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Nageshwar assures Maitree and Harsh that Jhumki will no longer bother them. Harsh and Maitree express their gratitude and go. Nageshwar notices the conch and declares that he would not allow Jhumki to play with anyone’s life. Harsh and Maitree arrive home. Nandini cheerfully embraces Maitree. Maitree informs Nandini that Jhumki is in Nageshwar’s custody and inquires whether any family members have emerged from Jhumki’s hypnosis. Nandini reports that family members are fine but still feeble.

Maitree walks to everyone’s room and feels relieved to see that her family is all right. Maitree walks into her room. Harsh expresses gratitude to her. Maitree remarks on it and embraces him. Maitree informs Harsh that they are happy due of Nageshwar Baba. They are appreciative for his assistance. Maitree and Harsh agree that no one can separate them.

Nageshwar excavates a hole and attempts to bury the conch. Black Snake emerges from the hole and enchants him, preventing him from reaching his bean. Nageshwar resists Snake’s grasp and drops the conch. Maitree notices the dramatic change in weather. She informs Harsh that it’s a bad indication and that they need to meet Nageshwar right now. Jhumki manages to escape from the conch. Jhumki queries Nageshwar about why he aided Maitree in her fight against her. Nageshwar claims to be in favour of the truth. Jhumki claims he acted wrongly by preventing her from regaining custody of her husband. Maitree and Harsh arrive at Baba’s house and look for Nageshwar.

Nageshwar is bitten by Jhumki. In anguish, Nageshwar yells Alakniranjan. Maitree hears his yell and hurries in that direction. Nageshwar dies after telling Jhumki that her end is inscribed in Maitree’s hand. Jhumki claims Maitree is nothing more than a puppet of his, and she has no power over her.

Maitree approaches Nageshwar. She finds Baba is no longer alive and Jhumki has escaped from the conch. Nageshwar Baba’s associate arrives and sobs near Nageshwar’s body. Maitree requests that he perform Nageshwar Baba’s dying rituals. Maitree informs Harsh that they must return home before Jhumki causes harm to her family. They return home.

Jhumki arrives at Triveni Sadan. She decides to punish Harsh for betraying her. When Harsh and Maitree arrive home, they realise that their family members are not in their rooms. Maitree notices the hissing sound and informs Harsh that it is all Jhumki’s fault. They emerge and discover that their family members are hypnotised.

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