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Maitree notices a brilliant light coming from a tree burrow. She drags Mani out of the tree burrow. She is overjoyed because she believes it would save her husband, but she is disappointed when Swarnamani’s radiance fades. She notices Mani’s coloration. She recalls Baba’s remarks and realises that the Swarnamani she received is a forgery.

Harsh is given blood by the doctor. Nandini on the phone thanks her mother for sending her money. Nandini decides to contact Baba in order to stop Jhumki. Maitree recalls Baba’s sign and paints a circle on the ground. Maitree realises she must overcome barriers posed by Air, Earth, Fire, and Sky in order to reach Swarnamani. Maitree builds Shiv Ling and performs pooja for her.

Jhumki dresses up as a nurse. Kusum dials Nandini’s number. Nandini walks out to chat to Kusum because she can’t obtain a phone signal. Jhumki walks into Harsh’s room at that point. Maitree catches a firefly in her hand. Maitree inquires of Firefly whether she came to inform her about Agnipariksha. A few more fireflies encircle Maitree. Maitree is perplexed. Firefly lands on Maitree’s hand and instantly changes into flames.

Because of her clothes, the doctor suspects Jhumki is a nurse. He inquires about the availability of blood. Jhumki manipulates him with her deception. The doctor has left. Maitree becomes entangled in the fire circle. Maitree considers how she will get out of the fire circle. Jhumki informs Harsh, who is unconscious, that she has come to take him to Swarnamani. Maitree invokes Mahadev by chanting his name. The fire becomes hotter, but Maitree trusts God and continues forward, which cools it down.

Jhumki tries to kidnap Harsh. Nandini will be there at that time. Jhumki realises Nandini is deceiving her by donning Maitree’s saree. Jhumki inquires of Nandini about Maitree’s whereabouts. Maitree gains another Gem. Maitree believes she must cross three more padavs to reach Swarnmani. Jhumki attempts to murder Nandini.

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