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Daljeet slaps Shanaya for causing humiliation after making such tea, Shanaya says she told them she does not know how to make tea but Gurpreet aunt forced her, Rajveer says after this he will always believe her, Gurpreet explains that she herself is going to make the tea, Shanaya says there is nothing to be worried about and they can all place their cup on the tray, everyone quickly places the cup on the tray when Gurpreet leaves to make some more tea. Daljeet requests Rajveer to also bring Palki with him while coming back since she saw that the cabbage is on strike, Rajveer smiles asking since when do the vegetables go on strike, Shanaya corrects Daljeet. Rajveer agrees but then Shanaya says she also wants to go to the Luthra house, Rajveer agrees but leaves with Shanaya after asking Preeta to take the medicines on time.

Rajveer stops the bike on the road when he greets the person, Shanaya asks how does Rajveer know him when he says the person is the manager at their office. Shanaya recalls how Shaurya asked what is so personal amongst them both that they want to keep it hidden. Shanaya greets the person who asks about her identity, Shanaya says she came with Rajveer who said he is going to park the bike, the person asks if she has some work when Shanaya explains that what does anyone want in love because she feels Rajveer loves her a lot and he has been following her ever since she came to Mumbai, she leaves asking the person to not tease Rajveer for him. Rajveer comes asking the person to come inside with him when the person says he has been very secretive about everything, Rajveer is not able to understand so they both enter the Luthra Mansion.

Shanaya enters when Karan greets her asking how is she when she says she is fine, Shanaya also greets him, Shaurya is walking down the stairs so Shanaya even greets him, Karan asks where is he going when Shaurya replies he is going for some shopping with Sanju, he gets furious to see Rajveer entering with Sunil. Karan is amazed to see Rajveer and says he felt only Sunil will come but now that Rajveer has arrived he must follow him since there is an important work.. Shanaya asks Shaurya who is he, he replies he is fine when Shanaya thinks that such a beautiful girl is looking at him but he is not talking to her, Shanaya leaves. Sunil says that it is a very strange time since the person who is interested in her is not talking but the person who is not interested is talking with her, Shaurya does not understand when Sunil says that Rajveer is interested in Shanaya but she does not talk with him however is madly in love with Shaurya hearing which he gets shcoked.

Nidhi comes out with Arohi after changing her dress but hides when she sees the police, Arohi asks her to calm down since she has even changed her dress so must not be worried, Nidhi agrees saying she is the one who scares everyone and vows to teach Preeta such a lesson that she will never be able to forget.

Shristhi is taking out the medicines when Preeta is shocked seeing them however Shristhi says she has to take them all, Shristhi asks what happened in the hospital when Preeta does not want to talk about it but Shristhi says she wants to know everything, Preeta warns her to not get in trouble while trying to find the truth, Preeta says someone first tried to kill her in the ICU but at that time she was partly unconscious and then in the recovery room, she is glad to have woken up at the right moment but was still not able to see the face of the attacker, as the person was disguised in a doctors robe and was wearing a mask but she sensed it is a worrying situation so she pushed the panic button, Shristhi asks if Preeta saw her face, she replies she does not know if it was the same person but she knows the person who tried to give her the injection the second time was a women, Shristhi remembers when Nidhi came asking about the condition of Preeta, Shristhi whispers she might know who it is, Preeta gets shocked asking if Shristhi knows who is the same person.

Shaurya asks if is actually the truth a she does not feel Rajveer is the obsessives type, Sunil asks if Shaurya has ever seen Rajveer with someone and he gave Shanaya a lift on his bike, Sunil leaves after getting a call from karan sir, Sandy enters when Shaurya says the breaking news today is that Rajveer gave Shanaya a lift, Sandy does not believe it but they both leave to check it.

Preeta asks if Shristhi actually knows the truth since this is why she was saying that there is someone in this city who will try to harm her, Preeta asks Shristhi to tell the truth about the person but she says she is not sure, Preeta asks why is Shristhi not telling the truth, Shristhi tries to explain it is not the case but Preeta asks why is she not telling anything, she finally makes Shristhi swear on her life. Shristhi asks why does Preeta always keep making her swear when she has doubt on some people, so Preeta di should let her first find out the truth and she assures she will tell the truth. Preeta makes Shristhi promise that when she confirms who was behind it then will surely tell her before taking any action, Shristhi agrees to tell her so Preeta leaves to change her clothes. Shristhi thinks that someone was trying to take the life of Preeta disguised as a doctor and she is sure it was Nidhi, Shristhi thinks she has warned her so many times to stay away from her family but this time Nidhi has crossed all her limits, she thinks if Nidhi is the doctor who tried to take the life of Preeta di then it is time for her to enter the Luthra House and teach Nidhi a lesson.

Karan asks Rajveer to come and sit beside him, but Rajveer keeps standing when he says he did not come here for any work and was not sure that he had any work. Karan gets shocked asking Sunil if he did not talk with Rajveer about the project, Sunil says he got a little late but then why he thought of talking then saw Rajveer with Shanaya outside the Luthra Mansion, Karan asks why is Sunil making excuses and what is the need to talk of Shanaya, Rajveer says that why is Karan talking of Shanaya when he saw they both came together. Karan says Sunil talked as if Rajveer has some relation with Shanaya but they all know that there is some relation between Rajveer and Palki, Sunil tries to explain how Karan sir meant that there might be something going on between Rajveer and Palki. Rajveer says he is just focused on his work and does not have time for this, Karan smiles saying he used to feel the same but loved the same girl whom he hated a lot, Rajveer gets furious saying he hated her, Karan asks what is going on in his mind, Rajveer says he has realized that Karan does not like anything at the first time and this is why he even hated him, Karan apologizes to Rajveer for what happened at the first time between them both when Rajveer says he is not mad at all. Karan leaves asking Sunil to talk with Rajveer about the project.

Kavya comes running asking Rajveer to come with her since there is an important work, Rajveer tells Kavya that Mr Luthra would scold him if he does not do any work, Kavya says he will talk with her father she asks Rajveer to give his opinion about what would look good, Rajveer tries to say that Palki will give a good opinion and she should ask her, Kavya says where is it written that only a girl can give her opinion since even the brothers should decide then Shaurya and Sandy at the entrance of the room see Shanaya calling Rajveer as Raj, when Shaurya comes to lie down on the bed saying that he was a bit pre occupied so asks how is she at the moment when Rajveer quickly reveals his choice for the dress for Kavya when Shanaya also asks Rajveer how this dress would look on her since if he likes it then she will wear it on the engagement function of Kavya, Rajveer agrees but Shaurya disapproves of the dress so picks a color, they both start arguing when Shanaya stops them but slips so Rajveer catches her, Shanaya says that he has reminded her of DDLJ when Palki asks for a moment and leaves.

Palki thinks of when Shanaya asked her if she likes Rajveer but she said that she only respect him and is not in love with him, Shanaya says that Palki should not question if Rjaveer falls in love with her but Palki says that Rajveer is not the person who would follow or become obsessed with her, Shanaya explains Palki should come out of her dreamworld since each and every boy who gets to know her falls in love with her, Shanaya was sure that Rajveer will surely fall in love with her.

Palki while walking bumps into Nidhi who is furious, Palki asks if someone scratched her face with their nails, Nidhi questions why is Palki talking with her sand she leaves.

Garesh goes to open the door and is shcoked to see Shristhi standing there, he is not able to move when Shristhi also gets emotional saying she is seeing him after so many years, Garesh says she took a lot of time to come back, Shristhi asks why is he so tensed when Garesh says that this house is not the same anymore and this house needs Preeta di, Shristhi asks why is Garesh talking as if someone has left because Preeta di is still alive but he must not tell it to anyone, Garesh explains that there is not the same respect and everyone keeps fighting, so he really misses Preeta di and Shristhi, she says she also misses him as he is a family member of this house but he should promise to not tell anyone the truth, Shristhi agrees and asks him where does Nidhi live, Garesh replies she lives in the guest room when Shristhi enters the Luthra Mansion requesting Garesh to not tell anyone of her arrival, she angrily starts walking towards the guest room.

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