their mother does not understand anything, Preeta starts smiling when Karan stops the car outside the house of Palki and rushes towards the house.

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