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In her room, Sumeet is left with only thirty minutes to convince her family members to participate in the task set by Shagun. She prays for divine help. Rajiv, carrying a bucket of water, accidentally drops it, leading to a loose wire that starts releasing an electric current towards Mayra. Sumeet rushes to the scene and urgently asks Rajiv to turn off the main fuse. Despite Rajiv struggling with the fuse box, with Sumeet’s quick thinking and Shlok’s assistance, they manage to save Mayra from harm.

Shlok lifts Sumeet in his arms, and she holds Mayra carefully. Sumeet takes this moment to illustrate to her family that unity can help them tackle Shagun’s challenges. To inspire them, she brings Kesar laddoo from the temple. She explains that by applying saffron tilak from the laddoo, she can recognize which drums her family members are in due to the distinct scent. Meanwhile, Abhay overhears Vani on the phone, triggering his distress about the doctor’s revelation of his infertility and Vani’s alleged infidelity.

Abhay confronts Vani about the call and expresses his anger for not prioritizing him. Masoom intervenes, supporting Vani and insisting that she won’t tolerate Abhay’s mistreatment. Vani suspects Shagun’s role in creating misunderstandings in their relationship and pledges not to let Shagun succeed.

At the Independence Day program, Sumeet arrives alone, facing Shagun’s mockery about her family’s alleged cowardice. However, Shagun is stunned when Shlok’s entire family arrives, all of them having applied saffron to their bodies, as suggested by Sumeet. Shagun, taken aback, taunts them for embracing a life of servitude on Independence Day. She covers Sumeet’s eyes and ears, instructing her men to place the family members in the drums.

Poonam bravely challenges Shagun, stating that truth will always prevail. All the family members, except Shlok, are sealed inside drums. Shagun informs Shlok that they are short of one drum, so he must remain outside. Shlok is bound and seated on a chair. Shagun reveals Shlok’s position, and Sumeet prepares to start her task. Although her plan to recognize family members through saffron scent fails when Shagun sprays the scent in the air, Sumeet remains resolute not to betray her family’s trust and disappoint Shlok.

Vani shares with Abhay that they’ve been called for the first ultrasound of their baby. However, Abhay vehemently refuses, expressing his unwillingness to accept the baby. Shagun then announces that the air will be filled with saffron scent, shocking Sumeet as her plan seems to be foiled. She wrestles with her dilemma, torn between upholding her family’s trust and the video evidence of Akki in pain shown by Shagun. Sumeet is left unsure of what to do next.

Precap: Sumeet says it’s your game with your rules but we will win the game we successfully completed first task 5 more to go.
Shagun tells her about a traitor in her family. Sumeet says no one in my family will join hands with you. Shagun says open your eyes and find the traitor from these pictures because this is your second task.

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