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Sumeet asks Poonam if she’s the traitor. Poonam admits it’s true and that she has completed her second task successfully. She starts blaming Sumeet for trying to come between her and Shlok and take him away. Poonam plans to tell Shlok the truth herself instead of letting Sumeet do it. When she opens the door, Shlok is there.
Poonam quickly gets pulled back inside by Sumeet. Sumeet hugs her and understands the emotional weight Poonam has been carrying by going against her own family, She says I’m sure Shagun must have blackmailed you and have chosen you because mothers are the most vulnerable. Sumeet advises Poonam not to tell anyone about this because it wouldn’t look good for a mother to be embarrassed. She promises to win the upcoming tasks no matter what. Poonam is shocked by her words. Sumeet wipes her tears and assures her they’re together and will surely win. Sumeet seeks blessings and courage from Poonam to face Shagun. Ashok overhears their conversation and questions Poonam about being the traitor. Priyanka shows him a white saree sent by Shagun, and Ashok realizes that Shagun already knew Poonam was a widow. Poonam cries and explains she’s keeping the truth hidden from Shlok to prevent him from getting depressed upon learning about his father’s sacrifice.

Shagun asks Sumeet if she found the traitor yet. Sumeet demands to meet Akki. Shagun orders her men to bring Akki and defuse his bomb if Sumeet has completed her task. Ashok tells Poonam that when Shlok was a child, he had a tough time accepting his father’s death and moving on. Poonam agrees, saying that’s why they must hide the truth from Shlok. Shlok enters the room and asks what secret they’re talking about. Poonam quickly hides her white saree.

Sumeet tries to comfort Akki and offers him a laddoo. He cries and asks when he can meet his mother. Sumeet warns Shagun not to come between a son and his mother. Shagun instructs Sumeet to reveal the traitor’s name. Sumeet accepts defeat and asks Shagun to spare Akki, offering to face any punishment. Shagun orders her men to defuse Akki’s bomb. Then she gives Sumeet ghungroo (anklet bells) to tie on her feet. Ashok and Poonam tell Shlok that Sumeet was in disguise, but since she lost the task, Shagun will be punishing her. They ask him to support Sumeet.

Shagun gives Sumeet a red saree and tells her to put it on. Shlok arrives and tries to stop Shagun, but he’s unsuccessful. Masoom tells Vani she thinks Abhay is being influenced by Shagun, causing his strange behavior. However, Vani disagrees. Abhay plans to harm Vani to cause a miscarriage and get rid of the baby. Poonam prays for Sumeet’s safety. Shagun takes Sumeet and Shlok to a brothel. She leaves Sumeet to go inside while Shlok waits in the car. The episode ends with a worried Sumeet seeing the place.

Precap: Shlok apologies to Sumeet and says I must be your shield, he applies sindoor on her forehead and promise her to be with her forever. Raunak walks inside and says I,m your husband not him. Shagun explains everyone Raunak is there next task, they have to keep him for next seven days

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