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Sumeet is stuck with Mayra, she calls Shlok for help. Shlok is trying to reach Sumeet to put out the fire. He embraces Sumeet, who is holding Mayra, and safely brings them out of the dangerous situation. Shlok tells Sumeet he doesn’t want to play the game anymore and wants to approach Shagun to stop it immediately. He doesn’t want to regain his voice if it means continuing this ordeal. Sumeet tries to convince him without revealing the truth, but Shlok insists on his decision.

Vani shares with Masoom that Shagun left Raunak at Shlok’s home. However, Masoom advises Vani to focus on herself and her child’s well-being instead of getting involved in this situation. The laundry guy arrives to deliver clothes, and Masoom scolds him for ruining Vani’s lehenga. But the guy denies recognizing Shagun when shown her picture. Masoom suspects Abhay might be lying to them.

Sumeet returns home with Mayra and hands her over to Pankhuri. Raunak asks about Shlok’s whereabouts and slips on mud while talking. He requests Sumeet’s help, but she firmly imposes a punishment on him, stating he cannot see her face. She believes this is for his betterment. Raunak leaves, and Poonam questions Sumeet about Shlok’s location. Sumeet cryptically replies that he is where he should be.

Rajiv, Anju, and Priyanka disguise Shlok as a lady and bring him home. Poonam and Ashok don’t recognize him initially. In a flashback, Sumeet reveals to Shlok about being trapped in Shagun’s game and informs him about Akki’s kidnapping. Shlok suggests they should try to make Raunak better, hoping he might help them free Akki. They plan for Shlok to pretend to be Sumeet for the next six days to manipulate Raunak.

Poonam questions how Shlok’s voice will change, and Raunak unexpectedly enters the scene. They manage to deceive Raunak into believing that Sumeet is hiding her face as punishment. Inside the house, Raunak insists on seeing Sumeet’s face. Poonam is shocked to hear Shlok speaking in Sumeet’s voice, but Anju reveals that Sumeet is also in disguise behind Shlok. Sumeet adopts the identity of “Chanchal Chautala.” Raunak questions her presence, and Shlok (as Sumeet) tells him that she’s here to take care of him.

Raunak takes Shlok with him to a room, and Sumeet stealthily follows them. Raunak tries to touch Shlok, who becomes infuriated and pushes him onto the bed. Sumeet drops a plate to intervene. She reminds Shlok that he needs to stay composed and extract information about Akki from Raunak. Shlok admits he’s struggling to handle everything. Anju enters the room, and Sumeet uses an excuse to conceal the topic of Akki. Sumeet scolds Raunak and warns him, but he claims not to be afraid. Sumeet frightens him by threatening to call his doctor, who would take him to a medical facility. Raunak grabs a mirror and attempts to see Sumeet’s face, causing Sumeet to worry.

Precap: Shlok disguised as Sumeet comes in front of Raunak. Raunak get comfortable with him, troubles him with his behavior and drinks with him. Shlok asks him in Sumeet’s voice about Akki. Raunak tries to tell him about Akki in drunk state.

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