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Shanaya says she is talking of becoming a wedding organizer which Daljeet does not understand when she says she knows everything, Shanaya goes to sit down when Palki says that Shanaya is really excited after seeing the wedding preparations of Kavya wedding so has decided to help her and was even preparing for the function. Preeta asks Palki how is Kavya and what how are the preparations happening for her wedding, Palki says they are very nice when Daljeet asks Preeta how did she come here, Preeta replies she was in need of some spice when Mr Khurana whispers that she can take Daljeet who herself is like this, Daljeet says she is going to give her the spice from the kitchen and so Preeta leaves with Daljeet.

Karan suddenly enters the house seeing whom Mr Khurana gets shocked along with Palki and Shanaya, but they welcome Karan into the house and he says he decided he would leave only after having some water, he asks how many people live in their house, Palki says that the only person left is their mother, Daljeet who is in the kitchen.

Daljeet is not able to find the spice when she asks Preeta if she can see it, Preeta says that she can see them under the vegetables, she hands them to Daljeet who asks if she should use the googles since her eyesight might not be good but is worried that everyone would say she is a mother of three children, Preeta asks in a state of shock when the lights suddenly go off so everyone is worried. Karan says he forgot his mobile in the car but if he had it then would turn on the light, Mr Khurana asks Palki to bring his mobile so she leaves. Preeta says she will go and bring the candles from her house. Preeta after stepping outside bumps into Karan causing her to drop the plate with the spice and so he also kneels beside her to help her, Palki coming also is worried thinking that she would also help them so kneels down then Preeta leaves to bring the candles from her house. Shambu is sitting outside in his car when he calls Nidhi saying that he would wait here to see what she does and then hit her when Nidhi says that she wants him to not make any excuse and make sure that Preeta dies and does not interfere in her life.

Mr Khurana comes with the candles but then the lights also come so they all are relieved when Daljeet comes out, seeing Karan she screams as she is very excited to see him, she then asks why did he come here when Karan replies he was just thirsty but thought he could come and have some water as it might be suitable, Daljeet asks if he just came to have water when Shanaya says that he came to drop them, Daljeet ask then why did they not call him inside when he says that Daljeet should not scold them as they were asking him to come inside, Karan says he should leave but Daljeet informs she is glad he came to their house so would have to leave after having some tea since her daughter Shanaya makes very good tea, Shanaya is shocked hearing it and questions since when did she learn to make tea, Karan insists on leaving when Mr Khurana offers to drop him outside.

Palki goes to Shanaya asking when did she learn to cook tea, Daljeet asks if Shanaya does not know it then instructs Palki to go and make it, she sits with Shanaya asking her to give the vegetables which she starts cutting, Shanaya asks why did Daljeet say she knows how to make tea because had Karan asked her then it would have ruined everything, Daljeet says that she knows Shanaya does not know it but she would have secretly sent Palki to make it, but then their reputation would have increased, Shanaya asks Daljeet to not interfere in her matters and have any sort of crush on Karan Luthra, Daljeet says she will not say anything to Shanaya from now on and focus on her own plans.

Shaurya is not able to sleep in his bed as he is constantly thinking about Palki, he after a while sits up wondering why is he thinking about Palki and thinks he is only thinking about the happiness of Rajveer as he cannot see him smiling, Shaurya vows to make Rajveer come to such a condition that he forgets smiling and only has a crying face.

In the market Shambu is sitting in the car and about to fall asleep when he sees Preeta getting in an auto while calling Shristhi to hurry up, he immediately calls Nidhi informing Preeta has left for the market with her sister, Nidhi asks him to share the live location and she will come very soon, Nidhi smiles thinking after today Preeta is going to lose her life and then one name will end from this house which is of Preeta, she would have to die today.

Karan is trying to select his dress but not able to decide, he wonders why is he getting confused today so Rishab enters asking why is Karan so late as they must reach on time, Karan asks Rishab to help him and then asks what he should select from the four suits, Rishab remembers how Preeta would help him select the dress and tells karan his fashion sense is very poor and he can do business very well, Karan starts laughing saying that he forgot that they both are of the same blood and not have any proper fashion sense, Rishab suggests he should select it when karan says that he wants to impress the Japanese client since they are very well suited so he wants to give a good impression. Rishab sees Nidhi so asks her to come inside and select the dress, Karan however says Nidhi should go do her work but Rishab informs that Karan cannot even select his own socks, Karan and Rishab both are arguing when Nidhi says there is no need to argue as she will help Karan since this is the first time she has gotten the chance to do anything, Karan stops Nidhi explaining this is his wardrobe and he loves every dress so can select it, Rishab asks Karan to stop and says that Nidhi should select it, Nidhi after listening to their argument for a while mentions that she is getting late so would select the dress, Rishab asks where does she have to go along with Karan hearing which Nidhi is shocked.

Palki is running to get ready and wonders why did she have to get late today, Palki gets a call from kavya who asks if she left from the house when Palki apologizes explaining she usually does not get late but then Kavya says there is no reason to be so apologetic when palki says that she usually cares for the time of others so does not like getting late, she is not able to find her bag and starts looking for it, Shanaya also enters the room when palki asks if she has seen her bag but Shanaya refuses, kavya informs that Palki left it in the luthra Mansion, Shanaya says that Kavya should see how Palki was scolding her, Kavya says that both Shanaya and Shaurya are like the same, Palki angrily looks at Shanaya.

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