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Sacred fabric that Nageswar Baba handed to Maitree has something in it since it saved your life, Maitree tells Nandini. Maitree claims she doesn’t know why Nageswar Baba handed her this. When Maitree notices that Jhumki is listening in on their chat, she hides the sacred fabric. Jhumki is questioned by Maitree as to why she is there. Jhumki claims she is there to inquire about Nandini’s health. She claims that because of the bad weather, there is a potential of accidentally wandering into a wild animal’s den, therefore it is best to exercise caution.

Later, Harsh confronts Maitree over her behaviour change. He asks Maitree to reveal what she is trying to conceal. When Maitree sees Jhumki, she stops herself from responding to him. After giving milk, Jhumki departs. Harsh is already dozing off, as Maitree observes. Rapid weather changes occur. Tiwari Sadan welcomes Nageshwar Baba. Closed by Maitree are all the windows. She is about to close when she notices Nageshwar Baba there and is startled. Maitree is made to enter the storage area by Nageshwar Baba.

Maitree looks through the warehouse. She discovers a box containing a sizable Rudraksha. She considers how it ends up in the storeroom. As Jhumki awakens. What sign does Maitree believe Nageshwar Baba is giving? There, Maitree notices Snane Skin. Maitree is aware that Jhumki is the rightful owner. If Maitree is dozing off or planning anything against her, Jhumki decides to find out. When Jhumki walks inside the Maitree’s room, she discovers that she is absent.

Rudraksha, according to Maitree, has just one opening. She looks inside the hole and recognises the Shiv Ling from the jungle. She makes the decision to return to the Shiv Ling to seek clarification. Maitree leaves the space. Swift challenges Maitree. The following day, Maitree resolves to visit the Shiv Ling to learn more about Naagin’s tale.

Nandini is instructed by Maitree to visit the Shiv Ling in order to discover more about Naagin’s tale. When Jhumki overhears their chat, she realises that Maitree and Nandini found out the truth. She makes the decision to find out which Shiv Ling Maitree is referring about.

When Maitree notices that Harsh is upset with her, she attempts to cheer him up. Maitree is thrown a box by Jhumki in Naagin form, but she manages to get away from it. Later, Jhumki attempts to stop her and offers Prashad. Maitree believes that nobody can prevent her from discovering the truth.

Om, Kusum, and the children attempt to leave in a car, but when Om notices the snake on the steering, the automobile loses control. Luckily, Ok brakes the car in time. What has happened, Maitree queries the Children. As per Nandish, they observed a snake. When Maitree notices Jhumki close by, she wonders why he is acting in that way.

Maitree is later taken with Nandish after he informs her that Harsh is in danger. Harsh is attempting to jump into the well when Maitree discovers him standing on it. Harsh is informed by Maitree that she is prepared to explain what transpired. Without listening to Nandini, Nd tells Harsh everything. Jhumki listens in on everything.

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