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Maitree attempting to escape via the window. Maitree jumps out the window and outside. Harsh prevents Jhumki from accessing Maitree’s closed room, claiming that Kusum has summoned her for some rite. Harsh removes Jhumki from this location.

Maitree approaches Shivling and begs him to teach her the road to what she needs to do next.Jhumki tells Harsh that she has written her name in Mehandi and that it is now his chance to locate his name in her Mehandi. Harsh concurs.

Maitree believes that if Nageswar baba was still alive, he would have shown her the way. Maitree is visited by the Golden Snake. The Golden Snake transports Maitree to the disciple of Nageswar Baba.

After speaking with Nageswar Baba’s disciple, Maitree learns that Jhumki murdered all of Nageswar Baba’s disciples, leaving only him alive. Maitree inquires of Nageswar baba’s student whether there is a solution to stop Jhumki. The disciple of Nageswar baba tells Maitree that Nageswar baba previously taught him about a way. Nageswar baba’s disciple tells Maitree that if she can find Jhumki Kechli in her snake form and Jhumki’s hair in her human form, they can perform a rite to bring peace to the dead snake’s soul. Maitree asks Nageswar baba’s student if he will perform the ceremony when she brings Jhumki’s Kechli in snake form and hair in human form.
Nageswar baba’s pupil first refuses, but is persuaded after Maitree persuades him.

Jhumki decides to visit Maitree. Jhumki enters Maitree’s chamber. Harsh learns through Nandini that Jhumki is on her way to Maitree’s room and attempts to stop her.

Harsh tries to prevent Jhumki from entering Maitree’s room, but Jhumki ignores him and goes to check on Maitree. Jhumki discovers Maitree is disappeared. Jhumki is enraged at Maitree’s escape from here. Jhumki intends to murder Maitree’s family in order to teach Maitree a lesson.

Jhumki transforms into a snake and prepares to bite the children. Harsh tries to stop Jhumki from murdering the children. Maitree yells at Jhumki and tells him to stop. Jhumki assumes human form and inquires of Maitree what she is doing here. Maitree informs Jhumki that the safety of her husband and family is her top priority. She claims you summoned me to witness your marriage to Harsh, so I freed myself and came here. Jhumki threatens to destroy her family if she interferes with the marriage. Maitree says she will not intervene in the marriage.

Kusum summons Harsh and Jhumki to perform the ceremony. Jhumki and Harsh are depicted performing the Haldi process.

Harsh returns to his room after some time. Maitree shuts the door and tells Harsh that she understands how to beat Jhumki. Maitree says she needs Jhumki’s hair and Kechli before they perform the ceremony and terminate Jhumki’s game. Maitree instructs Harsh to continue diverting Jhumki while she handles the rest. Harsh concurs. Jhumki requests Harsh to unlock the door because he has been inside for a long time.

Jhumki is suspicious because he hasn’t opened the door in a long time. Harsh pushes open the door. Jhumki enters the room and asks Harsh why he is taking so long to unlock the door and who else is in the room besides him. Harsh claims that no one else is present. Outside the window, Maitree is pictured standing on the sun cover. Harsh asks Jhumki to trust him so that they can progress in their relationship. Jhumki concurs.

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