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Shlok’s family is worried about how to manage Raunak’s presence for a whole week. Sumeet asks where Raunak is. Raunak enters the room with sindoor and tries to forcefully put it on Sumeet’s forehead, but Shlok intervenes and pushes him away. Shlok is on the verge of hitting him, but Ashok calms him down, reminding him that Raunak isn’t mentally stable and should be treated with care. To stop Raunak’s actions, Rajiv switches off the lights. Ashok advises Shlok to take Sumeet away and let them handle Raunak. Inside the room, Shlok expresses his anger about Raunak’s behavior, warning Sumeet to stay away from him.

Sumeet lights a candle and smiles when she sees Shlok. She thanks him for his love and hugs him. Shlok and Sumeet share some intimate and romantic moments, dancing together while the song “Bas Tera” plays in the background. They hear a noise and go outside to check it. Ashok and Poonam tell Sumeet and Shlok that they’ll take care of Raunak. Ashok reassures them that they should stay away from Raunak and that they will handle him. Sumeet looks at Raunak, who’s sleeping, and wonders why Shagun left him in such a condition. Suddenly, Raunak appears by the window and claims that Sumeet belongs to him and that he will take her as his bride.

The doctor explains to Sumeet and Shlok that Raunak’s condition is dangerous – he might become a threat to others and could even cause harm. Back home, Raunak attacks Rajiv and demands to see Sumeet. Anju calls Sumeet and urgently asks them to come home. Raunak insists that Sumeet must feed him personally, threatening Rajiv otherwise.
Pankhuri breaks her heels while walking and thinks about escaping her life of poverty. She sends another romantic text to Raj, but he mistakenly thinks it’s from Priyanka and decides to confront her.

Sumeet prepares some fruit and offers to feed Raunak if he lets Rajiv go. She sweetly convinces him to open the door, and once he does, she enters with the fruit while Rajiv comes out of the room. Masoom suggests Rajiv check the CCTV footage to find out who tore the lehenga. Abhay worries he’ll be caught if they review the footage. Sumeet asks Raunak to close his eyes so she can feed him, but instead of using her hands, she uses a stick attached to a fan. Abhay tries to divert attention from the CCTV footage, claiming Shagun was responsible for the torn lehenga. Rajiv believes him, and Shlok grows irritated with Raunak’s presence. Sumeet tries to improve the situation, but Raunak suddenly drags her into a room he has decorated and asks her to spend their suhagrat (wedding night) together. Sumeet is shocked by his request.

Precap: Raunak says to Sumeet now you will become my bride and tries to get physical with her. Shlok intervenes and save Sumeet from Raunak’s behavior.
Sumeet says to everyone Shagun did what she wanted to do and I can see anger in Raunak’s eyes and he can harm anyone. Raunak in his room threatens to kill them everyone and holding baby in his hands. Everyone scared of him.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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