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Masum, Vani, Abhay and Doctor in Vani’s room. The doctor says that both Vani and the baby are safe after the fall. Abhay is frustrated because his plan didn’t work. Masoom says it wasn’t an accident – someone deliberately made Vani fall, and she shows Vani the torn lehenga she was wearing. She’s determined to make the person responsible for this suffering. Pankhuri is angry because she got slapped due to Sumeet. She’s tired of their poor life and looks at Raj’s photo on her phone. She believes only Raj can help her escape this life, so she calls Vani on video to show her Raj.

During the video call, Pankhuri sees Raj talking to a girl and wonders if she’s his girlfriend. As she looks closely, she realizes it’s her friend Kavita. Raj asks Kavita to provide emotional counselling to Vani so that she doesn’t suffer from trauma. Kavita receives a text from someone claiming to be Raj’s girlfriend, telling her to stay away from him. She shows it to Raj, thinking it’s Priyanka’s number, and he becomes angry. Raj visits Shlok’s house with gifts and asserts that this time he won’t listen to their objections. He asks them to accept his gifts.

Poonam happily accepts the gifts and apologizes for past incidents. She declares that from now on, Sumeet is like her daughter and praises Raj’s upbringing. Raj confronts Priyanka, who is unaware of what he’s talking about. Later, Sumeet and Shlok sit on a swing while their dad explains the Teej ritual. Poonam thinks about being a widow while pretending to be married. The dad suggests making idols of Gods using clay, and all the ladies join in. Poonam asks for forgiveness for hiding the truth from her family.

The ladies start the worship ritual. The dad tells them to observe the reflection of the moon in the water. Shlok and Sumeet recall memories related to the moon. Shlok takes out sindoor to apply on Sumeet’s forehead, but Raunak intervenes. He tries to touch Sumeet, and she pushes him away. Shagun arrives, and Raunak tells her that he married Sumeet and should apply the sindoor. Raj questions Shagun about Raunak’s presence angrily. Shagun reveals that Raunak is the next task and they need to keep him at their house for a week.

Poonam mentions that Raunak needs medical treatment due to his unstable mental condition. Sumeet refuses to play the task, but Shagun threatens her by mentioning Akki’s situation. She reminds them that they can’t decline according to the contract, or else Shlok will lose his voice permanently. Raunak attacks Priyanka, and Raj comes to her rescue, but she says she doesn’t need his help. Shagun instructs them to take care of Raunak lovingly, hands over his routine and prescription, and tells them they need to make him better as part of the task. Sumeet meets Shagun and reminds her that she’s also a mother, requesting her to let Akki talk to Anju and Rajiv. Sumeet determined to complete the task.

Precap- Raunak Surprises Sumeet by decorating the room and says from today onwards we will sleep here together now you will become my dulhan and we both will make suhagraat together. Sumeet shouts and asks him to leave. Shlok intervenes and save Sumeet

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