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Sumeet escorts Shlok onto a bus, assuring him that she will help him overcome his trauma. She settles him into a seat on the bus.

Meanwhile, Raunak suggests to Shagun that it’s the perfect time to celebrate their victory. However, Shagun believes they should wait until they actually win the final task in two hours. She’s wary of Sumeet’s capabilities and prefers to wait.

Inside the bus, Sumeet shares her plan with everyone. She proposes reenacting the bus accident that traumatized Shlok, believing it’s the only way to bring him back from his pain. She offers a prayer.

Raj, following Sumeet’s plan, starts driving the bus and pretends that the brakes have failed. Shlok remains motionless, not reacting to the situation. However, he starts recalling the same lines his father, Anand, used during the actual accident. He begins calling out for his father while Ashok plays along, reenacting Anand’s actions to save the family. Shlok becomes increasingly uncomfortable as he relives the past events and searches for his father on the bus. Sumeet prays for his well-being.

Raunak stirs up Shagun, insinuating that Sumeet is recreating Anand’s death and will win the task. Shagun reassures Raunak that they will win this time, and she has everything planned.

When Shagun leaves, Raunak secretly desires Sumeet and plots something dangerous involving her.

Shlok exits the bus and believes he’s speaking to his father, Ashok. Sumeet instructs the others to prepare for the next phase of the plan. Ashok advises Shlok to protect the family from Shagun’s schemes. Shlok observes that the family members are handcuffed and chained, imploring him to rescue them. Overwhelmed, he promises to save them.

Shagun, along with her goons, arrives before Sumeet can conclude her plan. She reveals to Shlok that the person he was talking to is Ashok, not Anand. She admits that Anand passed away three years ago, but they all lied to Shlok because he couldn’t handle the trauma. She accuses Shlok of being mentally unstable, which deeply affects him. Sumeet tries to intervene, but the goons prevent her from reaching Shlok. Shagun turns Ashok around and discloses that he’s the one who sent letters and impersonated Shlok’s father. Shagun continues to taunt Shlok, insisting that he belongs in a mental hospital. Shlok becomes sick and collapses, while Shagun claims she has driven her husband to madness. She asserts that they will now lose the task and become her servants for life.

After Shagun leaves, Sumeet and Poonam attempt to reassure Shlok that he isn’t insane, but he remains unresponsive. Shlok declares himself as mad and flees. Amidst the chaos, Raunak kidnaps Shlok. Poonam asks Sumeet about Shlok’s whereabouts, and they realize Shlok has been taken away in Raunak’s car, leaving them wondering where he has been taken.

Precap: Sumeet shouts leave me Raunak. Raunak says last 2 minutes are left, after that you have to do as I say. Poonam slaps Raunak in front of everyone. Shagun shouts in anger at Poonam and says if you want me to leave your son then you have to clean my son’s shoes with your tongue.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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