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Sumeet goes to meet Shagun. Shagun says she knows Sumeet wants to know about the second game. Sumeet says she won’t play any games until she sees Akki. Shagun connects a video call, and Sumeet talks to a scared Akki who’s crying and asks Sumeet to save him. Shagun takes the phone and blindfolds Sumeet. She sprinkles saffron, and Sumeet recognizes the scent. Shagun asks how Sumeet knew about the saffron idea, which was hers. Shagun reveals she got the information from one of the family members. She shows Sumeet photos of all the family members and says one of them betrayed her and wants her to lose the game.

Shagun tells Sumeet she needs to find the family member who shared the information as her second task. Masoom brings juice and snacks to Vani and asks if she’s going alone to the doctor. Vani gets emotional and hugs Masoom. Abhay apologizes to Vani for his behavior. Vani comforts him, saying things will be better when their baby arrives. A flashback shows Masoom taunting Abhay about his past, and he can’t forgive Vani’s mistake.

Sumeet tells Shagun that she’s trying to break their family’s unity with this task. Shagun reminds her that on one side is Shlok and on the other is Akki, so she must play the game and find the traitor. Priyanka stumbles and falls into Raj’s arms. She’s there to apply mehendi to Vani. Raj mentions that Priyanka is a family member, but she defends her job and how it helps her family, leaving Raj speechless.

Sumeet tells Raj about the second task and her reluctance to doubt her family. Raj suggests that if someone is a traitor, their true nature will be revealed. Priyanka misunderstands their conversation and thinks they’re doubting her family members.

The family prepares for Teej and plans a surprise for Sumeet. Abhay blames the baby for his issues with Vani and hopes things will get better once the baby is gone.The family cheers for Sumeet and enjoys with her. Rajiv asks Sumeet about her next task. Priyanka arrives home and starts taunting Sumeet, accusing her of doubting the family. She questions how Sumeet can doubt them and thinks someone helped Shagun. Shlok becomes uncomfortable and remembers the first task. The family members question Sumeet, and Shlok gets agitated, scolding Sumeet and throwing a vessel of boiling milk. He urges Sumeet not to break the family and compares her to Shagun. Sumeet cries and denies it. Shlok pleads with Sumeet not to play the game.
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