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Maitree is urged by Nandini to give the children some time to adjust. ‘I can’t watch my kids in this situation,’ Maitree claims. She promises to depart. Harsh declares that he won’t let her go. They hear children screaming. They enter the room and enquire about the incident. Harsh is informed by Nandish that Juhi was trapped in the restroom. Maitree is asked by Nandish and Swayam to avoid them. Juhi is urged by Maitree not to be alarmed. Maitree is asked by Juhi not to approach her. There, Kusum shows up. Maitree exits the space. Harsh shatters the door to free Juhi.

Nandini requests that Maitree give the children some time to acclimate. Maitree said she cannot view her children in this light. She says she’s going to depart. Harsh vows he will not let her go. They can hear children yelling. They enter the room and inquire as to what transpired. Nandish informs Harsh that Juhi has been trapped in the bathroom. Nandish and Swayam request that Maitree remain away from them. Maitree tells Juhi not to be afraid. Juhi requests that Maitree not approach her. Kusum shows up. Maitree walks out of the room. Harsh bursts down the door and saves Juhi.

Harsh later tries to calm the child’s fears about Maitree’s Naagin form. Children claim they prefer Maitree to Naagin. Jhumki and the Occultist use their power to send two snakes inside Triveni Sadan to complete their task. Triveni’s Sadan is invaded by two snakes. Maitree demands that the Children hug her only once. In fright, the children hide behind Harsh. They are afraid when they see Snakes in the house. Children flee upstairs in terror. They are pursued by snakes. In her human form, Maitree decides to save children from snakes. Nandini approaches Juhi and promises her that nothing bad would happen to her. Swayam is saved from the snake by Harsh.

Nandish cries out for assistance. Maitree goes upstairs in search of Nandish. She notices Nandish is surrounded by snakes. She transforms into Shesh Naagin and warns Snakes to leave her child alone. Snake throws Maitree from the second floor. Maitree collapses to the ground and becomes human form. Everyone is concerned about Maitree. Maitree is surrounded by snakes. Maitree chants om Namah Shivaya, which summons Nagmani and causes the snakes to vanish. Maitree is knocked out. Harsh transports her home.

Kusum encounters an occultist and informs him that the snake charmer directed her to him. The occultist carries out his plan and instructs Kusum to use the lep he gave her to cleanse their home of Naagin. Kusum nods and departs. Jhumki observes everything from her hiding place. She emerges and informs the Occultist that with Kusum’s assistance, they can kidnap Swarnamani from Maitree. The occultist beams with delight.

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