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Jhumki tells Harsh that he deceived her and that he must pay for it. Jhumki tells Harsh that he will not be punished, but that his family will be punished. Jhumki claims that his children will die first. She goes to the kids in snake shape. She attempts to bite them. Harsh urges Jhumki to leave his family and tells her that he is willing to accompany her. Jhumki warns him not to fool her again. Harsh is asked to promise her that he would marry her. Maitree sobs. Harsh expresses his intention to marry Jhumki. Maitrre suspects he is caving in to Jhumki’s desire to save their family.

Later, Maitree informs Harsh that she would prevent Jhumki from snatching him. She claims that Nageshwar Baba told her that Icchadari Naagin will perform puja on Pournami night to see her, and that I will stop that puja. Harsh advises her not to do anything since it will destroy their family. Maitree informs him that she cannot lose him to Jhumki and that Mahadev will assist their Jodi. Harsh embraces her.

Maitree walks downstairs and observes Nandini in her hynotozation state walking on the railing. Maitree is startled and cries out for Nandini’s safety. Jhumki smiles at this. Maitree requests that Jhumki not harm her family. Jhumki urges Maitree not to see Harsh again and not to try to halt our marriage, or else I would murder Nandini first, followed by your family. Maitree claims she will not take any action against her. Nandini is summoned to Jhumki’s chamber. Maitree is at ease.

The next day, Om, Kusum, and Nandini plan Jhumki and Harsh’s wedding. Jhumki believes she should not underestimate Maitree. She walks inside Maitree’s room. She forces Maitree to sit in the chair and ties her to it with rope. Maitree urges Jhumki to leave and assures her that she will not harm her. Jhumki refuses to trust her and departs. Maitree pulls over how to stop Jhumki.

Jhumki is shown a wedding banner made by the children. Jhumki is overjoyed and tells them how wonderful it is. Harsh pulls Jhumki away and tells her not to hurt Maitree. Jhumki promises him that after their marriage, she will leave Maitree. She assures him that after their marriage, she will take him to Naaglok, and that Maitee will never see them again. Maitree smashes a window and frees herself with a shattered mirror. Jhumki heads upstairs after hearing a noise.

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