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Abir takes a sip of tea and gives the cup to Neerja to have it and insists her. Neerja awkwardly has a sip. Neerja thinks about Pratima crying and tells Abir that he is so lucky that he has so many people he loves around him. Abir asks Neerja why is she upset and asks was she crying? Neerja smiles and says I am fine. Abir says don’t lie I can see you are upset. Abir says I will make you happy and says I will be back. Abir gives Neerja a feather and tickles her. Both have fun together. Both slip and fall on the bed. Abir says don’t worry I will never hurt you because I love you. Abir gets close to Neerja, Neerja pushes her and says I will go get breakfast.

Munmun walks to Abir in his room and asks why is he upset. Abir says Neerja looks upset and she isn’t telling me why. Munmun says I have an idea to make her happy after all she is the new bride.

Everyone sitting together. Moushmi asks why has Abir called us here. Abir gets dressed and walks to everyone. Moushmi says you look so handsome. Abir says all thanks to Sarthak because he styled it. Moushmi looks at Sarthak but doesn’t acknowledge Sarthak feels bad. Neerja dressed in a red saree walks down to everyone. Abir can’t take his eyes off her. Neerja asks Abir, why did he ask her to wear this saree. Abir says we have been married for 8 days now and we will go to your house for after-wedding rituals. Neerja in shock looks at Bijoy.
Munmun thinks now the drama will begin. Abir says we will all go to the orphanage, you are missing them too. Neerja says I am very happy here. Munmun whispers to Kaushik, I planned this, now we will go to the orphanage and find Neerja’s weakness. Munmun and Kaushik bet on a diamond set weather Pishi Maa will allow Neerja and Abir.

Pishi Maa says to Abir, listen to me. Abir hugs Pishi Maa and says I won’t leave you until you say yes. Pishi Maa says I knew you would do something like this, you two can go. Munmun says to Kaushik, you will get OTP of my necklace.
Pishi Maa asks Moushmi to make arrangements. Abir says to Neerja lets go.

Bijoy asks Pishi Maa why did she allow, who will do the rituals in the orphanage. Kaushik says we will go with Abir and helo them. Bijoy asks what about the office. Kaushik says you anyways trust Sarthak more than me. Pishi Maa says okay let Kaushik and Munmun accompany them.

Abir, Neerja and Bijoy are in the car together. Abir asks Neerja, she will be meeting her closed ones she must be very happy.
Munmun and Kaushik are very excited to find Neerja’s secret.

Pishi Maa asks Laltu to get breakfast for Sarthak. Sarthak has a bite and says it’s tasteless. Pishi Maa asks Moushmi to give halwa to Sarthak to taste. Moushmis ays I will give later. Sarthak feels bad and leaves. Moushmi says to Laltu she will teach him how to cook and asks him to send Sarthak tiffin. Pishi Maa says to Moushmi, I understand you can’t stand Sarthak but he only looks for love from you, at least give him some reason to stay happy. Moushmi says how can I give someone happiness when I am not happy.

Munmun remembers going to Snagachi with Abir to meet Trisha. Munmun asks Bappa to focus on his phone. Kaushik says could Neerja be from Sonagachi. Munmun says Baba can do anything for Neerja and if this happens to be the truth we will be the king and queen of Bagchi Mansion.
Bappa records everything.

Pratima unwell. Didun walks to her and says Neerja is coming and go cook for her. Everyone arrives at Sonagachi. Didun welcomes everyone. Kaushik says this is Sonagachi, we reputed people don’t come here. Didun says the way towards the orphanage is through Sonagachi.
Munmun asks Bappa to wait in the car. Kaushik gets happy that Bijoy has brought Neerja from Sonagachi. Kaushik starts looking at girls in Sonagachi.
Didun asks Kaushik to be careful.

Pre cap: Neerja wants to meet Pratima, Didun says ask Bijoy to add 50,000rs extra in this months rent.

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