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Doctor telling Maitree and family members that Harsh’s stitches are breaking open on their own and that if this continues, it will be difficult to rescue Harsh. Maitree requests that he not mention that. Maitree and Nandini watch Harsh’s stitches unravel in the mirror. Jhumki asks for assistance. Jhumki asks for assistance. The red snake appears. Jhumki informs the serpent that Maitree is becoming a stumbling block in her pursuit of Harsh.

Maitree begs Lord Shiv Ji to spare the life of Harsh. Nandini informs Maitree that Harsh’s bleeding continues. She suggests that they meet with Baba to solve Harsh’s dilemma. The crimson snake transforms into a person. Jhumki is overjoyed to meet her mother. Jhumki’s mother wonders why it took her so long to come to her. Jhumki embraces her. Jhumki’s mother begins the process and informs her that Harsh will be hers.

Maitree travels to meet with Baba. She notices Baba’s health is deteriorating. Rampur, Nagmani, according to Baba. The remaining Nageshwar followers request that Maitree not bother Baba. Maitree chooses to ask Jhumki about Naagmani. Jhumki’s mother informs her that they would require Harsh’s assistance to attain their goal. She dispatches a scorpion to assassinate Maitree.

Doctors are perplexed by Harsh’s condition. Nandini sends Om home to care for the children. Maitree looks for Jhumki. Under the moonlight, she notices a swarm of snakes. She runs into Jhumki and her mother. Maitree is surprised to see another Ichhadari naagin. Who is this new naagin, she wonders? Jhumki’s mother begs the Moon to provide her daughter some power so that she can win the fight. Maitree overhears their conversation and realises that Red Naagin is Jhumki’s mother. The moon provides energy to Jhumki.

Nandini dials Maitree’s number, but her phone does not connect. Jhumki’s mother requests that she halt her love drama, and she promises that if she marries Harsh, they would receive Swarnmani, who will aid them in ruling their serpent world. Jhumki concurs. Jhumki’s mother tells him to bring Harsh here because Swarnmani will save him. Maitree flees the scene. Jhumki suspects something. She notices Maitree’s anklet. Jhumki predicts that the scorpion will kill Maitree. Maitree phones Nandini and requests that Harsh be moved to another room. Nandini concurs. Maitree sets off to find Swarnmani. Maitree is helpless and sobs. She is in tears and begs Mahadev for assistance.

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Update Credit to: Tanaya

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