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Maitree throwing Jhumki’s hair and skin in the flames of the Yagya. Jhumki screams in pain. She declares that she will not be swayed by Maitree. Baba assures Maitree that the procedure is being carried out appropriately. He requests that Maitree perform the final sacrifice. Maitree picks up Jhumki’s skin and hair. Jhumki appears and shouts in a loud voice. In terror, everyone closes their ears. Maitree’s hand flew Jhumki’s hair and skin away. Jhumki warns Maitree that defeating her will be difficult. Maitree is pushed aside by her.

Jhumko confronts Harsh and asks him why he tried to deceive her again. Jhumki’s skin and hair are collected by Maitree. She tries to throw them into the Yagya fire, but Jhumki intervenes. Jhumki informs Maitree that she promised Harsh that she would not harm her, which is why she left her alive, but no one can stop her from sending Harsh to Naglok. She switches off the lights and departs with Harsh. Children scream in terror. Maitree lights the fuse.

Harsh is not present, as Maitree and others observe. Baba instructs Maitree to use the Shiv’s Trident to save Harsh in Nagpur. Maitree promises to retrieve the Trident and save Harsh. Baba believes it will be difficult to obtain the Trishul owing to the protection, but it is the only option to save Harsh. Maitree promises to save Harsh. Nandini informs Maitree that she will accompany her. Maitree concurs. They depart for Trishul’s house.

Jhumki informs Harsh, who is comatose, that she will convert him into Snake and take him to Naglok with her. Maitree and Nandini arrive to Trishul’s location, where snakes and Rakshak protect the Shiv’s trident. Nandini advises Maitree that they should depart. Maitree tells Nandini that snakes have a place in the world. She folds her hands and begs Snakes to let her take the Trident. She takes a step forward. Snakes yield to Maitree.

Rakshak notices Maitree from his hiding place. Maitree expresses gratitude to Snakes. Maitree raises the Trident and chants the Om Namah Shivaya Mantra. Jhumki notices weather variations and realises that somebody is working against her. She believes she must be cautious tonight since no one else can stop her.

Maitree thanks Mahadev and promises to close Jhumki’s chapter with Trishul. Agori Baba interrupts Maitree and requests that the Trident be kept at his location. Maitree inquires as to his identity. He claims to be the temple’s defender. Maitree explains her condition to him, but he refuses to listen. Agoris use their weaponry to surround Maitree. Maitree claims she is willing to die for her spouse.

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