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Kavya greets Shanaya who mentions she is the best, Kavya says that both Shaurya and Shanaya are really same, Palki notices her sister and then tells Kavya she is coming, Shanaya mentions she is still talking but Shaurya is walking instructing Garesh to bring his bag to the door as he is very late, he even tells Kavya that he is very late and if Rajveer reaches the office before him then would cause a lot of problems as he does not let go of any chance to humiliate him, Palki mentions Shaurya is not scared of anyone but is just worried that his respect would be lost if he reaches late before Rajveer. Palki asks Shanaya if she is coming but Shanaya says that she is not feeling well and not going to the Luthra Mansion, Palki says she was eager to go there and so went to the bathroom before her but is now saying she is ill, Shanaya lies on her bed when Kavya asks Palki to hurry so she leaves, Shanaya immediately sits up thinking she is not going to the Luthra Mansion but the office since that is where Shaurya is at the moment and whenever Shaurya goes Shanaya will also follow him.

Rishab asks Nidhi where is she going and even Karan asks her to tell him, Nidhi says she has some work so must go there to finish it, she says she would first select the dress, Rishab says that he thought he would take her car since he thought she was not going anywhere but now that she is also leaving he will take the car of Daddy, Karan questions why did Rishab ask Nidhi because he does not want to take her help, Rishab says that he asked Nidhi, she takes out two options mentioning one is classy and the other is smart so what would Karan like to wear, Rishab says if they had to select then why did they ask her as it is even more difficult, he suggests she should decide what will suit Karan, he seeing the choice starts coughing when Karan explains it is very good and then pulls out another coat mentioning it is even better, he turns to Rishab asking how is he liking the dress, Nidhi insists Karan should wear the dress which he has selected, karan mentions both of them do not have good choice and are always wondering what they must wear but he insults Nidhi saying her fashion sense is really horrible, Karan starts laughing sitting on the bed mentioning if he wears the dress in front of the Japanese client then would look like a joker, Nidhi leaves furiously saying he can wear whatever he desires, Rishab also tries to stop Nidhi questioning if this is how they laugh on someone in front of the person, karan says he asked Rishab then why did he involve Nidhi as it is very wrong, Karan says he would look horrible in front of the Japanese clients if he wears such long coat, Rishab leaves saying Karan should get ready and come as soon as possible.

Rajveer enters the office and then leaves when Shanaya also enters asking if Shaurya has arrived but the receptionist says he has not come, Shanaya sits and then seeing Shaurya asks the receptionist if Rajveer Arora has arrived as she wants to meet him, she leaves greeting Shaurya who wonders what is this girl doing in the office.

Nidhi wearing the disguise is sitting in her car explaining they have to coordinate with the criminals after hiring them, she calls Shambu asking where is him and his men since she is the first one to come here, Shambu explains he has a car so came here early while their men are about to come in the auto, Nidhi says they are not able to see their target, Shambu asks her to see around her as now she will see the target, Shambu explains they just need the right time to attack after which everything would end, Nidhi ends the call thinking now she will finally get rid of Preeta.

Shanaya is walking when Shaurya is following her, she thinks she should have applied the black tikka as she might have some bad omens on her, Shanaya thinks how Shaurya saved her but then said that he is not going to save her the next time, Shanaya thinks that if Rajveer has even a little bit interest in her then Shaurya would follow her as she knows Rajveer also has an interest in her. Shanaya walking enters the cabin of Rajveer who asks what is she doing here, Shaurya standing at the entrance of the cabin wonders what is this girl doing here as she is the sister of Palki. Shanaya says she thought he wanted to meet her, Rajveer says he could have met her in the house but he gets a bit confused, Shanaya apologizes to Rajveer when he says everything is fine and so asks f she has anything to say, Shanaya says that she feels that Shaurya is interested in her, Rajveer notices Shaurya standing outside the cabin so he enters the cabin mentioning he thought he saw her so came to greet her, Shaurya asks what is such a secret that they cannot say anything in front of her.

Preeta and Shristhi are purchasing vegetables when she asks the rate of the vegetables so the vendor says that tomato is two hundred rupees, Shristhi starts arguing with him saying that he should charge only fifty rupees when Preeta asks her to calm down as the prices of the vegetables have really gotten up, they finally leave when Shristhi asks Preeta to not scold her in front of the vendors as then they do not take her seriously. Shristhi leaves to purchase some more vegetables asking Preeta to hire an auto, she stops when Shambu seeing the opportunity hits Preeta who falls on the side of the road seeing which Shristhi screams her name and then rushes to Preeta, Shristhi requests someone to help her when one of the person offers to take Preeta in his car, karan gets out of the car thinking someone has gotten in an accident, he tries to see them but is not able to recognize Shristhi, who quickly sits in the car before Karan can understand anything, he turns back to enter his car but has a very strange feeling.

Shaurya asks what is so personal amongst them both they want to keep it hidden, Shanaya says that certain things are private should remain hidden, she says they cannot say anything to them and Rajveer asks if Shaurya is going to remain standing here, Shaurya says this is his office and he can stand here, Rajveer says Shaurya should keep standing here when he suggests Shanaya should go back to her house while he will drop her, Shaurya wishes Shanaya who finally leaves, Shaurya thinks something is going on between them both, he thinks he first thought Rajveer has something with Palki but she is very simple however he thinks that Shanaya is the type of Rajveer.

Shristhi asks Preeta to open her eyes and asks the doctor is her sister is going to be fine since she got in an accident, the doctor asks Shristhi to calm down and not cry as she would be treated in the best possible manner hey ask Shristhi to fill out the form.

The doctor are performing the treatment of Preeta when Shristhi standing at the door mentions she warned Preeta and Rajveer to not go to Mumbai but she did not listen to her including Rajveer, when Shristhi said that Mumbai is not their city and they were living a peaceful life in Jamshedpur as this city has not given them anything other then pain, as Mumbai only is suitable for certain people but they are not those people as Preeta does not even remember what this city has done to them. Shristhi questions what is the reason they are being punished as ever since Preeta di came to Mumbai she has been suffering, she thinks there are some enemies of Preeta di so gets furious, she wonders how would they find out the real culprit and wonders why are they not listening to her as ever since Preeta di came to Mumbai someone is after her life, she wonders what has her sister done to deserve it, Shristhi thinks now if she says Preeta di must come with her to Jamshedpur then Preeta di would have to accept her desires, Shristhi is crying.

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