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Maitree is blessed by Nageshwar Baba’s snake. Trident’s Rakshak Agori discovers Maitree’s assistance from Nageshwar Baba. He gives Maitree the Trident and instructs her to kill Jhumki.

Jhumki notices the pournami moon in the water vessel and begins the procedure to complete Harsh’s naagin transformation. Maitree and Nandini arrive in Rampur and encounter Nageshwar’s disciple. The student of Nageshwar requests that Maitree place the Trishul on Jhumki’s forehead, which reduces her power and prevents her from taking on her snake form for some time. Maitree expresses gratitude to him for guiding her. He claims he told them everything he knows and that she now had to get rid of Jhumki. Maitree concurs.

Jhumki completes the ceremony with Harsh. She brightens and adds, “Finally, I’ll get my Naag back.” Maitree and Nandini arrive. Maitree attempts to attack Jhumki. Trishul hits the Naag image on the stone after Jhumki pushes Maitree. Harsh collapses to the ground. Maitree visits Harsh.

Jhumki becomes infuriated and hurls the Trishul towards Maitree, but it stabs and injures Harsh. Everyone is taken aback. Jhumki declares that she would not let anything happen to Harsh and attempts to approach him. Jhumki is pushed away by Maitree. She grabs Trishul and warns Jhumki to keep her husband away from her. Harsh, according to Jhumki, is her husband. Maitree claims she has exceeded all boundaries. She tries to stab Jhumki with the Trishul, but Jhumki vanishes. Maitree notices Harsh’s health is deteriorating.

Harsh is summoned from the snake realm by Maitree and Nandini. They seek assistance, but no one believes them. Maitree notices the Tofu cart. Harsh is loaded into the cart by Maitree and Nandini. Nandini informs Maitree that Harsh is seriously bleeding. Maitree begs God to help her save her spouse. Maata Rani Chunri flies through the air and lands on Harsh. Mercifully, Maitree. They notice the vehicle as it approaches. Maitree slows down, putting her life in danger. They rush Harsh to the hospital, but they are unaware that Jhumki is accompanying them in snake shape.

Doctors do surgery on Harsh in the operating room. Nandini reassures Maitree that Harsh will be alright. Jhumki discovers Harsh’s location and travels to the jungle. The doctor appears and informs Maitree that Harsh’s condition is critical and that they would be unable to patch his wound.

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