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Maitree asks Jhumki to show her room. Jhumki agrees. Jhumki takes Maitree to her room and tells her that this is her room for 2 days. Maitree in disguise accepted. Jhumki goes from there. Maitree closed doors and windows. Maitree took Rudraksha out of her suitcase.  

Jhumki suspects Shivay in disguise and decides to find out the truth. Maitree thinks that Rudraksh and the Sacred Ash should be placed on Harsh’s forehead as soon as possible to help him get out of Jhumki’s trance. Maitree felt uncomfortable and tried to take off her wig. Jhumki entered Maitree’s room in her snake form. Maitree notices Jhumki in snake form and screams in fear. The snake left the room. Jhumki takes on his human form. Maitree comes out of the room and sees Jhumki. Maitree in disguise asks Jhumki to call the snake catcher. Jhumki handled the situation and left. Maitree thinks she needs to be more careful.

After that, Maitree thinks that Jhumki won’t leave Harsh alone. She listens to music and leaves. She sees Jhumki dancing with Harsh and turns Harsh into her Nagaraj. Maitree thinks something must be done before Jhumki rips her husband apart by doing Naag. Jhumki feels someone is watching them. Maitree saw that Jhumki was paying attention in all directions. Master entered. 

Maitree couldn’t sleep. She walks out and sees Jhumki walking into the shop to exfoliate. Maitree thinks this is the right time for her to place the sacred Rudraksha on Harsh’s forehead and enter his room. Jhumki came out of the store with a new look. Maitree was about to place Sacred Rudraksha on Harsh but she hid when she heard the door. Jhumki hugs Harsh and tells him that he will soon become Nagraj.

Maitree plays Naagin, causing Jhumki to change direction. Jhumki couldn’t control himself and walked out of Harsh’s room. Maitree comes in front of Jhumki and challenges Jhumki to stop her from bringing Harsh out of her trance if she can. Maitree reveals to Jhumki that she entered the house as Shivai. She tells Jhumki that she cannot stop her from seeing her husband. She will meet Harsh. Jhumki decides to end Maitree’s chapter. Maitree notices that she has lost Rudraksha. 

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