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Preeta is very scared sitting on the bed when Shristhi enters the room so she asks why did no one inform her about it, Shristhi asks if Preeta pushed the panic button.

Karan is walking searching for the person when he sees Palki so stops her asking what happened, she says that someone pushed the panic button and she thought she would help her, Karan says he cannot understand why is he running, Palki also calms down thinking that it is protocol in a hospital that the doctors have to immediately rush to the room, Karan says that he just prays that everyone should get what they pray for.

Shristhi asks Preeta what happened when she says that she feels someone was trying to take her life, as the women was wearing a disguise of a doctor and she requests Shristhi to not tell Rajveer anything informing that he will get tensed and do something reckless, Rajveer enters the room asking Preeta if she is fine, she replies she is feeling better and asks both Rajveer and Shristhi to take her back home since she does not like it here, Rajveer asks what has happened when Shristhi mentions they should talk only after reaching back house.

Karan is pushing Bani Dadi in the wheelchair, saying what would the doctors think of them that they do not care about her health, Bani Dadi says he should be grateful that she stayed here for so long otherwise would have run away when Palki asks for a moment while she takes her medicine. Shristhi and Rajveer also bring Preeta in the hall when both Shristhi and Rajveer are shocked seeing Karan so they leave after hiding the face of Preeta, Palki thinks of calling them but stops wondering Preeta je would be tired so she will meet her in the house. Bani Dadi asks them all to hurry up otherwise she will get fed up, Karan calls the drive to bring the car from the parking and they are bringing Dadi.

Kavya opens the door asking Bani Dadi how she is when Bani Dadi says they just make a fuss of everything when Rakhi explains she was feeling so much pain in her feet and then palki suggested they should take her to the hospital but now she is blaming them all, Karina explains she was hurting but is now just saying nothing happened, they all start smiling. Shaurya comes to the house when he asks Bani Dadi what happened to her because he heard that she was in pain, Bani Dadi questions why are they all trying to make her feel in pain when Karan questions what did Shaurya do after that, he replies he is not a doctor when Bani Dadi agrees with Shaurya saying that she had everyone else to take care of her, informing even Rajveer came to meet her in hospital. Kavya gets excited saying how they feel that there is an old relation with Rajveer. Shaurya says that Bani Dadi should be glad since she got a new Great Grandson and KD even got a new brother. Karan questions what is the problem with Shaurya when Rakhi asks them both to calm down and snot start fighting as Bani Dadi just came back, Karina asks Shaurya to go to his room. She questions Karan what is his problem since he must not forget Shaurya is a young blood who would not like it when he scolds him, she requests Karan to talk politely with him.

Kavya suggests they should cancel the function if she is not feeling well when Bani Dadi questions why are they worried for her as all the functions would happen on their set time, Rakhi informs that nothing is wrong and she will get fine very soon, Bani Dadi asks them to take her to the room since she is tired, Palki also follows them.

Gurpreet asks Shanaya what is she panning for her future, Daljeet says she has asked this questions so many times and got the same answer that Shanaya wants to marry a wealthy person and become rich, Gurpreet suggests to Daljeet how she should teach some lesson to Shanaya because she must know what it is like to live in this world and face the problems, Shanaya however says that there is nothing to be worried and everything would be fine, she hears someone knocking on the door and so rushes to open it, Shanaya is glad to see Rajveer but then Preeta and Shristhi also enter. Gurpreet asks what happened to her when Preeta says it is just a small injury, Daljeet also informs she is such a lovely person but so weak when Preeta assures that she is fine, Rajveer informs that he will stay by her side but Preeta questions why is he not understanding that she is fine, he insists on staying with her when Preeta threatens to slap him so Rajveer is affected by it. Shristhi says she will make tea for them all but Gurpreet asks Shanaya to go and make tea for them all when she refuses but agrees when Gurpreet instructs her. Daljeet says this is magic since Shanaya does not do anything in the house but agreed to make tea here, Gurpreet replies it because Shanaya listens to her aunt.

Shristhi asks Preeta to come into the room and rest but Preeta insists she is fine however Shristhi says she was in the ICU and needs to rest so they leave and Gurpreet also follows them.

Daljeet thinks Shanaya does not know how to make tea so she will go and check, Shanaya is making tea using the recipe from the phone, Daljeet says she was going to the Luthra house but then why is making tea, Shanaya relies she told them that she would go with Rajveer as she needs to make them feel bad and for that needs the support of Rajveer. Daljeet suggests that she should get close to Kavya and the rest of the family when Shanaya replies she is already loved by everyone but she cannot go without Rajveer and needs to play with him. Shanaya says Rajveer does not know about it and neither she wants him to find out but this is the story of her love, she asks if Daljeet understood anything. Daljeet explains Shanaya would have to be the favorite of everyone but if she gets the favorite of someone then her plan would be sorted, Daljeet suggests that Rakhi likes Palki so Shanaya must make her own place in her heart because she does not want Rakhi to get confused with Palki. Shanaya says there would be only her name, revealing Palki is very sweet and innocent so would sacrifice anything for her when she cries, Daljeet says Shanaya is talking just like her mother and is very clever, Shanaya says that she once again ignored her.

Palki asks Rakhi to go and rest while she will make the soup for Bani Dadi, Rakhi says she will learn to make the soup from her but Palki replies she must be the one to learn anything, Rakhi says now the times have changed and when they make soup for Bani Dadi she hates it, but prefers when Palki makes the soup for her so she thought of looking what is the difference. Palki says all the ingredients are the same, Rakhi says she is also looking that all the ingredients are the same but the taste in their hands is not the same as in the past, there can be something else because the love which Palki puts in the soup is not the same. Karan enters the kitchen asking what is smelling so good so he says he would drink the soup, Rakhi says that this sup was prepared for Bani Dadi and she will feed her the entire soup but Palki says she has made some extra, karan mentions that Rakhi does not have the heart for sharing, Rakhi explains that it is not the case anymore and Mummy je would never get bored with the soup of Palki, but she does not drink the soup which they make but likes the one that Palki makes and if he also likes the soup which Palki makes then he will boycott the soup tat they make, karan starts laughing when he says he thought he was the mental in this house but has realized she is also the same, Rakhi exclaims that if she is mental then her blood flows through him so they both are same, Rakhi explains this should not go out from this kitchen as there should be some wild behavior, Palki says they are very cute just like Rajveer and his mother. Karan thinks he could have asked Palki the same question but must first find out the truth about Preeta for himself. Karan asks where is Nidhi, Rakhi explains she saw her in the hospital but she did not accompany them when they were coming back from the hospital. Karan tells Palki he is going to his study so she should bring the soup there, Rakhi tries to refuse but then Karan insist so she slaps him on the arm.

Nidhi is still hiding in the morgue and thinks she must check, she lifts the sheet but gets shcoked seeing the dead body, Nidhi calls Arohi who asks where is she at this moment when Nidhi informs she is hiding in the morgue and was trying to run from the police, Arohi enters the morgue and calls Nidi asking where is she at this moment, Nidhi sits up so hugging Arohi explains she came to this morgue only because of Preeta and vows to not let her get away so easily and teach her a lesson, Arohi suggests they must leave but Nidhi refuses since the police is waiting outside, the hand of a dead body drops so they both run out after screaming.

Shristhi tells Rajveer that they have to give one medicine, Preeta warns Rajveer to not open them since she can read it herself, Preeta says she would not have it without a warm cup of tea, Shanaya enters the room with the tea and then Preeta after tasting it says it is very nice, Gurpreet also praises her but both Shristhi and Rajveer after drinking it mentions it is not that nice, Preeta questions why is he saying it since it is not that bad and Rajveer should encourage her but he says it would be wrong to not point out her mistakes as it is very bad, Daljeet says it cannot be that bad but after drinking it says that Shanaya caused so much humiliation, she replies that she told everyone she does not know how to make tea but Bua forced her, Rajveer says from now on he will surely believe her, Preeta starts smiling.

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