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Nidhi pulls Nilesh aside asking if Preeta died but he requests her to let him take a breath when she insists he tell the truth, Nilesh apologizes saying he failed and remembers how Kara came to the room, Nidhi angrily says he assured he can finish the work but it would happen soon, Nidhi says he must go back right now but Nilesh informs that Karan Luthra saw him in the room of Preeta and he has to wait for some time, Nidhi thinks this means Karan saw Preeta but Nilesh says that he covered her when he saw Karan coming, Nidhi replies this means Karan left so he should go back but Nilesh says he would not be able to do it today and leaves, Nidhi thinks Nilesh can go if he likes it but Preeta would have to die today even if it means with her hands, Arohi asks Nidhi to calm down since the entire Luthra family is here and they would know Nidhi has something to do in the death of Preeta, Nidhi says that in this case Preeta would die with the hands of a doctor so starts angrily walking, she thinks she is coming to teach Preeta the lesson which she was never taught in her life and now the last time of her is going to come, Nidhi thinks the detective is very coward who ran away but now she is going to teach him what is smartness.

Nidhi enters a cabin while Arohi requests her to open the door, Nidhi changes her clothes and after wearing a lab coat disguises herself as a doctor, Arohi wonders what is going on in the mind of Nidhi so she starts waiting for her, she gets really worried and knocking on the door requests her to open the door, Arohi sees a doctor coming out so apologizes to her not knowing that she is Nidhi, she turns back in shock when Nidhi takes off the mask vowing to remove Preeta from the life of Karan once and for all today, Arohi starts smiling as Nidhi turns walking in the disguise.

Rajveer while walking in the hall calls Shristhi saying that he is also in the hospital, he bumps into Palki who drops the file so she gets shocked seeing him, Rajveer asks if Palki came to meet Maa since she is admitted here, Palki informs that Bani Dadi fell down after dancing and has gotten a fracture, Rajveer gets shocked realizing that Bani Dadi is also admitted here, Palki is worried and asks Rajveer if his aunt is fine, he says that she got in an accident but it is not that serious so Palki leaves saying she would go meet Preeta aunti.

Shristhi comes behind Rajveer asking him to at least call her back but he apologizes saying that he dropped the phone and then started talking with Palki who is here because Bani Dadi fractured her leg. Shristhi thinks that Bani Dadi does not listen to anyone and always wears fancy shoes which is why she gets injured. Shristhi remembers how she saw Nidhi in the room of Preeta and says that she does not know how to tell Rajveer but explains that she feels Nidhi wants to harm Preeta and is planning against her so she is very worried. Nidhi walks past Shristhi and Rajveer thinking the one who is more dangerous is the savior. Rajveer angrily says now they are ot going to be responsible for anything that happens and Karan Luthra will be the one responsible.

Nidhi while walking bumps into Karan who apologizes to her but he follows Shristhi after seeing her, Nidhi is glad that Karan left and did not recognize her in this get up. Karan questions why is she not answering him when he is calling her, Shristhi questions why is he following her and does he not have any respect for the women, Karan says she must not do this drama as he knows her behavior which is still the same, he says she must not act as if she is a beauty queen and he is some boy following her. Shristhi once again asks why is he acting as if he a family member, karan shows the Identity card seeing which Shristhi turns her face when eh questions why is she not answering his questions and realizing she is crying, questions what is going on with her. He explains he knows she is not interested in talking with him but should tell him where is his Preeta, Shristhi asks him to not take the name of Preeta saying does he think he would get to Preeta through her as it will not happen, she is not the old Shristhi who worked to bring them both together but this time the present Shristhi is not going to help him Karan is shocked wondering how did he break the heart of Preeta since he an never think about it, he wonders what did she just say.

The police are clearing a path for the Minister who is being taken on the stretcher, the Inspector is shocked how the minister got a heart attack when the constable replies he is just acting.

Rajveer enters the room of Bani Dadi, Rakhi is glad to see him and asks that he come inside, he asks where is Nidhi when Bani Dadi replies they do not know where she goes but asks how did Rajveer find out about her saying Palki would have told him. Rajveer hesitantly says yes that Palki told him, Bani Dadi makes him sit beside her saying Rajveer is a very nice boy but her own Great Grandson Shaurya did not come to meet her in the hospital. Rakhi tells Karina that Bani Dadi is showering her love on Rajveer just like she does with karan but has no regard for them both, Rakhi mentions she is a bit jealous when Bani Dadi says they both would die from jealousy because Rajveer is just like her Great Grandson. Rajveer leaves after asking Rakhi for how long is Bani Dadi going to remain in the hospital.

Palki sitting with Preeta holds her hand requesting that she should get fine quickly, mentioning she has seen Preeta je has faced a lot of problem ever since she came to Mumbai, Palki mentions when she was in Pune she used to go to a Mandir where the Pandit jee would always ask her to perform the pooja, she exclaims she would pray that Preeta je recovers quickly and gets to live with people whom she can call as her own family. Nidhi enters the room and is shocked to see Palki, she asks Palki to wait outside as she has to check the patient, Palki agrees so turns to leave after thanking the doctor. Nidhi immediately stands beside Preeta thinking how twisted her hand the last time she tried to kill her, Nidhi takes out a bottle from her pocket which she prepares in an injection. Preeta is still unconscious when Nidhi is about to inject her but Preeta wakes up at the last moment holding the hand of Nidhi who gets scared, she is not able to over power Preeta and they both start struggling, Nidhi manages to push Preeta ho sounds the alarm, hearing this Karan and Rajveer are shocked along with Shristhi as they are wondering from where the alarm was sounded. The Inspector rush to the room umber five.

Preeta and Nidhi both are struggling when Nidhi tries to run but Preeta stops her from the lab coat , Nidhi is not able to break free from he grip, the Inspector enters the room seeing which Nidhi runs away so the Inspector stays with Preeta asking if she is fine but Preeta is not able to answer anything and gets unconscious, Nidhi while running bumps into Shristhi who asks about her identity but she manages to run away when Shristhi sees the constables following her so says she is a criminal. Karan also manages to catch Nidhi asking who is she but Nidhi hits him on the foot and manages to run away, Nidhi tells Arohi that the police are following her so she must help her, she explains she tried to kill Preeta but she sounded the alarm and then Shristhi and Karan caught her. Arohi asks the constable to help her find her purse since it has a lot of money but the constable says the case of this women is more important for her. They follow Nidhi which worries Arohi, Nidhi enters the morgue and is about to vomit, she tries to leave but is shocked seeing the Inspector following her. Nidhi thinks she would be caught if she goes outside so would have to hide here, Nidhi lies on a stretcher placed in the morgue.

The inspector enters the morgue with the constable saying he must search since she cannot run away from here, Nidhi gets worried thinking they are coming towards her so she prays to Bhagwan, the constable suggests she might have run but the Inspector says there is no way out of here and she will be present here. The constable once again suggests so they both leave, Nidhi feels they would have left but she thinks she will stay here as they might be waiting for her outside so she will wait here for sometime.

Shanaya in her house is applying the nail polish, Daljeet comes saying she always applies makeup on herself but should give her a chance to say that her daughters has married a wealthy person while they do not have any money, but she prays that the wealthy son in law should come and promise to give her some of his money after which she would enjoy it a lot. Shanaya assures it will happen but she knows that he would give her a lot of money, Daljeet get emotional saying when are they going to be rich, Shanaya assures it would happen very soon but she must say if something is going between Rjaveer and Palki, Daljeet gets furious saying how many times should she answer the same question, Shanaya says she is asking because she will use Rajveer to get Shaurya as he takes everything that Rajveer likes, she knows seeing her with Rajveer would make Shaurya jealous so he would try to attract her to him. Shanaya gets a call from Kavya who asks when is she coming home, Shanaya says she is going to come in a while as she has some work at her aunts house, Kavya asks her to complete all of her work but says she has to come no matter what, Shanaya smiles assuring she is surely going to come, Daljeet blesses Shanaya who asks her mother to see how important she has become for Kavya but promises that even Shaurya would call her very soon, Daljeet asks what guarantee does she have when Shanaya asks her to just wait and watch as he will surely come.

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