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Sumeet pleads with Poonam, asking her to allow her to go to Pakistan to save Shlok, fearing she’ll regret it later for not trying to save him. Poonam makes Sumeet wear red bangles and gives her a blessing for a happy married life. She also gifts her a Ganesh idol to keep with her for protection. Sumeet promises to bring back Shlok and Akki from Pakistan.

Sumeet joins the band that’s heading to Pakistan, and she sings with them.

Shlok, disguised as Adil, keeps himself and Akki hidden. Shlok holds a red rose and fondly remembers his moments with Sumeet. Sumeet, too, can’t help but think of Shlok as she sings and hugs Shlok’s photo. Shlok senses Sumeet’s presence and hopes to find a way back to her soon.

The band members announce their arrival in Pakistan. Sumeet witnesses a person being mistreated at the India-Pakistan border and resolves to bring Shlok and Akki back no matter what. Sumeet touches the soil of Pakistan and remarks on the similarities between both countries, wondering why the bridge of enmity cannot be filled.

At the border, Bilawal confronts Sumeet and the other band members, questioning their secretive behavior. Sumeet explains they’ve come for a cultural festival performance for Ganesh Chaturthi and have the necessary permissions from both governments. However, a Pakistani constable attempts to unveil Lord Ganesh’s idol, but Sumeet intervenes, insisting they cannot uncover it so casually.

Bilawal asserts his authority, stating that his rules apply here. Sumeet firmly refuses to reveal the idol before the puja, even if all of Pakistan gathers there. She begins chanting “Ganpati Bappa Morya” and firmly stands her ground. Bilawal becomes infuriated, demanding to see the idol unveiled and requesting legal papers for it.

Sumeet continues to chant, confronting Bilawal and emphasizing that Ganesha is the almighty who doesn’t require permission to go anywhere. Bilawal dismisses the idol as mere soil and challenges Sumeet to pray to her god to find a way to cross the border if she truly believes in it.

Shlok and Akki reach a mansion, and Shlok introduces himself as Adil from the United States. They engage in conversation with a lady, and a person secretly records their interaction. The lady playfully talks about their childhood and praises Shlok’s good looks. She introduces herself as Adil’s brother-in-law. Shlok explains that Akki is mute and cannot speak.

Back at the border, Sumeet prays to God, and suddenly, a swarm of mice appears, causing chaos among Bilawal and his fellow inspectors. This diversion allows Sumeet to cross the border unnoticed.

Precap: Bilawal says to his members on the pretext of Ganesh Utsav, she came to our country to save her husband but I’ll trap her in drug smuggling case.
Bilawal checks Sumeet’s case and take out drugs from it. Sumeet smiling. Bilawal says are you out of your mind, you smiling after seeing drugs

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