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Sumeet sees Shlok inside a car. Poonam says this car is of Raunak. Raj attempts to chase them but discovers that his tire is flat. Raj and Sumeet go to Raunak’s house and confront Shagun, urging her to stop the drama. Shagun claims she went there to reveal something to Shlok that he should have known three years ago. Shlok remembers Sumeet’s words about his father’s death three years ago. Sumeet accuses Shagun of acting innocent and not acknowledging her son’s role in kidnapping Shlok.

Raj informs Shagun that her son, Raunak, is responsible for Shlok’s kidnapping. Sumeet warns Shagun that if Raunak harms Shlok in any way, he will regret it. Shagun secretly hopes that Raunak doesn’t do anything reckless. Sumeet receives a message from Raunak, instructing her to meet him alone. She suggests to Raj that they should search for Shlok separately and reassures Raj that she can handle herself.

Raunak blindfolds Sumeet and threatens her, demanding that she listens to him, or he will harm Shlok. Raj becomes anxious about Sumeet’s safety and begins searching for her. Priyanka is about to follow Raj, but Pankhuri intervenes, attempting to slap Priyanka. Raj intervenes and commends Priyanka for her intelligence, acknowledging that Priyanka saved her from disgrace within her own family.

Raunak dresses Sumeet as a bride and instructs her to dance for him. Sumeet remains confident that she can still win the task and inquires about Shlok’s whereabouts. Raunak reveals a glass box with Shlok inside, gradually filling with sand. He informs Sumeet that within ten minutes, the box will be full, causing Shlok to suffocate and die unless she dances for him. Sumeet realizes she must wake Shlok within these ten minutes.

However, Shagun enters with Sumeet’s family, held captive by armed goons. Shagun insists she’s there to rescue Raunak. Raunak, now asserting his control, states that everyone will do as he pleases. Shagun orders Priyanka to prepare a drink for her son and the other men.

Shagun compels Rajiv to dress as a girl and dance. She then commands Poonam to massage her legs and instructs Sumeet to dance continuously. Shagun warns that if Sumeet’s dancing stops, Shlok will die. Raunak makes inappropriate advances toward Sumeet, provoking Poonam to slap him in anger. Shagun chastises Poonam for insulting her and harming her son. She orders her men to fill the box with sand, threatening to kill Shlok. Everyone watches in horror as sand begins to fill the box with Shlok inside.

Precap: Shlok and Raj choking Raunak in sand. Shagun shouts please stop it and struggle to get free. Shlok says to her till the time you don’t return Akki to us, Raunak will be struggling for his life. Shagun says wait I’ll tell you where Akki is.
Shagun says to Raunak they think they won because they got Akki and Shlok has his voice but they wont be able to celebrate because Akki is not empty hands, Shagun ties time bomb in his hand

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