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Everyone in the house is busy doing their work. Sumeet brings tea for her dad and tries to talk to Shlok while he cleans his bike. He ignores her, but their dad tells Shlok that Sumeet is fasting for Teej, so he should make her sit on the swing and push it. Shlok refuses, but Sumeet cleverly mentions a honeybee nearby and convinces Shlok to sit on the swing with her. She says the ritual is done and tries to talk to Shlok, but he gets angry and leaves, accusing her of working against his family.

Shagun calls Sumeet, showing her Akki tied up with a bomb. She warns Sumeet to find the traitor quickly or the bomb will explode. Sumeet is upset but knows she can’t give up because she needs to save Akki and Shlok. Shagun plans to make Shlok lose his mind completely, thinking Sumeet won’t be able to stop her. Shlok’s uncle tells Poonam about a powerful monk on their street who can take away people’s problems. Sumeet overhears and sees an opportunity to move forward.

Abhay makes a smoothie with papaya to harm Vani’s unborn child. Before he can give it to her, Masoom intervenes, throws it away, and scolds Abhay for his carelessness. Anju informs Poonam that they are cooking for the fast, but Sumeet is missing. The family hears about a monk with special powers in the neighborhood and decides to bring him home to solve their problems.

Shlok wonders why the monk is hiding behind curtains. Rajiv explains that the monk’s face has too much radiation due to his meditation power, so normal people can’t look at him directly. It’s actually Sumeet in disguise using this opportunity to find the traitor. She hopes Shlok won’t recognize her. She picks a name chit for a house visit, pretending to be Ashok Chowdhury. The family brings Sumeet (disguised as the monk) home. Pankhuri thinks about securing her future by being with Raj. Shlok tries to see her face, but she avoids it.

When Anju offers water, Sumeet tosses it aside, claiming the house is cursed because someone among them is collaborating with the enemy. She suspects Ankurhi, but Shlok starts shouting, refusing to believe his family could be traitors. Sumeet proposes a ritual to find the traitor. She says whoever is the traitor will find a paper with their name and the incident when they cheated. Shlok angrily throws water on the fire pit, saying he won’t participate. Dadi suggests searching everyone’s belongings. Sumeet removes her disguise, determined to uncover the truth. Poonam checks her cupboard and is relieved that the monk didn’t realize she’s the traitor. Sumeet is shocked to discover the truth and confronts Poonam.

Precap: None

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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