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Harsh is shown Jhumki’s reality by Nandini. When Jhumki sees Harsh’s picture, she declares that he will be hers forever and gives the picture a hug. Harsh enters the space and tells Jhumki that Maitree will always hold a special place in his heart and asks her to go. Jhumki is dragged outdoors while he holds her hand. Kusum queries Harsh about what occurred. He does not respond to her.

Tiwani Sadan is reached by Maitree. Harsh refuses to let Maitree into the Triveni Sadan, claiming that she betrayed the family and is no longer welcome there. Jhumki chuckles as she remembers hypnotising Harsh and other members of the household. Maitree solicits assistance from her relatives. Nobody replies. Maitree is aware that Jhumki sedated them. Harsh informs Maitree that Jhumki would take care of this house going forward and claims that Jhumki is this house’s daughter-in-law. Maitree is urged to embrace the truth by Jhumki. Harsh shuts the door in Maitree’s presence. Maitree is powerless.

Harsh is led to his bedroom by Jhumki while under hypnosis. Sitting close to the front door, Maitree sobs. Through the glass, Harsh notices Maitree. The window is closed by Jhumki. After remembering her previous interactions with Harsh, Maitree sobs as she walks out. Jhumki incites Maitree’s enemies within the Tiwari family.

Visiting Shiv Ling is Maitree. She begs God to assist her in winning back her family and husband. I know my Shiv won’t let me lose, she claims. There, Nageshwar appears. Nageshwar is informed by Maitree that when she just returned home, Jhumki had turned my family and Harsh against me. She begs him to give her another option. Maitree is instructed to wage her struggle by Nageshwar.

To free Harsh from the hypnosis, he gives her a Rudraksha. Maitree queries the necessity of saving her other relatives. Go save Harsh first, according to Nageshwar, since you will know how to save them when the right moment arrives.

Maitree pretended to be Shivay, a friend of Harsh. When Maitree visits Triveni Sadan, she gets to know her relatives. Who is he, Jhumki enquires. In order to get him to stay with his friend in the interim, Maitree tells him she is departing for a different country in two days. She queries why nobody has recognised her. He is asked to relax by Jhumki. The disguised Maitree requests Jhumki to introduce her and to let her know where she is. Jhumki claims she is the Tiwari family’s daughter-in-law. She accuses Maitrew of cheating on them, telling Shivay.

Disguised Maitree claims that what she did was wrong. Jhumki says we can’t talk about it because it’s a personal subject. Jhumki is requested by Maitree to take her to the guest room.

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