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Jhumki tells Maitree that she is trapping her and that nothing bad happens to her while she has Gangajal from the Occultist. Maitree tells Jhumki that she was on the verge of dying. Jhumki opens her eyes to see Maitree has vanished.

Jhumki approaches the big pit where Maitree was buried. Maitree runs away from Jhumki. She contacts Nandini and informs her that their spirit plan is successful. Nandini warns Maitree to be cautious. Maitree claims they would be liberated after Baba has captured Jhumki. Harsh approaches Nadini and agrees with Maitree. Maitree expresses her relief that he is OK and that the rest of the family will be fine once the Jhumki chapter concludes.

Jhumki throws the Kalash into the hole where Maitree was killed and drinks the water provided by the Occultist. Jhumki is dizzy and contemplates what is happening to her. Jhumki is approached by Maitree. ‘How did she escape from the kalash?’ Jhumki inquires of Maitree. Maitree tells Jhumki that she is not dead and tells her how Mahadev saved her. Jhumki collapses unconscious. Nandini phones Maitree and inquires about her well-being. Maitree says everything is going according to plan and hangs up the phone.

Harsh and Nandini afterwards wait for Maitree. They can hear the beckoning ring. Nandini excitedly answers the door, but they are taken aback when they see Jhumki. Jhumki confronts Nandini about her infidelity. She locks Nandini in the bed’s secret cupboard. Harsh appears to be under Jhumki’s grip. Harsh claims he never suspected Nandini of cheating on them. He inquires as to what transpired. Jhumki tells Harsh that she recognised it was all a sham before. He inquires as to what she did to Baba. She recalls killing a phoney Baba. Harsh inquires as to what she did with Maitree. Jhumki hugs Harsh and tells him that Maitree has received her sentence. Harsh inquires as to Maitree’s sentence. Jhumki lies to Harsh about Maitree’s arrest.

Jhumki is pictured entangling Maitree in a net. Jhumki informs Maitree that she has already slain phoney Baba, would kill Nandini at Triveni Sadan, and will kill you here. Maitree yells no.

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