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Harsh tells Jhumki that Maitree deserves to go to jail. Jhumki hugs Harsh and declares that she has a place in Harsh’s heart.

It is shown that Jhumki tells Maitree that she will die here. Jhumki summons three snakes using her power. Jhumki tells the snakes that the poison should be in Maitree’s veins. Jhumki then walks away. Maitree requests that Jhumki leave her alone.

Harsh is concerned about Maitree and wonders what happened to her. Harsh decides to start by getting Nandini out of bed.

Harsh drags Nandini out of bed and attempts to awaken her. Nandini’s face is splashed with water by Harsh. Harsh tells Nandini that he’s going to look for Maitree and begs her to keep a watch on Jhumki. Harsh goes in search of Maitree. Maitree comes to a halt and takes Harsh aside. Harsh inquires about Maitree’s well-being. Harsh is hugged by Maitree. Harsh expresses to Maitree her concern about him. Maitree claims that Nageswar Baba rescued her. Harsh tells Maitree that he was afraid when Jhumki bit her.

It is depicted how Nageswar Baba saved Maitree after she was bitten by Jhumki. Harsh and Maitree discuss how Maitree used sacred ash on his forehead to free him from Jhumki’s grip. Harsh inquires of Maitree as to what transpired today.

Nageswar Baba appears and saves Maitree from the snakes while playing the snake flute. Maitree questions Nageswar Baba about why he helps her so much despite the fact that he doesn’t know her. Nageswar tells Maitree that she does not need to know the reason. Nageswar tells Maitree that if Jhumki does the final Pooja. Harsh is about to turn into a snake. Nageswar is asked by Maitree how to halt Jhumki. Nageswar hands Maitree the sacred conch and instructs her that she must make Maitree touch Jhumki with the sacred conch in order for Jhumki to be fascinated by it.

Maitree tells Harsh that he must capture Jhumki using the Sacred Conch. Maitree tells herself that no power in the world will ever be able to separate Harsh and Maitree. Jhumki believes that after the final Pooja Harsh will become a Naag Raj.

Jhumki is revealed to be the ritual of turning Harsh into a snake. Jhumki does a dance around Harsh. Harsh uses a mystical conch to try to touch Jhumki. Maitree believes Harsh must do it because this is their only chance to overcome Jhumki. Maitree notices Harsh succumbing under Jhumki’s grip. Maitree hopes that Jhumki would not have control over Harsh.

Jhumki believes her spouse will appear soon after the Pooja. Nandini stops Maitree and tells her to be strong. Jhumki is depicted performing the ceremony. Maitree makes a prayer to God. Harsh throws away the sacred conch and collapses on the floor.

Maitree tells herself that she will not abandon Jhumki. Maitree arrives and separates Jhumki from Harsh. Jhumki is taken aback to see Maitree alive.

Maitree takes the precious conch and attempts to approach Jhumki, but Harsh grabs his leg. Nandini requests that Harsh leave Maitree. Harsh falls unconscious.

Jhumki inquires of Maitree whether this is a new weapon to defeat her. Nandini lets go of the cage’s rope, and the cage falls on Jhumki. Jhumki is imprisoned in the cage. Maitree takes the sacred conch and places it on Jhumki’s head. Jhumki transforms into a snake, turns into smoke, and enters the sacred conch, where she is trapped. Nageswar tells himself that Naagin’s game is ended.

Maitree approaches Harsh and tells him that everything is great now and that Jhumki is engrossed with the precious conch. Maitree notices Jhumki attempting to flee the precious conch. Maitree decides to offer Nageswar the sacred conch as soon as feasible.

Maitree and Harsh visit Nageswar Baba and present him with the precious conch. Nageswar Baba tells Maitree and Harsh that they have done their duty and that he will now take care of this Naagin. Nageswar guarantees that this Naagin would not bother them again. Nageswar Baba is thanked by Maitree and Harsh.

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