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Rishab rushes down the stairs asks if everyone has arrived but then mentions that no one is punctual in this house other then him, he sees Bani Dadi coming so mentions that only she comes on time, Rakhi also comes saying she has also arrived while Karina mentions even she came, Rishab says he meant the males in this house who have a lot of ego and they need to consider the importance of women. Rishab mentions now who will come is going to take the Luthra family forward, they all are waiting for the next male to come when Rajveer walks into the house greeting everyone, he then sits beside Bani Dadi asking how is her feet. Rishab says it is mere coincidence and he does not know why he said it but knows Rajveer is the one who will take the Luthra family forward and it is surely written, Rakhi asks what is Rishab saying, saying Rajveer is indeed of their family but, Rishab says the one who belongs to this family is present here and why is she so furious, Shaurya walking down the stairs explains everyone wants to be a Luthra but they do not have such good fate, saying if Rajveer goes to stand in front off SRK Mannat then it does not mean he owns it. Rajveer replies for him the heaven lies under the feet of elders, he says that Shaurya mentioned everyone wants to be a Luthra but is not true. Rakhi says this is why she asked him to think before speaking.

Mahesh comes down with karan, greeting everyone as sisters which worries Rakhi when he corrects his statement, Mahesh says he is agreeing with what Rajveer said, Karan also agrees when Shaurya says that his father always needs to counter his statement, karan says he is not interested in the mood to argue with Shaurya when Shaurya leaves saying that he forgot his phone in the room. Karan asks Rajveer to come since they will finish the work till the time of the event, Kritika reaching the greets calls everyone saying she has arrived, she hugs everyone when saying she will prepare the Thali for the event. Karan mentions till that time he will complete the work, Kritika makes him still saying that today is the event of Raksha Bandhan and this means there will be pooja first after which he will give the gifts, only after all this has happened can he leave for work, she forces him to accept it. Karan then asks Rajveer to bring the file here since his sister has barred him from entering the study, he holds the hands saying today is Raksha Bandhan, he sends Rajveer to go and bring the file.

Nidhi secretly opens the back door inviting the person inside who can control the snakes, he leaves towards the other side of the house when she instructs him.

Kavya brings the Thali in the room, Rajveer looking at her from the window exclaims that she is his biological sister, saying he didn’t know how it feels when someone ties Rakhi on the hands of a brother Rajveer sees Kavya bringing just one Rakhi so thinks that why would she bring two Rakhi when she only has one brother. Rajveer gets a bit sad, he thinks that Kavya would only tie Rakhi to her brother, he has been a brother to a lot of girls in his life but never tied a Rakhi thinking only his sister has the right, he thinks just like that Kavya would also want to tie Rakhi on the hand of her brother who is only Shaurya. He is walking in a sad manner thinking about how Kavya called him brother the first time they met, he thinks she calls him brother and even considers this relation which is enough for him, he does not care if Kavya knows the truth.

Nidhi asks the person to enter the room asking if he knows what to do, the person replies Nidhi wants to have someone killed with the bite of a snake, Nidhi asks what do they have to do when he says that he has a lot of variety of snakes and so starts opening the bag, Nidhi gets scared informing him that these are snakes when he replies that the snakes would not come out without his order, he takes out a wooden box and opening the cover reveals a rattle snake informing this is the most poisonous snake of America, Nidhi gets scared asking him to close the box. The person says that f the snake bites it causes the body to swell and then the kidney of the person fails, he says the other snake is even worse then this one. The Person stands up but accidentally causes the cover to open revealing that the bite of this snake would end the life of a person but it is a bit expensive, Nidhi says he must not be worried about the price, the person says that this snake does not care about it and would only calm down after biting someone, Nidhi panics saying that he said his snakes only come out on his order when the person mentions she must not be afraid, he after opening the box gets shcoked questioning where is the snake. Nidhi climbs on the bed mentioning he just said the snakes listen to him so he should search for it.

Rakhi is walking in the hall not knowing that a snake is following her, she starts correcting the petals in a vase after which she leaves without seeing the snake.

Nidi asks how did he not know where the snake went since it might bite someone from her family. The person mentions the snake is a bit mischievous and ran away, Nidhi gets worried asking what did he mean, Nidhi says she is worried about the snake and what it might do to anyone, the snake handler starts calling her as Rangeli which worries Nidhi, who questions what sort of a name is this, the person keeps searching for the snake while Nidhi is standing on the bed.

Kavya sees Nidhi standing on the bed so asks what has happened, Kavya is about to come inside but Nidhi stops her saying she should go and attend the event of Rakhi, she says she feels good to climb on the bed but Kavya should go and attend her event, Nidhi asks the person to close the door, she questions why is he looking at her but must search for his snake which would cause a lot of problem if anyone is bitten.

Rakhi is walking when she sees Shaurya so says she was coming to find him, and how their connection is very deep because she was going to his roo and he came out, he asks if she does not want to talk with her other Grandson, Rakhi asks why is he talking like this and what problem does he have with Rajveer, Shaurya replies he does not know why he feels so irritated after seeing Rajveer in this house and office, since everyone listens to Rajveer more then him including his own father who stands beside Rajveer once he comes in this house. Rakhi says that this is just his point of view and it is not necessary that this should be true because he is wrong, she advises him to change his point of view after which everything will change as they all love him a lot. Shaurya says nothing will change because if he does not like Rajveer then it will not happen, he angrily leaves saying she must let him stay like this, Rakhi gets very tensed.

Kritika comes asking Karina if they have completed the rituals when Karina says that she tied the Rakhi to Bhagwan but now is their turn, Karins says that first Maa is going to tell the story of Raksha Bandhan, they all agree when Garesh says that Bani Dadi says the same old story but Kritika mam says a short story, he informs everyone of it hearing which they all start smiling.

Bani Dadi asks Rajveer to come and sit beside her as she will tell the story, Mahesh also asks him to come mentioning that today Rajveer should listen the story, Bani Dadi tells the entire story regarding Raksha Bandhan to Rajveer, hen she completes everyone starts clapping. Rajveer thinks that he has not let anyone tie Rakhi to his hand when his biological sister will be right in front of his eyes. Rajveer says that he is going to leave for office, Rakhi asks what is the need to go to office when all his bosses are present here, Kritika asks Rajveer why does he seem so tensed when he should sit down.

Nidhi is standing on her bed when the person says he is not able to find Rangeli and she might have gone to take a stroll around her house. He tries to go and search for the snake when Nidhi stops him saying her entire family is celebrating the Raksha Bandhan, so she will go first and he can come after fifteen minutes.

Kritika says that her brothers should know that their sister has a beautiful smile and this should not become dull after the function, Rishab says that Karan has brought her watch but his surprise is going to be something else, Kritika is not able to bear it when Rishab says it is just a surprise for her. Mahesh suggests that karan and Rishab should first complete the ritual but Bani Dad stops saying it will start from Mahesh.

Mahesh rushes to bring the gift for Karina saying she should take it first otherwise she might also get restless like Kritika, Karina then fulfills the Arti and rituals of Raksha Bandhan. Bani Dadi then asks both Karan and Rishab to come and perform the ritual, Kritika standing performs the Arti and then ties the Rakhi on the hands of both Rishab and Karan, who are smiling and enjoying their event. Karan gets up to hug Kritika, she still teases Rishab while trying to feed the sweets, seeing which everyone starts smiling. Rajveer is constantly looking at Kavya thinking how he promised to always fulfill his duty as a brother and take care of her. Rajveer is emotional while Kavya is smiling.

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