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Shristhi while crying exclaims she gets very scared when something happens to her as she cannot bear it anymore, but Preeta di does not understand anything, Shristhi prays that if she says to Preeta di that she must come with her to Jamshadpur then Preeta di should realize it, she asks if Preeta is listening since she will not bear it anymore as they do not want to take revenge from anyone, she exclaims she cannot see her sister in this condition each and every time since she is really scared, Shristhi keeps crying while they are operating on Preeta, the nurse comes asking if Shristhi has filled the form when she says she is going to fill it.

Shanaya walking with Rajveer thinks she is very good since the only way to go near Shaurya is to be close with Rajveer since he will snatch everything that Rajveer loves, Rajveer says that office and house are very different so if Shanaya has to do anything then should call, Shanaya apologizes saying that she was just going from near this office but would apologize to him for coming un announced, Rajveer gets a call so agrees to come and then says to Shanaya that he would drop her back at home since Mahesh sir called him for some work, Shanaya sees Shaurya so tells him that Rajveer is going to drop her back home since he is leaving for some work, Rajveer asks her to stop as there is no need to give Shaurya so much importance when he leaves, Shaurya also says Good bye to Shanaya who leaves thinking her arrow has hit the mark.

Nidhi is driving the car when she gets a call from Arohi who apologizes as she did not answer the call, Nidhi says she has finally done what she was so desperate to do and caused the accident of Preeta, she explains she is very eager to celebrate when Arohi asks her to first confirm when Nidhi does not understand so Arohi says that she should go and confirm if any doctor has saved her or not after which they will celebrate, Nidhi says she will call her later, Nidhi signals Shambu to sit in the car when she asks if Preeta is dead, Shambu says he cannot be sure, Nidhi gets furious when Nidhi says that she would be taken to the close hospital near the accident site so they must first confirm it

Mahesh is talking on the phone saying he will not come to the office today and waiting for Rajveer, he hears someone coming so wonders if Palki has come, she asks if he is not happy to see her when Mahesh says that he thought Rajveer would handle the business things which is why he has called Rajveer, Palki says she will come bit early tomorrow and take Bani Dadi for her morning walk so Mahesh sir must also accompany them as she is noticing he is very tensed and must calm down. Mahesh questions why is she scolding him, he sees Rajveer telling that this young girl is scolding him, Palki asks Rajveer how he is at the moment when Mahesh realizes that there is something going on between them both, Palki suddenly starts arguing with Rajveer over what sort of a person he is because he does not say anything to Mahesh who is very stressed, and this has caused a lot of health related problems so she is asking him to come with her on the morning walk after which he will get Vitman d that would be really beneficial, she asks why is Mahesh looking at her like this since Bani Dadi said he does not take care of himself and even has blood sugar, Mahesh assures he will not take any stress and even go on the morning walk with Palki and Bani Dadi, Mahesh asks but can he take Rajveer since he has some very important work.

Nidhi reaches the hospital and going to the reception asks if any accident case of a women has come here, she informs that she was told by a Pandit jee that she is going to suffer one death so she is worried if that time has already come, the nurse tells Nidhi that she is safe and in the room number five hearing this Nidhi gets shocked so starts walking towards the room.

Rakhi entering the Luthra Mansion asks them to place the gifts over in the corner but the person stumbles causing both him and the women to drop the gifts, they hold the hands of each other and start staring in the eyes when he praises her for being so beautiful, Rakhi coughs hearing which they are startled and kneel to pick the gifts but Rakhi stops them both saying they should come and sit down, he apologizes to Rakhi saying that he accidentally dropped the gifts, Rakhi hands him the money when he says that he is not a salesman but saw her distressed in the mall so helped her, she takes out some more money but he says he just needs her blessings, informing he needs to earn a lot of wealth since the father of pari has set a condition that he has to earn a lot more to marry her. Mahesh and Rajveer also come with Palki, Mahesh asks if Rakhi has finished her shopping, she introduces Karan and Pari to Mahesh who hugs Rakhi explaining he cannot think of anyone else beside his wife, Rajveer and Palki both try to pick the gifts but then touch each other, they keep staring which Pari notices so asks if there is something between them both, Rajveer and Palki both say there is nothing when karan says something is about to happen informing love is a very beautiful thing which forces them do anything, he says he himself is forced to do a lot of things for the love of pari. Pari says that they must watch their movie dream girl 2 on the twenty fifth of August, Rakhi assures they all would go.

Nidhi anxiously search for the room number five and after finding it enters the room, she is shocked to see Preeta unconscious on the bed and wonders why does she not die, she wonders what should she do of her as the criminal inside her awakes, and she just desires to suffocate her so thinks of doing it as she can no longer control herself, Nidhi is not able to do it but once again asks if she can suffocate her, but she starts looking for the CCTV camera and when she is sure she is not being recorded, she starts suffocating Preeta praying she should die, Preeta starts breathing heavily but manages to hold the hand of Nidhi, who is shocked and trying her best to break free but Preeta has a very strong grip, Nidhi then uses her second hand however is still struggling, she therefor is stunned and then picks a syringe which she injects in the arm of Preeta who at first screams but then gets unconscious, Nidhi is really shocked, thinking about the syringe, she is glad thinking she can even inject Preeta with a poisonous injection, she is about to walk out of the door when Shristhi enters so she hides behind the door, the nurse asks Shristhi if she has signed the form when Shristhi agrees, Nidhi tries to run but Shristhi notices her so asks what sis he doing here, Nidhi says she just saw them both here so asks what happened to Preeta, Shristhi says she knows Nidhi is lying as she is habitual of interfering in other peoples matter, she warns Nidhi to stay away from all three of them otherwise she would send Nidhi to the place from where she would not be able to come back, Shristhi says she does not want to ruin her tongue, she threatens Nidhi to leave otherwise she will call the police, Nidhi vows to return this insult hearing which Shristhi once again instructs her to leave so Nidhi furiously walks out.

Bani Dadi in her room wonders on what song should she dance, she connects the mobile to the speaker and starts dancing on the song, Bani Dadi is really enjoying herself but she stumbles so gets injured, Palki enters the room when she asks Dadi what has happened, Palki questions if she was dancing and when bani Dadi agrees then Palki asks the reason explaining there is a lot of swelling, she calls Garesh, Rakhi and Karina bua mentioning she feels it is a fracture, Rakhi asks what happened when Palki says she feels it is a fracture so she thinks they have to take her to the hospital she asks if there is any wheelchair, Karina asks Palki to go and ask Garesh so she leaves, Rakhi says she thinks of informing Karan, Karina asks her to tell Karan to come back home right now.

Nidhi is very tensed in the hospital wondering what would happen as Preeta has realized she is the one trying to harm her.

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