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People were excited about playing the drums. Shagun told Sumeet she had only six minutes left to start playing. Shlok kept telling her not to play. However, Sumeet remembered Akki crying and picked up the drumsticks. Shlok shouted, saying no one should play the drums. All the family members were sitting quietly with their mouths tied near the drums. Shagun smirked as Sumeet began to play the drum. Sumeet stood in front of an empty drum, and Shagun tried to distract her. She thought of a way to figure out which drum was empty.

Sumeet thought that if light passed through the drum, she could see the reflection and figure out which drums had family members inside and which were empty. She used a spotlight on each drum to check. Sumeet found the empty one because it didn’t reflect light and started playing it when only a second was left. She continued to beat the drum and asked for the family members to be released. Everyone clapped around Shagun while Sumeet kept playing. Shagun felt defeated. Rajiv went and untied Shlok, asking if he was okay.

Shlok hugged Poonam and then went to Sumeet. Sumeet told Shagun that the game and rules were hers, but the victory belonged to truth and discipline. They had already won the first task and would win the remaining five as well. Raj held one of Sumeet’s hands, and Shlok held the other as they went towards the flag and hoisted it together. The family members saluted the national flag, including Shagun unwillingly. Sumeet thanked God for their victory. Rajiv admitted he was scared, but everything ended well. He shared sweets with everyone. Poonam reminded them that it was just the beginning, and they didn’t know what Shagun would plan next.

Anju worried about Akki, and Sumeet suspected that Shagun had already kidnapped him. Raj praised Sumeet, and she wondered why Shagun sprayed saffron, which wasn’t usual for Independence Day. Poonam suggested they have a meal. Shlok had a panic attack and poured water on himself to calm down.

Shlok screamed, and Poonam tried to comfort him. He was in a panic, hearing the drum sounds in his ears. Shlok worried that Shagun would return. Poonam reassured him that they would face everything together. Pankhuri gave Raj a bouquet of red roses, but he misunderstood that Priyanka had given it. Shagun brought a scale and threatened them, saying it would be used to tally wins. Sumeet suspected Shagun was planning something.

Precap: Sumeet declared that no one in her family would join hands with Shagun. Shagun challenged her to find the traitor from some pictures in the second task. Sumeet walked back home, looking at everyone and wondering who the traitor could be.

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